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The Sun Signs in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

The Sun should always be looked upon as a vehicle for the energy and Ray of the Personality. The Sun always brings in the energy of the second ray, adding cohesion and creative potential to one’s life. Yet a close examination of the Sun’s sign, and that sign’s exoteric and esoteric rulers, is very important.

Let us now briefly examine the Sun and its Soul Level Purpose in each of the twelve signs. You may wish to refer to other articles on this site in order to review the properties and characteristics of each of the Seven Rays as this information will expand your understanding of the esoteric nature of the sunsigns.


The Light of Life Itself

This is the dim point of light found at the centre of the cycle of manifestation, faint and flickering.  It is the "searchlight" of the Logos, seeking that which can be used "for divine expression" (1)

Through Aries expression on the First and Seventh Rays, the Second Ray substance of the Sun has the opportunity to move from the realm of the Spirit/Will/Power down through all the lower planes. The same is true in terms of the ~return journey~ from matter back to Spirit - the Will-To-good of the Father manifests through Aries as the ~Will-to-Be~.

It is through Aries’ expression on the First (Will/Power) and Seventh (Order/Ceremonial Magic) Rays, that the Second Ray (Love/Wisdom) quality of the Sun´s nature has the opportunity to manifest in our daily life.

It is the Ram that permits the consciousness of Love to descend from the source of the spiritual Will-To-Be down through all the lower planes so that it may finally externalize in the physical realm. As the “Light of Life Itself”, Aries is a pure emanation of Divine Mind—the place “where the Will of God is known”. This initiating force of life makes Aries the birthplace of ideas. According to the Teachings of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, all manifestation has its beginnings as Divine Ideas. It is through Aries that the Plan of Divine Will is revealed to us through the loving consciousness of the Soul.

Soul level Purpose

To be a fertile field of fire, clearing the environment in order to initiate a new phase of the Plan. An incarnation taken with the Sun in Aries is to serve as a fertile field of fire, clearing and cleaning the mind. It is in this way that Soul-centered Aries individuals allow new ideas to take root, ideas which further the Divine Plan both for themselves and for the people they serve.


The penetrating Light of the Path

This is a beam of light, streaming forth from the point in Aries,
 and revealing the area of light control.

Self-consciousness takes root in the desire nature, which must be irradiated with Love/wisdom so that it may be a fecund experience for the Will. The Second Ray is working through a Fourth Ray force field. It seeks to express itself as beauty in form, and as harmony through those conflicts which arise when anchoring Light in matter. This is a clue as to why fire and earth are often incompatible on the personality level.

Self consciousness takes root through attachment to form and in the desire nature itself, which stimulates the urge for physical contact. Thus the major life lessons learned and taught by a Soul-centered Taurus have to do with detachment and transcendence. The Second Ray nature of the Sun is working through the Fourth Ray (Harmony through Conflict) force field of this sign.

The Soul-centered Taurus seeks to express the beauty of the Soul in the forms of daily life. Taurus must encounter and then transform into balance and beauty those conflicts which arise when we attempt to anchor the Light of love in matter. Taurus is especially connected to the Buddha, for just as the passion of the Christ takes place through Pisces, the Buddha is said to have been born, reached enlightenment, and died in the sign of the Bull. The Buddha taught that the path of detachment from desire is the vehicle for the entrance of Light.

Soul level Purpose

To add magnetic attraction to an initiating idea so that matter will form around it, giving the necessary substance for life on Earth.

An incarnation taken with the Sun in Taurus has a great deal to do with the right use of magnetism. Taurus can add its tremendous magnetic qualities to attract the correct form around any inspirational idea. In this way, the fire of mind is cloaked in the substance necessary for life on Earth. We can see in this relationship the esoteric quality of compatibility existing between Aries and Taurus, fire and earth.


The Light of Interplay

This is a line of light beams, revealing that which opposes or 
the basic duality of manifestation, 
the relationship of spirit and form.  
It is the conscious light of that relationship.

Harmonising Will and Form through intelligently applied Love is very much the orientation of this combination of energies. This is pure Second Ray, and thus produces the activity of self-awareness through the blending of any opposing forces.

The Twins speak about relating and the blending of diverse elements through the correct resolution of duality. Gemini and the Sun create a pure Second Ray energy field, one that permits the unification of Will and Form through intelligently applied Love. You will recall that Venus is the ruler of Gemini on the Soul level. Thus the Sun in Gemini brings in the harmonizing effects of this planet, considered by esoteric astrologers to be the most highly evolved in the solar system. Gemini changes, mutates, adjusts, and relates everything that is necessary for the evolution of the Soul. This communicative ability is at its strongest when the Sun in Gemini modulates the relationship between the Soul and the personality. It is through the harmonious blending of the energies of this essential polarity that true spiritual evolution takes place in life.

