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Esoteric Astrology

The Earth through the Signs

(Artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli)

Esoteric ruler of Sagittarius

Planet of the Third Ray

One of the most important facets and goals of human evolution at this time is the creation of the conscious link, the collective Rainbow Bridge, which is joining humanity (the Fourth Kingdom) to the Fifth Kingdom of Souls – the Planetary Hierarchy, and the unfolding Christ Consciousness. This exalted loving place is very much related to Venus, the Fifth Ray, Aquarius, Jupiter and to the Third Eye, in the centers in the human organism.

The goal of life on Earth is to become an Initiate, and unfold that aspect of the Christ Consciousness which dwells within each of us. The form of that expression differs from person to person, relative to the nature of individual dharma and karma, but the ~essential~ Love/Wisdom of that unfolding consciousness is the same for us all. This is our unifying link. Sagittarius and Capricorn, sign of the Initiate, are linked through the Third Ray association of the Earth and Saturn, and provide us with yet another insight into the importance of the experience gained through life on this planet. The two signs also point to the relationship of the Path to the Goal.

In all the combinations of Earth in the signs which follow the reader is advised to include the influences of Saturn and Sagittarius, for wherever the Earth is placed, so too is the karma of the Path and vision of the Goal.

 Earth in Aries

This position points to a life that serves to release or birth Active Intelligence into the environment. This is done through awakening oneself, and then others, to the latent possibilities for the creative expression of the Earth’s resources, and of matter in general. This is balanced by the Sun in Libra, indicating that such resources have to be distributed (through Uranus and the 7th Ray) according to the Law of Right Human Relations. This combination blends the energies of Rays One and Seven {Aries} with Ray 3 (the Earth) and is thus very much related to the relationship of Spirit and matter through the focus of Active Intelligence.

Earth in Taurus

A most potent position for the dispelling of material glamours and illusions. This placement reveals that one of the most essential tasks the individual has to accomplish is the creation of those forms which will be the proper instrument for the expression of the Will-to-Be. The Third and Fourth Ray combined in this position, providing a potent and challenging life. This soul-centred person would be constantly involved in the process of breaking down those forms and structures which are no longer able to transmit Light. The keyword for this position could be ~I break down and unblock~, as this function characterises one who is born with the Earth in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. It should be remembered that Venus, exoteric ruler of the Bull, is considered the Higher Self of the Earth. The Earth in Taurus helps to reveal the inner truth of the spiritual reality hidden all too often within the context of terrestrial life and material forms.

Earth in Gemini

This is a very challenging position as its esoteric significance is more profound. Since the Earth rules Sagittarius, it would be natural to assume that this planet has its detriment in the sign of the Twins. Yet Venus rules Gemini and the connection between the Earth and Venus is a highly positive and beautiful one. One can only speculate and so consider the following conclusions in this light. It is a fact that Gemini, through its association with Venus creates in the minds of humanity an increased awareness of the essential duality which exists between material, sensual desires and the urge to align oneself with the Will-to-Good of the spirit. In effect the basic duality of one on the Fixed Cross is this conflict between the will of the lesser self and the Will of the Creator. This is a collective planetary, and particularly human dilemma. It appears that this duality is increased when the Earth is in Gemini and the Sun is in Sagittarius, thus giving a heightened spiritual opportunity to one with this placement.

On the personality level, this may indicate that the energies of the lower self tend to scatter and become dissipated in the unconscious attempt to integrate egocentric motivations. A Soul-centred individual with this placement in the natal horoscope would tend to be quite aware of the disparity existing between the values and goals of the personality and those of the Higher Self. The house position of the Earth would reveal that area of life in which this duality is most pronounced. In the symbology of the Twins the Ancient Wisdom Teachings tell us that the Earth is related to the Brother ~whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle~. This, of course, refers to the increasing expression of Soul-focused love.

Earth in Cancer

Cancer is the ~Gate In~ and anchors the incarnating soul onto the Planet in terms of the personality and the mass consciousness. It is a beginning of the evolutionary arc which first seeks to develop self consciousness in Leo, and then group consciousness (and subsequent world service) in Aquarius. From the Soul centred perspective of one who is born with this position and thus with the Sun in Capricorn, the emphasis on the Third Ray is paramount. Cancer is the primary sign of the expression of this Ray and Capricorn is found here as well. Saturn the ruler of the latter, on both Soul and personality levels, is the primary planetary expression of Active Intelligence and is partnered in this respect by the Earth. This is the purest Third Ray expression possible (although Earth in Capricorn also has a potential Third Ray expression). The dharma of the life is clear; to create those physical structures and thought forms that allow Light to be utilised as a source of strength for others. The house position will reveal this ~well of spiritual waters sunk deeply into the Earth~ so that all may come to drink of the Father (in this case the Father of the Waters, Neptune).

Earth in Leo

The mental quality of this combination is very strong, as we have a blending in Rays One and Five (Leo) and Three (Earth). Yet the Sun is of the Second Ray, so the potential for creating those forms of expression of Love/Wisdom is very great. The Sun in Aquarius brings in the polarised energies of yet another Fifth Ray sign, and its Second Ray ruler, Jupiter. The Aquarian will be able to find an Earth based focus (that is, the Earth’s house position) for the urge to network and unite groups of various individuals. The self conscious quality of the Earth’s Leo placement will point to exactly where the Water Bearer has to distribute his ~burden~ of consciousness.

