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The Planets in Esoteric Astrology
An Introduction

Sacred and non-Sacred Planets


The Sun

The Sun in the Signs

The Moon

The Moon in the Signs


Vulcan through the Signs


Mercury through the Signs

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Earth through the Signs


Venus through the Signs


Mars through the Signs


Jupiter through the Signs


Saturn through the Signs






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Mercury through the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Fourth Ray

Mercury in Aries

Mercury’s function as the illuminating principle is at its strongest when found in the sign of Aries in the natal chart. This is the Mercury of the ~seers of any Age~ and the placement {and the individual who has this position} serves to "lead humanity into the light" of Buddhic consciousness. Its actions centre upon the diffusion of illusion and for the expansion of the Higher Mind into the outer life. As the vehicle for a great deal of Soul activity, Mercury functions as an intermediary, helping to relate the creative urgings of spirit to the form life of matter. One of the primary characteristics of this placement is a powerful use of will {1st Ray quality of Aries} to pierce through the darkness of consolidated thought-forms, thus freeing the life force for the birthing of new ideas. Mercury’s action in his respect, brings it into close association with Vulcan, which often conjoins and/or the sun, and further implements the presence of the First Ray.

Mercury in Taurus

This is a very strong Fourth Ray position, as both this planet and sign are highly active through this ray. The Idea in the Mind of God must be anchored in the physical realm, even if previous forms have to be destroyed in order to create a greater beauty and harmony. Nowhere are Vulcan and Mercury more closely associated than in this combination, and the task of bringing forth the illumined ~eye of the Bull~ is uppermost in the mind of one with this position in the natal chart. Form ~will~ be made into a correct expression for ideas, while art and the professions will be the channels. In Taurus, Mercury joins with Venus, the esoteric ruler creating the Divine Hermaphrodite. This is the perfect unity of male and female in one, and thus is illustrative of the perfect wedding of the idea to its form.

Mercury in Gemini

On the esoteric level we have the joining of Mercury and Venus once again, this time not in the earthly elements of the Bull but in the air matrix of the mind. This position endows a person with the potential to harmonise and relate many streams of diverse thought into a vision and expression of harmonious unity. The combination is of Rays Two (Gemini(, Five (Venus, as esoteric ruler of the sign) and Four (Mercury). The ~pure reason~ of the Mind expresses Love unquestionably through the vehicle of science and technology, in order to activate the evolution of humanity and our planet. Individuals active on soul levels who have this position in the natal chat will seek to use the inventiveness of the mind for the benefit of all. On a more personal level, but still anchored in the Soul} there is usually grace of speech and manner, and an ability to agree with everyone without compromising the perception and expression of truth. The urge is to harmonise and relate all the thinking progress of any group of people into a focus of active unanimity.

Mercury in Cancer

This is an interesting position as it links the two fourth Ray planets when operating on the personality level. Here Mercury and the Moon combine to create those forms of communication in the environment that allow for the individual a sense of emotional security and control. But on the soul level, Neptune joins with mercury, bringing a strong Sixth Ray influence into this position. The Mind merges with Devotion to the Plan for the sustained nourishment of humanity and the planet. Great resourcefulness is part of the gift of this position, giving the individual the ability to bring people and ideas together. Neptune impressing itself upon the Moon helps to shape for form of the astral-desire body so that it can be the proper ~mother~ - the producer of the necessary forms for the expression of Divine Ideas. The mental focus of this position should not be under estimated, as Cancer externalises through the Third and Seventh Rays.

Mercury in Leo

As Mercury is the ruler of Aries, its position in Leo also harnesses the Lion’s affinity with Will/Power. Yet the ruler of the Lion is the Sun, planet of the Second Ray indicating Mercury’s function in this position as the link between Rays One and Two. Mercury represents the Son, the Son of Mind, the Son of the Divine Idea of Manifestation. Thus in a very esoteric sense (but one which is analogous to human pro-generation) Mercury and the Sun (Father/Spirit) are one. When Mercury is found in this position in the chart of a soul centred individual, the creative powers are very strong. There is an immediate and totally intimate connection with the process of thought, and the manifestation of that thought process into an externalised expression. This is often channeled through Leo’s other Ray, the Fifth, and thus presents itself through the Concrete Mind. It is interesting to contemplate the physical proximity of Venus to Mercury and the Sun in this respect, and the combination of these three planets is very vital to today’s humanity. The Sun is representative of the Second Ray of the Lord of the Solar system, while Mercury is of the Fourth Ray of the Human Kingdon, Venus is of the Fifth, relating both to the dominant Ray of our present humanity, as well as to the Ray of the sign of the incoming Aquarian Age.

Mercury in Virgo

This position is related very strong to Mercury in Cancer as the affinity to the Moon in both cases is strong. Here the Mother is ruled by the Son, as the Idea of the Mind of God takes root in the nurturing formativeness of the Moon and the earthly element of Virgo. Thus when Mercury is found in this position the Soul centred individual has the ability to hold an Idea in gestation. This Idea gains in strength as it connects to the magnetic quality of the Earth, the Mother, and the Second and Sixth Rays, until the time is right and the Idea can be born into the ~world of men~. The fruit of this Idea may then be shared so that all may be nourished by it.