Soul level Purpose

To serve as a vehicle for communicating the Law of Right Human Relations.

To be an agent for Venus on the subjective level of life and use the power of Mercury objectively. In this way, the Sun in Gemini serves as a vehicle for communicating the Law of Right Human Relationships: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to (Wo)Men.


The Light within the form

This is the diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter.. 
It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.

With this placement, one’s activity centers around creating an environment for the nurturing of form. The Second Ray energy of the Sun expresses itself through the Third and the Seventh Rays. Love combines with Intelligence to produce a fertile matrix for the birthing into the environment of whatever may be needed by the individual. This may then be distributed wherever and however it is required to fulfill the soul’s purpose.

This placement of the Sun focuses one´s activities around the creation of an environment for nurturing and support. Substance is added to Will, purpose is added to Form. It is through Cancer that the Second Ray energy of the Sun expresses itself through the Third (Active Intelligence) and Seventh Rays. Thus Love combines with Intelligence to produce a fertile matrix for the birthing of whatever may be needed by the individual on the Path. This substance may then be distributed wherever and however it is required to fulfill the Soul´s purpose. The Sun in Cancer on the Soul level knows that nothing is ever lacking on any level of manifestation. The emotional waters of the Soul-centered Cancer expand from that protective and nurturing liquid found in the embryonic sac and become the inclusive ocean of Life Itself, nurturing all and everyone.

Soul level Purpose

To anchor a continuous foundation of resources and establish a network by which to distribute them.

To create foundations: a foundation for future incarnations based on the intelligent blending of Will and Love, and the anchoring of a foundation of inner and outer resources to bring the nurturing Love of the Soul to others.


The Light of the Soul

A reflected point of light logoic or divine. 
 The light diffused in Cancer focuses and reveals eventually a point.

The Ray of Love/Wisdom becomes expressed as the dynamic fixity of purpose through the First Ray Orientation of Leo. This is carried forth into the minds of men through Venus, Lord of the Fifth Ray, upon which Leo also manifests. The planet/sign combination of the Sun and Leo is the only one which maintains itself on personality, Soul and Spirit levels. This allows the unfoldment of consciousness to proceed in a direct fashion from the Will of ~God~ to the ~little wills of men~.

The Second Ray of Love/Wisdom of the Sun becomes expressed as dynamic force and power through the First Ray orientation of the fixed sign quality of Leo. The Sun rules supreme in this sign, allowing the Purpose of Life in our solar system (which is the unfolding of consciousness), to proceed in a direct fashion from the Mind of God into the minds of humanity. The unfolding of consciousness translates as the activation of self-awareness. Once we know that we are a self, self-demonstrating and self-creating, we then come to know ourselves as an extension of universal creativity. The quality of this revelation comes to us as unconditional love. An incarnation taken in Leo has the potential to express the Love and Wisdom of the Sun in its most potently creative fashion, What must be encountered along the Way is the almost equally potent self-centeredness of a Leo ego!

Soul level Purpose

To create opportunities for the expression of consciousness, both individually and collectively. The latter is achieved through Leo´s creative processes and are often worked out through the group dynamics available in Aquarius.


The blended dual Light 

Two lights are seen - one bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God.  
This light is distinguished by a waxing of one and the waning of the other.  
It differs from the light in Gemini.

A very Love-filled state, in which the Second Ray energy of the Sun expresses itself through the Second and Sixth Ray orientation of this sign. The Sixth brings about the one-pointed devotion and the necessary strife {through the energies of Mars and Neptune} so that the Work of consciousness may proceed.

The potential of the Sun in this sign is tremendous for the work of unification and healing. The aim of life is to become ever more one-pointed in reaching the loving inclusivity which is a primary spiritual goal. At the same time, Virgo endeavors to gain the necessary tools in order to serve others also struggling along the Path. Virgo is always at work, accumulating the required methods, processes and practices which bring about the perfection of the lower self. The lesson which the Sun in Virgo learns and teaches is discrimination in form. This quality of perception gives a Soul-centered Virgo the ability to identify what must be done to support one’s direction for spiritual growth while at the same time creating practical opportunities for the expression of the Soul on planet earth.

