Uranus in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Esoteric Ruler of Libra

Planet of the Seventh Ray

In order for the energies of Uranus to express themselves in a conscious way in a person’s life, he must pass through Saturn’s ~Door~. This means that he has created an integrated personality, linked with the soul force, and is thus a spiritually responsible individual. More likely than not, such a person is linked to a sense of group purpose and is very service orientated.

There is quite a difference in the way Uranus functions in the personality chart and the way its energies externalise once Soul contact has been established.

Uranus on the personality level is always indicative of creating difference through the use of the will. A strong personality centered Uranian (that is, Uranus rising, The Sun or Moon in Aquarius, to conjunct opposing or square Uranus, or Uranus at the MC) will strive to be different just for difference’ sake. In this respect, dressing very unconventionally, seeking out avante garde or bohemian friends, and in extreme cases, engage in pointedly antisocial behaviour patterns.

These are not at all negative traits in themselves, for such people strike at the core of the established order (that is Saturn) and create a perspective whereby society must question its values. Yet when such values are not consciously linked to the soul and to group intent from the level of the Higher Self, personal whims and egocentric motives are often at the center of such activities and practices.

Uranus functioning though the soul level has quite a different purpose. As the ruler of Libra, the unfolding of Uranus in the consciousness of one of the Fixed Cross leads to the reversal of the wheel of destiny. Libra represents a pause, a moment of soul focussed reflection, a place wherein the values and energies of the personality and the soul meet and are balanced against each other. The individual can thus make the choice of his or her direction, and wither move onto a greater sense of material expression in Virgo, or take the test of one who willingly battles to walk the Path in Scorpio.

Uranus lies beyond the rings of Saturn and is thus a major step in evoking that state of transformation whereby the self conscious individual merges into a greater group orientation. This step towards greater inclusivity, and the subsequent refinement of individual self expression, is a vital ~rite of passage~ in one evolutionary progress.

Once the crossover has been made, the energy of Uranus begins to flood the consciousness and affect the conditions of one’s outer life. Some of the effects of this Uranian transmutation may be outlined as follows:

1. Heightens the intuition. One is now able to ~perceive the quality of energy~ which inhabits a form, whether this form is in physical, emotional or mental. Thus a ~Uranian-awakened~ individual can see the person who lives ~inside~ his body, can perceive the consciousness of an artist by looking at his paintings, may understand the need of the soul expressing itself through a personal emotion etc.

2. Quickens the urge to change the established order. Uranus is the planet of the Seventh Ray - Ceremonial Order and Magic. When its energies are stimulated, it allows one to be in tune with the relationship between the external order of life and the unfolding ~Will-To-Create~. Both ~cause~ and ~effect~ are cyclical in expression. Cause {First Ray, will and Power} is constantly stimulating matter to be the proper response to its initiating impulse. The seventh Ray is very much involved with the process of this fusion. Uranus functions in this respect as a vehicle which breaks down those forms that are no longer consistent with the involuntary and evolutionary movements of the Life Force. Yet this is not the anarchistic, egotistical, destructive power of Uranus that expresses on the personality level. The urge to change social structures and the prevailing collective ordering of life comes from an attunement to Cause and are effected through group function. The First Ray has a very direct and intimate relationship with the Seventh, as can be seen from the fact that Aries and Capricorn appear on both these lines of manifestation. Aries is the primary sign of the ~Will-to-Be~, while Capricorn, and its relationship to Saturn and the Third Ray, is very much connected to the forms and structures for that ~Beingness~

3. Stimulates the aspiration to better the human condition. The awareness of the relationship of the Higher and the lower selves having been established through Libra’s influence, Uranus works to blend more completely the energies of humanity’s essential duality. This process of synthesised fusion has as its purpose the creation of improved social systems for humanity’s physical well-being, as well as the stimulation of the spiritual climate for inner growth and development. These two facets of human life work out through networking, an especially Uranian and Aquarian activity.

4. Fosters individual activity within the group context. When intuition, Soul-focused social aspiration (that is, a true perception of collective need) group consciousness and direct contact with Spiritual Will are fused and blended through Seventh Ray activity, one steps forward to do one’s individual part in the One Work. In effect, Uranus leaves the individual to the Occult Way and is known by the name of the ~Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation~. The Occult Way can be characterised as the Path of Divine Knowledge, of Ordered Magic, and is the practical application of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings to the daily life. It is thus the Way of the Mind (as opposed to the Path of the Mystic, which is the Way of Union through the feelings), and utilises knowledge as the vehicle which reveals Wisdom and Light.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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