Chiron in Esoteric Astrology

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Please note the writings have been taken from ~Chiron - The Healing Journey~ by Melanie Reinhart  and are used with her kind permission.  For more detailed information I recommend you to read this excellent book.  

Chiron has also been described as the Rainbow Bridge....the link between the Inner and Outer Planets and it is the identification of the Chironian issues in ones life that assists with the linking between the Inner and Outer Planets and thus the integration of the Soul and Personality . 

In psychological terms, Chiron is the Inner Teacher to whom we owe our allegiance. The cluster of astrological ingredients surrounding it may symbolise the tests, disciplines and ordeals which unfold under the tutelage of this Inner Teacher, whose path is Life itself, whether or not this includes following a particular spiritual tradition. Major crises of learning experiences can be reflected by any factor in the horoscope, but they are likely to be interpreted and processed in a manner congruent with the Chiron configuration. We also have to remember that Chiron represents the Wound/The Wounder/The Healer in our chart.

At present Chiron’s themes in the lives of individuals can be clearly observed to operate most strongly through the Mutable Cross, especially Sagittarius (9th) and Virgo (6th).

Working with the personal issues that Chiron represents in our horoscope provides a means of grounding ourselves in our humanity and also defining our unique contribution to this transition in which we are all participating in at this time. When the Age of Aquarius is more established perhaps it will then be seen to work through the Fixed Cross, possibly ruling Scorpio and being exalted in Leo.

Some will be more sensitive to Chiron’s energies than others. If there are one or more of the conditions below, Chiron may be considered focal in a particular horoscope; in this person’s life Chironian themes may be dominant and will be strongly activated when any outer planet transits part of the Chiron configuration.

(i) Chiron conjunct any of the Angles

(ii) Chiron conjunct or square the Moons Nodes

(iii) Chiron aspecting many planets, especially if the Sun, Moon and/or Asc Ruler are among them

(iv) Chiron focal according to the shape of the chart eg as handle of a "bucket shaped chart", or as the leading planet of a "bowl shaped" chart, or in the middle of a stellium, or in hard aspect to the midpoint of an empty hemisphere or quadrant.

(v) Sagittarius or Virgo on the MC or ASC

(vi) Chiron in either Sagittarius or Virgo

(vii) A stellium of Planets in Sagittarius or Virgo

Chiron by House

The image of Chiron’s Cave, the Chironian, has been suggested for the house in which Chiron is found. This evocative image certainly seems applicable, in that by house,

Chiron focuses on those areas where we may feel pain and encounter difficulties, as well as where we seek to express our unique individuality. We may avoid "coming out into the light" of this area of life experience, hiding ourselves away in pain, like Chiron with his incurable wound; we may only be able to enter this domain of life in a supercharged or heroic manner, like Chiron emerging as the Healer and Mentor of Heroes.

Another image for Chiron’s house position is taken from Buddhism where we consider Chiron to be the Inner Teacher, its house and sign often describe important lessons which we are here to learn. These lessons represent the inner goal of the journey, rather than anything external, and involve the Middle Path or ‘right way’. This is not ‘right’ as opposed to ‘wrong’ but rather than which is ‘appropriate’ in order for us to fulfill our individual dharma - our realisation of Universal law and our part in the totality of existence.

Before the Middle Path is found and appreciated, Chiron tends to manifest in a wounded "all or nothing" way. With maturity and surrender, however, a feeling of rightness may come, often having means or overtones of connection with the dharma, with some context larger than ourselves; this is Chiron`s gift to us....

In addition, planets aspecting Chiron here represent inner and outer forces with which we must contend, lest they pull us away from the dharma.

Examples of Chiron’s representing by house:

1st House: Appropriate initiative or action
2nd house: Appropriate values, or use of resources
3rd House: Appropriate communication, thought and speech
4th House: Appropriate emotional bonds and attitude to family
5th House Appropriate self expression and creativity
6th House: Appropriate form of service to others, and respect for the body
7th House: Appropriate relationships
8th House: Appropriate attitude to death and sexuality
9th House: Appropriate attitude to possibilities
10th House: Appropriate vocation and participation in society
11th House: Appropriate ideals and friendships
12th House: Appropriate renunciation

Chiron by Sign

When we add the quality of the Sign in which Chiron is placed, it fills out this description and suggests a "way of Being" which supports us in the area of life represented by Chiron’s house.

Chiron’s sign position may also show how we seek to protect ourselves from our inner pain, what we draw on to try to deal with an area of our life which may be blocked. Thus the sign may provide a kind of bandage over our wound (as expressed by Chiron’s house position)and this bandage is often removed during a strong Chiron transit.

By examining the Chiron configuration, as well as looking into the psychological process and events coinciding with the Chiron cycle in our life, we may be able to assist in the process of healing by trying to get a clearer idea of what is happening, and also of the purpose behind the suffering or crisis.

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