Soul level Purpose

To provide the necessary forms through which consciousness (Love) may do the work of the Healer and bring a greater sense of wholeness into manifestation.


The Light that moves to rest

This is the light that oscillates until a point of balance is achieved. 
 It is the light which is distinguished by a moving up and down.

An interlude in the expression of consciousness in which one is neither totally linked to personality or, totally to Soul. A place to balance, consider and choose. The Sun falls, as Libra modifies the outgoing urge of Aries to manifest, as well as the fixed focus for the creative use of the Will found in Leo.

An incarnation taken with the Sun in Libra represents a pause or an interlude along the Way. It becomes very necessary to sense and test the relationship between the Higher and lower selves. The “Law of Polarity” is activated to the extreme with one foot standing firmly in the realm of the Soul and the other holding on to the personality nature with equal strength. A time has come to balance, consider, and choose the focus of one´s direction for the future. Life brings these opportunities through human relationships, relationships which often test personal, spiritual orientation. This tension is resolved through the creation of a focus of synthesis—the ability to merge opposing forces into greater creative potential for the externalization of consciousness.

Soul level Purpose

To hold opposing forces in check so that greater awareness of both the Soul and the personality may be achieved equally by all. This is usually accomplished through the expression and activation of those ideas {Third Ray} and their distribution in society {Uranus} which bring about greater, collective peace and harmony.


The Light of Day

This is the place where three lights meet - 
the light of form, the light of Soul, and the light of life.  They meet; they blend; they rise.

The incarnation is always involved with some form of conflict, which gives the individual the opportunity to observe and express his or her own inner batter for personality dominance. The interlude of Libra is over; the Dweller on the Threshold appears. The reorientation of the desire nature will instigate a process by which attachment to the lower selves will have to be released. The soul excises and regenerates the empty space provided by the ~death~ of the personality.

As a Fourth Ray sign, an incarnation taken in Scorpio always is involved with some form of deep conflict, almost always expressed on the emotional level. Such a battle provides the individual with the needed opportunity to observe and express his or her own inner struggle for the domination of the lower self by the love of the Soul. The interlude of Balance is over; the true adversary appears in the form of the desire nature of the lower self. It is through the reorientation of desire that release from the attachment to the personality structure is achieved. “Death” becomes a continuous process, even an essential aim of life, as the release from (emotional) illusions is followed by awareness of a higher state of reality.

Soul level Purpose

To be a catalyst for the transformation of others, and by so doing, to transform the ego; an opportunity for Grace.

The transformational lessons learned through the Sun in Scorpio help to focus the individual as a catalyst for the healing of others. The ego, the lower self, becomes an extension of the Soul force. Strength and determination is gathered in as the rewards for the intense battles that have been fought and won. Scorpio is then ready to walk the Path in earnestness


A beam of direct, focused Light

In this the point of light becomes the beam, revealing a greater light ahead 
and illumining the way to the centre of the light.

Many influences are at work at once; the twofold purposes of the Higher and lower selves need to be resolved. A battle ensues, highlighting this duality through the fourth Ray. Once has the urge to cultivate the mind through the Fifth Ray, and the profound need to have a mission in life through the devotional aspects of the Sixth.

As a sign found on three of the Rays (IV-V-VI), the duality and mutability of this sign is strongly emphasized. The Fourth Ray emphasizes Sagittarius´ role as the philosophical knight, ready to restore (or create) harmony out of the chaos of religious or intellectual differences. He rides forth out into battle, armed with the sense of devotion and self-sacrifice of his Sixth Ray component. On his shield he carries the standard “The Law of Right Human Relations”, placed there by Venus, ruler of the Fifth Ray. Sagittarius is the new vision of self, emerging as the “accepted disciple” from the ashes of ego-death in Scorpio. When anchored in the Soul, the Sun in Sagittarius brings fire to its abundant, creative center, allowing for the integration of and adding strength to his or her many contrasting tendencies and elements.

Soul level Purpose

To gain control of the personality so that it may become the perfect ~steed~ for the soul’s Goal. To teach the ways of walking the Path.

Sagittarius is the personification of the word “purpose”! It´s motto is: “I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another.” Sagittarius must use its well earned one-pointed focus to orient the life to some lofty objective, one which allows him or her to be a teacher of the ways of the Path. Vision and insight combined with practical awareness are definite qualities to be achieved and shared.


The Light of Initiation

This is the light which clears the way to the mountain top, and produces transfiguration,
 thus revealing the rising sun.

