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Mars through the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Sixth Ray

Mars in Aries

Exoteric ruler

The ~Lamb’s~ sacrifice has a great deal to do with those tests in life which require the Soul-centred individual to transform the urge to manifest personal desires. It is the task of such a person to do battle wherever it is necessary in order to clear an avenue for the unfolding of the Path. A reorientation of the will takes place in which the individual chooses to be a vehicle for the externalisation of ~Divine Mind and Order~. The individual with Mars in Aries is likely to insist upon initiating some new phase of the group work in which he is involved, as the urge to channel the ~fire of Life~ into objective manifestation is very strong. Look to the house position of Mars in order to determine where in the life this battle for Light will take place.

Mars in Taurus

The great battle of the attachment to the desires of the form life, which is so much at the centre of Taurus’s struggle falls under the dominion of Vulcan. Thus, from an esoteric perspective, the energy of Mars is overtaken by the Blacksmith, who wields the hammer shaping the weapons for the death of the personality. An individual with this placement in the natal chart may discover that they are often at war with the physical life, fighting to remain free of those magnetic attachments to materiality that so overwhelm the majority of people. This battle with the form life often manifests as a denial of sexuality and/or in the incorrect use of sexual or financial energies. The cultivation of a proper rapport with Venus, and the creation of right relationships with love and money on the personality level, may serve to assist with dealing with Mars in this position.

Mars in Gemini

During the first stages of personal unfoldment on the Fixed Cross, this position increases the tensions of duality normally associated with this sign. Gemini seeks to relate (and then through Venus, blend and join) the Soul and the forms it takes. When Mars tenants Gemini, the ~place~ between the relationship of these two poles seems to intensify. This tension serves a very positive purpose, however, as it gives rise to a clear distinction in the mind of the individual between the nature of the energies and associated desires of the Higher and lower selves. Yet the victory of the Soul is assured as Venus, ruler of Gemini, promises the eventual ~marriage~ of this pair of opposites.

Mars in Cancer

In this position the Sixth Ray influence is so strong (due to Neptune’s presence as well as Mars} that the devotion to the soul is at its greatest. This creates an overwhelming urge for birth in incarnation and the capture of the Soul. 

The desire to manifest that was initiated with Mars in Aries will definitely ~see the Light~ of a physical incarnation when Mars is in Cancer, the ~Gate In~ as we have been told. The battle to detach from emotional adhesion to the desires of the physical life is also at its height, making the path to ~Return Home~ that much more difficult. Release can come through the Third Ray influence of Cancer - the right use of mental energy and the re-polarisation of the emotional body to the intuitive.

Mars in Leo

The potential battle of transformation in this position is quite beautiful. It indicates the passage from the energies of the physical Sun (animal vitality) to the service of the Heart of the Sun (Love as the Creative Source for manifestation). 

This is a most fiery combination. Fire is the ~great liberator~, and with Mars in Leo, it indicates the liberation from a focus of self consciousness to one in which the will of the individual is eventually given over to the service of the group. Self-consciousness and the desires of the lower self are very strong when Mars and the Lion join on the personal level. The battle that has to be fought is often a very difficult one, as the dynamic vitality and creative urges of the ego have to come under the direction of the Soul. This often takes place through the Fifth Ray mental qualities of Leo, as fiery passions give way to enlightening ideas.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo is the sign symbolic of gestation, specifically that portion of pregnancy known as the ~quickening~. It is at this point that the Soul makes its initial contact with the physical form preparing itself for birth. Mars in Virgo is therefore known as the ~quickening of the spiritual life~. Mars here makes way for the birthing into objective consciousness of the present of the indwelling Soul/Christ. Mars is always indicative of the creating of a ~space~ for the revelation of Light, and in this sense, should not be considered a malefic influence, as it has been in traditional astrology.

Mars in Libra

The strength and function of Mars is lessened in the sign of Balance as the battle between the form and the Soul reaches a resting place. When Mars is placed in the signs Aries through Virgo, the initial urge to manifest goes through is various consolidating phases, until it reaches culmination in the incarnating Christ child. (Each of us takes this journey. Each of us is the Christ child. Each of us is birthed into incarnation to realise our true nature, make a loving and conscious sacrifice and continue to walk our Path. The Passion of Lord Jesus was symbolic of the forms of the Path of the Disciple in the Age of Pisces. At the present time humanity as a whole is acting as the vehicle for the Christ, and is externalising the forms of the Path for the Aquarian Age Disciple).

