The Sun in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by David Camp)

Esoteric Ruler of Leo

Planet of the Second Ray 

The Sun is the source of physical consciousness - the self conscious ~I~ and serves to sensitise and activate the self in relation to its environment. The Heart of the Sun stimulates and enlivens Soul awareness. In essence, the Sun’s purpose is to act as a vehicle for the Second Ray. This takes place physically, on the Soul level and spiritually. 

The Sun has a triple function. On the physical level, the Sun energizes the life potential within each cell and atom; it is the “Breath of Life”. On the spiritual level, the Sun is Life Itself, the divine expression of the “Will to Be”. On the Soul level, the Sun is the source of consciousness. In esoteric terminology, this facet of the Sun´s function is called the “Heart of the Sun”. It is through the Heart (both in human and solar expressions), that soul awareness and the consciousness of love is stimulated.

In esoteric astrology, the Sun´s purpose is to act as a vehicle for the externalization of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. When we delineate the Soul-centered chart, the position of the Sun has four primary indications:

1. It reveals the nature of the present incarnation from the point of view of temperament, characteristics and way of expression one’s life energies.

2. It speaks about the nature of the personality life and the “equipment” brought in from previous lifetimes in order to live out the current incarnation.

3. It is the force field through which the personality becomes self-actualized so that an individual becomes aware of him or herself as a Self-conscious, creative being.

4. It reveals those indications which point to the Ray makeup of the personality.

The Sun should always be looked upon as a vehicle for the energy and Ray of the Personality. The Sun always brings in the energy of the second ray, adding cohesion and creative potential to one’s life. Yet a close examination of the Sun’s sign, and that sign’s exoteric and esoteric rulers, is very important.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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