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Esoteric Astrology

The Moon in the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

The following Moon in Sign interpretation is meant specifically for those individuals who still relate to the emotional side of personality, but who are influenced by the energies of Vulcan and/or Uranus in their relationship to the form life. The Fourth ray quality of the moon will remain very important in this respect, as it is ~Harmony Through Conflict~ which conditions one’s approach to the impersonal life and to the life of one dedicated to serving humanity.


Mercury the esoteric ruler of Aries, is on the same Ray of manifestation as the Moon, the Fourth, thus bringing it into greater activity.

Soul level purpose

To re-orient the emotions so that they come under the dominance of the mental body. The subsequent creation of form will then be the proper vehicle for "the birthplace of ideas". Naturally the crisis of the reorientation of the emotional/form nature is under Vulcan, while the expression of these new ideas comes through Uranus Therefore it is necessary to consider the relationship between Mercury and Uranus in the light of the above.


When the Moon is in this sign, the individual has a powerful ability to create any form of manifestation required for the fulfilment of personal desire and self-interest. Such needs may be altruistic and magnanimous, but they are based on the motivations of personal emotions.

Soul-level Purpose

When Vulcan, the esoteric ruler of this sign, is seen to be in operation the form nature, as a vehicle for the fulfillment of desire, is transmuted by the Will-To-Good and becomes a vessel for the expression of the power of the First Ray. Thus the Moon {form life} becomes exalted as it serves the purpose of the Plan. Uranus serves as the vehicle for the birth and release of new human and social archetypes. Thus, when the Moon veils Uranus in this position, the individual would strive to serve humanity through the creation and nurturing sustainment of the new archetypal patterns.


This combination provides a tremendous potential for the communication of harmony and for the use of form by the mind in order to help foster the Law of Right Human Relations. This can be seen by the interplay of the Fourth Ray quality of the Moon and the Second Ray energies of Gemini. Venus, esoteric ruler of this sign, as well as the vehicle for the Fifth Ray of the Concrete Mind, is also very active.

Soul-level Purpose

To create patterns of relationships and communications which either break down outworn models of social inter-change (Vulcan) or instigate new ones in most original ways (Uranus).


Exoteric ruler

On the personality level this provides the strongest link to the past, allowing the individual to create an environment that may nurture but does not necessarily provide an opportunity for evolutionary growth.

Soul-level Purpose

Neptune emerges as the planet most often veiled by the Moon in this position, as it is Cancer's ruler on the Soul level. The Sixth Ray devotional aspect predominates so that through the combination of Cancer's Rays - Three and Seven - the mind is used to create those ideas that sustain a potent quality of loving nourishment. Such an individual would be quite willing to foster those social circumstance that would support any and all humanitarian efforts. The effects of Vulcan in this sign would serve to release the individual from personal needs and concerns so that universal purposes could better be served.


On the personality level, the Moon in Leo represents the epitome of emotional egocentricity. Self-consciousness is centered through the formative nature of instinctual response to environmental circumstances. When the moon is in this sign, even more advanced personalities still center their deeply passionate feelings (in a most personal manner) on those whom they love.

Soul-level Purpose

To transform the form life as an expression of self-consciousness into the proper vehicle for group consciousness through individualised efforts and talents. Leo and Aquarius are both signs of the Fifth Ray, making for a natural ease of movement of the energies which pass between them. The Second Ray quality of the sun, on both the personality and Soul levels, makes a most potent focus for the creative use of form with this position of the Moon. The effects of Vulcan are utilised to re-orient personal needs to those of the group, Uranus and its affinity to Aquarius would aid in the expression of individual efforts for the purposes of the collective.


Esoteric Ruler.

As the Moon is the esoteric ruler of this sign, its placement herein gives the person a great potential toward world service. The Moon in Virgo masks or veils the presence of the Christ within, the child of Heaven.

Soul-level Purpose

To reveal the indwelling purpose and function of Love within the forms of life. The work the individual undertakes would involve a very strong loving devotion to service, thus bringing forth the characteristics of the Second and Sixth Rays through which Virgo manifests. Such endeavours might entail caring for the lower kingdom in nature, such as the vegetable and the animal, as they too are representatives of the Light which is Love. Vulcan would serve to help break down patterns of selfish service and the manipulation of matter for one’s own ends. The actions of the energies of Uranus when in this position easily lend themselves to the creation of those innovations and inventions which serve to unite mankind, making the awareness of our essential wholeness that much easier to perceive by the mass consciousness.


On the soul-level, the most natural affinity that this combination holds is with the planet Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra.

Soul-level Purpose

To expand human relations into the impersonal networking required to unite humanity into a consciously working whole. On the personality level, personal emotional security is anchored by partnerships. But on the Soul level, the Seventh Ray qualities of Libra and Uranus become very potent. Thus the focus for the creation of form it to be a vehicle for the synthetic blending of humanity, and for the harmonious externalisation of the principle of unity in diversity. The function of Vulcan in this position would be to instigate those crises or reorientation that would transform the individual’s attachment to relationships from the personal/emotional level to the impersonal collective level, and eventually to the transpersonal/universal level.


In traditional astrology, the Moon is said to fall in Scorpio for several reasons.