Mercury in Libra

A Soul-centred individual with this placement of Mercury is very active on the Path of World Service, as he or she communicates the Law of Right Human Relations. This combination brings Uranus and the Seventh Ray very strongly into play, thus fostering a very humanitarian vision expressed by this person through his activities in the world. The Third Ray of Active Intelligence is also involved through Libra, as is its planet of exaltation and Third Ray ruler, Saturn. The combination of the Third and Seventh in this position helps to generate an individual who would be very partial to the construction of communication networks to disseminate evolutionary Ideas. Another facet of his work would be to function as a liaison or link between individuals and groups in order to expand those networks and further the externalisation of these Ideas.

Mercury in Scorpio

A potent position for Mercury as the link with the Fourth Ray is strengthened by Scorpio. This placement gives rise to a mental power which can not only be transformative in ones personal reorientation, but which can also do a great deal to break down and reorient the thought forms of others. Thus the mind of the mass consciousness is freed to be impregnated with the unfolding evolutionary concepts of the Plan. Mercury in Scorpio is a placement of great tests (as with all planets that tenant this sign), and a strong sense of adherence to the Path has to be demonstrated before Mercury in Scorpio can serve as a vehicle for the potential of its great power. This is where the function of Mars, and the Sixth Ray enter, and the trials which lead to the one-pointedness ofthe Path are undertaken. Mars is the exoteric ruler of Aries and the ruler of Scorpio on both the personality and Soul levels. Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries, and rules Scorpio from its highest focus of collective manifestation, the Hierarchical. A person with Mercury in Scorpio is thus very active in transforming people’s mental energy from its use in communicating the desires of the Lower self to its use as a vehicle to communicate the Will/Power of Higher Mind.

Mercury in Sagittarius

When Mercury is acting on the personality level, it functions as the vehicle for the rational mind. When the Soul-centred level is achieved intuition replaces reason. Thus, reason falls under the domination of intuition, and becomes an extension of the communicative ability of this higher faculty. A person with Mercury in Sagittarius is a natural teacher who comprehends the larger issues in life. His goal is to impart this vision of truth to anyone he may meet along the Path of his travels. As Sagittarius is the sign of the Higher Mind the energy of this placement is displaced for as the Path walker seeks the goal of initation, he finds that a gradual but eventual disassociation with the human personality must take place. He then turns his attention devotedly to the Fifth Kingdom of Souls, and towards the Fourth Kingdom of Humanity as a focus for loving service. The impersonal life supersedes the desires, thoughts, and physicality of the personal life. Mercury is a planet of the Fourth Ray, and Sagittarius, the sign prior to Capricorn, the Initiate. Thus the human mind must ~die~ and resurrect as a conscious Son (or Daughter) of Mind.

Mercury in Capricorn

As Capricorn is found on the First, Third and Seventh Rays, Mercury’s function in this sign is to relate intelligently, {that is consciously}, the spiritual Man with the individual living his, or her human life in the outer world. Not only does Mercury relate these two poles of the human constitution, he facilitates that ~initiatic~ process which helps the lower self to realise its reality as the soul. Thus the Plan of the Creator is brought down to Earth through the spiritualised mind of humanity, and it expressed through those forms of civilisation and society which constitute the outer collectivisation of humankind. The soul centred individual with Mercury in this position is usually very creatively intelligent. He is aware of the use of the human mind as an extension of the Mind of God. Active Intelligence is very strong in the life of such an individual, who serves as a tool for the focus of the Third Ray in the creation of the outer forms of life.

Mercury in Aquarius

This position relates very strongly to Mercury in Libra, as Uranus, the esoteric ruler of the Scales, is the exoteric ruler of the Water Bearer. The Laws and Principles of the New Age are very much the major archetypes of thought in the mind of a contemporary, Soul centred individual with this placement in the natal chart. The Second Ray energy of Jupiter stands behind Aquarius and urges Mercury to communicate the unifying ideas and philosophies that further the loving integration of humanity. A person with Mercury in Aquarius will thus seek to unite others into a group focus of shared ideas and principles. Active work in service to humanity will be very much at the heart of his life. The intuition is very strong and he can easily perceive the patterns of energy as they interplay within any given life situation. As one would expect from Mercury acting through a sign of the Fifth Ray, there is a tendency for a person with this placement to be very interested in those inventions of science and technology which implement the expression of his humanitarian efforts.

Mercury in Pisces

When in the sign of the Fish, Mercury relates mind and love. The Mind is always the vehicle for the expression of the Love/Wisdom which is the essence of Life. yet, after a certain stage of evolution is reached there is no longer a need for the mind to act as a mediator between the Soul and the personality. The Rainbow Bridge/ Antahkarana has been reached, and the Soul and the personality are indeed one. Then Mercury and the Sun unite, and the Son returns to the Father. Pisces is the sign which when experienced in its fullness, reveals the totality of Soul consciousness.  Is not Pisces the sign of the Christ in all? Thus there is no need for mind to relate this Presence to the personality. The Presence has been incarnated as the personality. ~It is finished~ with a new cycle ready to begin in Aries. The Soul-centred individual with Mercury in Pisces does not allow the limitations of mind to inhibit the perception of the indwelling Love/Wisdom principle in the outer life. He/she is able to awaken an awareness of this factor in others by communicating Love as the energy which transcends mind. As a rule they serve far more effectively in those fields where empathy and compassion are needed to communicate the Plan.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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