Mars in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Sixth Ray

Esoteric Ruler of Scorpio

As both the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Scorpio, Mars has a dual expression. It is the ruler of the desire nature.

On the esoteric level, this is the desire for physical incarnation, hence the rulership of Mars over Aries on the personality/physical level. It is here on the personality level that Mars reveals itself as a vehicle for sacrifice, as it is through physical incarnation that the Soul is seen as descending into matter (form) and thus ~sacrificing~ an aspect of itself for life in the denser physical world. It is that process which evokes the ~death~ of an aspect of one’s Higher Self so that manifestation in the three worlds of the lower self is made possible. This is the ~mortification of the Soul~ and the willing sacrifice of the ~Light which is Love~ so that It may be born into the world of Man, and thus be of benefit to humanity. This descent into matter is part of each of our Paths.

Our ~rebirth into Light~ always requires the redemption of the lower self by the Higher. It is the ~Journey Home~, as we progress through the Path of Discipleship to the Door of Initiation in Capricorn. It is also the testing ground of the ~Doorkeeper~ - the Lord of Karma, Saturn.

The desire for the release from manifestation is also a function of Mars, as the personality seeks its death - the ~mortifcation of the flesh~, so that its inner, spiritual Essence may join with the Parent-soul after the experiences in an Earthly incarnation. Mars is thus the ruler of the death of the Higher Self as it seeks to birth itself in the personality. It is also the ruler of the death of the personality (including physical death) so that reunification with the Soul may take place.

Mars stimulates physical vitality through its association with the bloodstream. It can be said to have rulership over the entire physical body while consciousness is polarised exclusively in the lower self. This facet of its rulership has a great deal to do with the relationship Mars has to sexuality and the urge to reproduce oneself - and thus, in the biological sense, at least, conquer death. Mars is associated with the solar plexus centre, the source of the astral-desire body of the personality, and is thus thoroughly linked with the passions of the five senses.

For the person who is mounting the Fixed Cross, Mars brings about those tests and trials which are so much a part of the life of the Disciple and reveals the connection the Path has with Scorpio.

Mars is thus the agent of the ~war of dualities~ primary among which is the battle between the Soul and the personality.

This particular duality has been interpreted by the major 6th Ray religion, (Mars & Neptune dominated) Christianity, as the "battle between good and evil". Christianity embodies many of the Sixth Ray, martial qualities so closely associated with this planet. It is a religion of intense devotion, idealism and courage. When examining it at its height during the Crusades and its Inquisition period (which did not end officially until the 19th century), a certain degree of fanaticism and consistent pre-occupation with the ~Blood of Christ~ is also a fixed quality of is expression, especially in its Catholic forms. The ~war of opposites~, characterised by Mars, also applies to the war which traditional Christianity has had with sexuality; its obsession with sinfulness, anti-feminism, and clerical male dominance.

The higher Sixth Ray of this religion would be embodied in Mar’s higher octave, as viewed from the Soul level, Neptune. The Lord Jesus was a Master of the Sixth Ray of devotion to Love. It is when Mars and the Sixth Ray are expressed through the religion of the personality and the collective expression of the solar plexus that the so called and self-proclaimed ~armies of God~ are created, which slaughter and main others.

This facet of Mars and its effect of religion is not limited to the Christian sects, but applies equally to any one of a number of religions which may claim superiority over any other way to the One Divinity. In the Aquarian Age, we can look for a calming of such war like expressions, as the Sixth Ray dominance gives way to the unfolding Seventh Ray influence of the times.

In the esoteric natal horoscope, the position of Mars by sign and house will indicate several matters.

1. Where and how the desires of the flesh have to be transmuted into the desires of the Soul.

2. Where the battle between the Higher Self and the lower is most likely to occur.

3. Where the primary magnetic attachment of the personality, and especially that which relates to the emotional perspective of ~me-and-mine~ is located.

4. Where the Soul-personality fusion is likely to occur once the Fixed Cross has been mounted.

As to the timing of these events, transiting aspects of Pluto and Neptune to Mars are likely indications that the battle lines are being drawn and the objectification of the inherent tension of duality are about to take place.

Mars through thr Signs

(Reference Alan Oken)

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