Love/Wisdom expresses itself through the creation of those mental structures needed to carry forth and distribute the Will of the Plan into the world of form. This is very much the result of the interplay between the Second Ray of the Sun and the First, Third and Seventh Ray lines of manifestation of Capricorn.

The Second Ray qualities of the Sun must express themselves through three quite different Rays (I-III-VII) of the sign Capricorn. An incarnation taken in this sign has a very profound struggle but an equally great reward. Capricorn has to be able to express Love/Wisdom through the intense need for the expression of Will and Power (Ray I). This requires the total acceptance of the biblical phrase, “Let Thy Will be done.” Capricorn has to modify and direct his or her creative and active intelligence (Ray III), so that the mind is used for the goals of the Soul. Furthermore, Capricorn´s incredible urge for control, structure, and order (Ray VII) have to be transformed and totally redirected. Instead of being qualities which are used to manipulates the outer circumstances of life in order to fulfill the desires of the personality, these very same characteristics have to come under the directed will of the Soul. Once all of this is achieved, then the Soul level purpose becomes a reality.

Soul level Purpose

To culminate self-consciousness in the awareness of collective purpose. To shoulder this responsibility so that others may be supported in their efforts to serve.

Initiation. Capricorn represents that stage in spiritual growth in which all the efforts at spiritual growth culminate in advanced spiritual awareness. This entails even more responsibility as Capricorn takes his or her place in the structure of the Human Hierarchy, that group of men and women of Goodwill who have achieved the skills necessary to serve


The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea.

This the light which ever shines within the dark 
and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone.

Potent self consciousness is strongly diminished in this sign, thus the individualising aspect of the Will is in detriment. Yet from the centre of Leo’s Light, Aquarius awakens into the consciousness of a transcending whole. It can thus be said that group consciousness is ~exalted~ in the Water Bearer’s sign.

The search for individuality has shifted from one based on the need to be different to one based on a distinct sense of unification with all of humanity. In this respect, the Soul-centered Aquarian is personifying less of what it means to be him or herself (in terms of the personality), but more of what it is like to be a human being in service to other human beings. The emotional compulsions of the astral body have become transformed by the action of the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Yet it is not with cold indifference that the Sun in Aquarius shines his or her light into the world. As a result of the blending of the emotional nature with the mental, Aquarius has produced pure intuition (Uranus). Thus the Soul-centered Aquarian embodies “…the constant necessity …to think in terms of energies and forces, of lines of force, and energy relationships…”

Soul level Purpose

To create those human links and contacts that allow the Love/ Wisdom of the solar system to be expressed very specifically through the human mind. In a sense, this is an example of the pure human spirit in manifestation. (The Fifth Ray acts very potently here, as it is a vehicle for both Leo and Aquarius}

To create those links and contacts that allow the distribution of Love/Wisdom through humanitarian efforts. Ideals and aspirations become reality. This is to be done in our times through group work and the formation of collective enterprises.


The Light of the World

This is the light revealing the light of life itself.
 It ends forever the darkness of matter.

In this incarnation, one seeks to dissolve all separatist thoughts, feelings and actions into a universal matrix so that through human aspiration and effort, the Soul may emerge to carry more Light. The quality of this Light is Love/Wisdom, and the pathway of its expression is through devotion. Self-sacrifice allows the greater to replace the lesser, and the seed is sown for tomorrow.

The Second and Sixth Ray qualities are very strong in an incarnation birthed in the Fish. There is a need to dissolve all separatist thoughts, feelings, and actions so that the reality of unconditional love may emerge into the world. Yet this has to be done with a stronger sense of self rather than through the denial of individuality. Success in this respect depends on identification with the Soul. The personality structure of the Sun in Pisces usually seeks a lack of precise identity and an orientation which often thwarts firmness in direction and intent. As the Soul force emerges through the Sun in this sign, it brings with it the First Ray focus of Pluto. Thus concerted Will to bring about the expression of Love/Wisdom in the world becomes the basis for life. The Sun in Pisces then has the power to destroy all that seeks to create disunity and replace this dissonance with devotion to the Love that “passeth all understanding”.

Soul level Purpose

To undergo those tests of awakening which allow one to identify with the diversity of human experience while serving the Wholeness of the One Soul.

To undergo and teach those tests of increased spiritual awareness that create an identification with the whole of human experience. This is accomplished through an identification with the Love of the Soul and the practical expression of the Love through service.

(Reference Alan Oken)

(1) the quote and the eleven that follow each Sign are to be found in Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology (pp 329-330)

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