Earth in Virgo

This is the position wherein the ~Mother of All Forms~ can do an incredible amount of good to release the potency of the hidden Christ child in the Soul. This combination points to an incarnation in which the individual works hard at healing and making the life on Earth more whole. Spiritually, it is a very strong position given the fact that the Sun is in Pisces, and the energies of Pluto are also manifesting. The Earth-based focus gives Pluto a chance to ~unearth the Underworld~ evoking from the depths of materiality the essential quality of love which lies in dark obscurity for the majority of humanity.

Earth in Libra

There are three sets of connections which should be mentioned in regard to this position; it is highly mental in nature, as it is composed of Rays Three (Earth and Libra), Five (Venus) and Seven (Libra and Uranus). It involves the impulsing of the Sun in Aries and its focus in the ~Place where the Will of God is Known~ with the linkage of the Higher and lower minds (Third and Fifth Rays, and Venus). This position also indicates the externalisation of the Divine Ideas for the unfoldment of the Plan of Creation into the ~minds of men~. This is accomplished through the relationship of Rays One-Three-Five and their synthesised expression through Uranus and Ray Seven. The Mind of the Soul-centred person with the Earth in Libra and the Sun in Aries will act as a tool for the birthing on Earth of those essential Ideas ~whose time has come~.

Earth in Scorpio

This position continues to reveal the incredible opportunity for individuals on the Scorpio-Taurus polarity in their quest for the Path. It also reveals the particular type of service one may render while discovering and co-creating the Way. The Earth and Mars enter into an intimate relationship through this combination breaking down all resistance to the reorientation of material values and the release of Spiritual Will. The house position of the Earth in Scorpio is a clear indication of where a tremendous focus of detachment and sacrifice has to be made in order that a greater realisation of wholeness and healing can be created. The potential for healing can be very powerful, as this combination is incredibly magnetic, drawing to itself matter of a much finer and Soul-centred nature to replace the destruction of the forms of desire so associated with its signs and planets.

Earth in Sagittarius

Esoteric Ruler

The potential of the Second Ray is at its highest in this combination. The Path on the Earth will be conditioned in the daily life by Jupiter, the exoteric planetary ruler of the sign. Its polarity is the Sun in Gemini, both influenced exclusively by Love/wisdom. Through the tremendous duality of Gemini-Sagittarius, the Soul centred individual firmly comes to know the Path he is to take on the Earth. The dharma of the life is to anchor oneself on the Path, and through such efforts, to communicate and share with others the focus of this struggle. It is interesting to note that the astrological centre of the universe is located in the sign of the Archer. When the Earth also finds itself in this sign it would appear that a special link is formed. When the Soul-centred individual anchors his feet firmly on the Path of Earth in Sagittarius he opens the Way for many others to follow.

 A further insight about the combination of energies may be revealed through the following passage from ~The Old Commentary~ - "When the dual forces of cosmic brothers (Gemini) becomes the energy of the one who rides towards the light (Sagittarius) then the fourth becomes the fifth. Humanity, the link, becomes the hierarchy, the bestower of all good. Then all the Sons of God rejoice"

Earth in Capricorn

As we know Capricorn is the ~Gate Out~ of ordinary incarnations, and onto the wheel of initiation and the birthing of the Christ consciousness hidden in the womb of the Virgin. The position the Earth occupies in the natal chart when the Sun is in Cancer reveals the place and function by which the Soul centred individual can most positive release his or her portion of the One Life into manifestation. Both the dharma and the karma of the life conjoin through Saturn’s association with Capricorn, the Earth and the Third Ray. Should Saturn also be found in Capricorn, conjunct the Earth and in actual opposition to the Sun in Cancer, this incarnation points to a great culmination of previous efforts in former lifetimes and a great challenge is revealed in the current one. The challenge involves the proper structuring of the life forces so that they are put under the total Will of the Father. There is no room for duality in this position, and the light of the one-pointed disciple must shine through the illusions of the material life. No-one said it would be easy!

Earth in Aquarius

The developed sense of self consciousness found in the life of the Soul-centred Leo individual finds ample opportunity for world service when the Earth is in the sign of the Water Bearer. This combination shows an emphasis on the mental plane, as this is a Third Ray planet acting through a Fifth Ray sign. The effects of Saturn as co-ruler of Aquarius on the personality level, as well as its Third Ray connection to the Earth are also significant. This position points to the need to create those structures of mind which channel and distribute innovative concepts into the collective consciousness. The work to be undertaken in this capacity involves the loving use (Jupiter) of the Concrete Mind for the advancement of those Ideas and Principles that will bring a sense of unified wholeness to human experience.

Earth in Pisces

A most potent placement, as there is a strong blending of the three Rays of Aspect through Pluto (First) Earth (Third) and Pisces (Second). The synthesis occurs through the Sixth Ray quality of the Fish and the devotion of the Soul centred individual to humanity, the Christ consciousness, and the Plan. The dharma involves selfless work to release people from those facets of the astral/desire nature which inhibit the flow of the Universal loving matrix (Second Ray). For the individual with the Sun in Virgo, the outer field of service will be indicated by the house position of this Earth in the natal chart. Jupiter and Neptune, the exoteric rulers of this sign, add even more loving idealism to this effort, but the fundamental nature of the Earth itself serves to balance such aspirations within the context of practicality.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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