(1) It is difficult to get in touch with the feeling nature when the Moon is in this sign.

(2) A person can be quite un-loving and un-nourishing when the Moon is manifesting through the Scorpion.

(3) There is a tendency to "cut people off", and abandon them from any kind of personal sustenance at the least provocation. But from the soul-centered perspective, the Moon falls in Scorpio because the personality is ~killed~ in this sign! The function of form loses all potency and power, as the final victory in Scorpio is the emergence of the ~triumphant Disciple~, and the externalisation of the Soul.

Soul-level Purpose

To use the form life as a ~total expression~ for the healing properties of the Higher Self. The power of Vulcan to create the crises of transition required to bring about this reorientation of one’s attachment to the desire/form life would be very marked. Look to the house position of the Moon to see where in the life such upsets would come about.

As Scorpio is the sign through which the transformation of energies from the personality to the level of the Soul is tested, the placement of the Moon in this sign when veiling Uranus is quite important. The dynamic force of the Fourth Ray - Harmony Through conflict - is at its strongest, as both the Moon and Scorpio are of this Ray energy. Through the forceful breaking down of old, instinctive, non-regenerative emotional habit patterns in the life of the lower self, the potent release of the new archetypes (Uranus) for service to humanity comes forth. Uranus, as a vehicle for the Seventh Ray, stimulates the interplay between Spirit and matter for further creative manifestation.


The personality centred indications of this position express the dual expansion of the form/desire nature; that is, the need for emotional fulfilment through the physical senses, and through the formation and achievement of one’s ideological goals.

Soul-level Purpose

The Earth and the Third Ray become the rulers, giving rise to the awareness of humanity’s practical needs. In addition, there is the ability to structure people, events, and ideas so that the most good may be distributed where it is most needed. Altruism takes on a pragmatic modality; idealism merges with practical considerations in order to sustain humanity’s well-being. This is a very encompassing position for the Moon. It involves a very strong initial Fourth Ray (Human) orientation insofar as the Moon and Sagittarius both manifest on this line of energy. The Fifth Ray, and thus Aquarius and Uranus come into play. One should keep in mind that Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Sagittarius, is also the esoteric rule of Aquarius. Finally, the Sixth Ray and Neptune (another of the Moon’s veiled planets) also add the dimension of nurturing self-sacrifice to this complex pattern of influences.

If the Moon veils Vulcan in this position, it requires detachment from one’s personal beliefs as universal truth, so that humanity’s needs can be met with true wisdom. The Moon veiling Uranus in this position would inspire a universal philosophy which would be used to anchor the new archetypes for the betterment of humanity.


As one evolves, the power of the form to control ones motivations in life lessens, until all material attachment ceases, and one moves on to the various initiatic states of the Cardinal Cross. The Fixed Cross is that state which establishes the relationship between the two extremes of total attachment and total detachment.

Soul-Level Purpose

(for one on the Fixed Cross with the Moon in Capricorn) to awaken awareness of this dualistic frame of reference. This is accomplished through the structuring of those personal and collective resources for which one is responsible, so that they may be used for group purposes. Vulcan, when veiled by the Moon in this position, gives rise to the tensions which the first steps towards this detachment necessitate. The combination of Capricorn and Uranus allows for the structuring of the form life for greater use by the will-to-Good, as the Seventh Ray of this sign and planet is in direct contact with Ray One and the Purpose for manifestation.


On the personality level, this position is not the warmest or most nourishing due to the rather impersonal qualities of the emotions when working through the Water Bearer. But It is precisely this impersonality which makes the Moon in Aquarius very potent for Soul-level work.

Soul-Level Purpose

To arm oneself with the tools {shaped and sharpened by Vulcan} for world service. This is an excellent position for the Moon, as it lends itself so easily to the transitional operation of the unveiling of Uranus and the Soul-centered rulership of Jupiter. The rulership of Jupiter activates the Second Ray and adds that most important ingredient of all, Love, to the nature of impersonality and detachment.


On the personality level, the undisciplined emotional responsiveness of the Moon in Pisces can lead one into unending mutations of desire, thus perpetrating life on the Mutable Cross. Yet when the individual begins to orient himself onto the Fixed Cross, several very potent forces come into play. This can be one of the most valuable positions in a horoscope for Soul-focused activity. The Moon unveils Vulcan and Pisces reveals its Soul-centered ruler, Pluto, thus bringing about a tremendous emphasis of he First Ray quality of Will/Power. In addition, the Sixth Ray energy of Pisces evokes Mars, and the Moon then unveils the other planet of this Ray, Neptune (now expressing itself as illumination, rather than illusion). Jupiter, the Sun and the Second Ray also contribute their loving potentialities to this combination.

Soul-Level Purpose

To harness the Will in order to activate the Plan of Love/Wisdom, through never-ending compassion and devotion. The work or a person with this position would, first of all, be to break his or her attachment to the thralldom of emotional sensation and stimulation {Vulcan}. After this process has occurred, the form nature can then be used to integrate and distribute a new orientation {Uranus} toward universal compassion and understanding {Neptune}.

(Reference Alan Oken)

The artwork used on this page  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    You can visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture above or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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