The ~space~ which Mars creates in Libra serves to bring about a distinct demarcation between the Soul and the personality of the individual. Eventually the ~two selves~ come to full awareness of each other. Later on, in Sagittarius, they will join, become the ~one-pointed Disciple~ and come to meet in an even higher expression of self at Initiation in Capricorn.

When Mars is placed in any of the signs between Scorpio and Pisces, it is significant of the ~Path of Return~. In this case, the lower self (especially the desires of the physical nature) has been redeemed through the battle in Scorpio, and has cleared a space for the expression of the Higher nature. A Soul-centred individual with Mars in Libra is often led to act as an arbitrator between warring factions. Libra, Venus, Saturn (exalted in this sign and connected to Libra through the Third Ray) and Rays Three and Seven, are the major contributing factors to this function of Mars. Thus, when placed in the Scales, Mars acts as a standard bearer for the Laws of Manifestation.

Mars in Scorpio

Esoteric Ruler

At this point, the tremendous importance of this position should be quite obvious. Mars is strongest in Scorpio, for several reasons:

1. It brings the essential battle of the Pathwalker directly to the ~door of the Soul~ insofar as Mars is both the exoteric and esoteric ruler of this sign. There is no avoiding the issue when Mars is in Scorpio - the battle leading to the Soul’s ultimate victory is on!

2. As Mars is the controlling factor of the desire nature (and for the personality, of the entire physical, animal response nature), its place in Scorpio is highly critical. It is here that the lower aspect of the sexual nature will burst forth in its fullness. The lower self will make its ~last stand~ as it squares off to do battle with the Higher Self. If the lower self is ~victorious~ and loses (and hence merges with the Soul} this battle will never have to be repeated.

3. Finally, Mars in Aries indicates the birth of the personality into manifestation, whilst its placement in Scorpio is indicative of the death of the personality and the release of the indwelling Christ Presence (anchored in Virgo) onto the objective Path of Sagittarius.

Mars in Sagittarius

In the Soul-centred individual, Mars in Sagittarius brings out a very strong Sixth Ray element, and is indicative of one who is absolutely devoted to the Path. The purpose for soul control over the lower self is revealed through his life and actions in this position. The Mars in Sagittarius person will not let anything stop him as he marches on toward the accomplishments of his spiritual goals. While he moves forward, he opens the Path for others to follow, displaying courage and wisdom, love and determination. The goal has been sighted and the Pathway toward its achievement is often indicated by the house placement of Mars in this sign. We can say that Mars is actually the arrow in the bow of the Archer.

Mars in Capricorn

We look at Mars in Capricorn from two perspectives:

From the personality level, it is indicative of the victory of personal ambitions and drives over the limitations of the material world. The ego has become successful in dominating its environment. Mars in Capricorn can be said to be the Aristotle Onassis of astrological positions.

From the Soul level, desires have been placed under the total dominance of the Soul. The victory over the lower self has involved their merger and the expression of an even grater field for the externalisation of the Will-to-Love (First Ray, expressing through our Second Ray solar system}.

A Soul centred individual with this strong placement of Mars would most likely find him/herself in some form of executive position, having earned this responsibility through demonstrating the right use of will and an understanding of the Laws behind the structuring of energy.

Mars in Aquarius

The soul-centred individual with Mars in this position tends to utilise this energy as a vehicle for encouraging group identity and its consequent collective service. At an earlier stage in development, the battle is one in which the person tried to make any group of people bend to his personal will. After mounting the Fixed Cross, the will of the individual is placed under the service of the group. Idealism is often quite strong, as the Second Ray energies of Jupiter blend with the Sixth Ray focus of Mars. This often creates those situations in which a person is ready to do battle in order to defend the ideals and principles of the group to which he belongs.

Mars in Pisces

The Sixth and Second Rays are very strong in this placement, and tend to work out in a personality centred horoscope by a certain blind devotion to romantic or political ideals. The focus of the will is replaced by devotion to emotion, and the individual may easily be swept away by the movements of the mass consciousness.

When Mars in Pisces comes under the direction of a Soul-centred individual the First Ray quality of Pluto strengthens the presence of the will and brings about a completely different orientation. The individual is then able to infuse consciously directed purpose into any set of circumstances, whilst transforming and reorienting the energies of the lower self in the process.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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