Jupiter in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius

Planet of the Second Ray

Jupiter’s primary purpose is one of fusion. It is instrumental in blending the lesser dualities of head and heart, mind and love, in order to produce Wisdom. It is primary focus for the energies of the Ray of Love/Wisdom, and acts as a vehicle through which the Ray of Consciousness may externalize the Divine Plan in our solar system. It therefore works to create the ultimate synthesis in order to exteriorize universal harmony and abundance. This message is carried forth even in terms of Jupiter’s personality centred sign rulerships, as Jupiter is the Lord of Wisdom in Sagittarius, while in Pisces he is the Lord of Love.

As the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, many of Jupiter’s limitless blessings are being externalized through humanity. This will work out in the material world of forms through the human networking, group relations, and new sociological patterns of Uranus and the Seventh Ray. Such externalizations will allow for the more transcendental aspects of Love to permeate the collective humanity, and will evoke the Law of Right Human Relations into the fabric of each of our lives.

Jupiter, along with Mercury, governs the four signs of the Mutable Cross, from the personality level - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The function of these two planets on inner levels, however is to fuse and blend the enormously vast dualities inherent in mankind. The combination of these two planets brings the nature of the Second Ray and the Fourth together, evoking the latent energy of Love/Wisdom that reveals itself through the unfolding process of Harmony through Conflict. This mutual and combined influence leads humanity out of attachment to material desire and into the awareness of Divine Love. The resolution of duality through the systemic synthesis inherent in the evolutionary process of life brings the restless mind of the personality into a state of stability. This allows the mind to integrate the various aspects o the personality so that eventual Soul infusion is made possible. It is Jupiter’s specific function within this alchemy to awaken one to the presence of Love as the essence which abides within any given form. Jupiter is thus the tool for the expansion of love/consciousness.

In the natal horoscope of the Soul centred individual, Jupiter points to several functions:

1. It is the key to spiritual purpose, as it reveals the use of the Second Ray in the present incarnation. What one does in an individual way to accomplish this purpose will be revealed by the nature of the Ascendant and its esoteric ruler.

2. The house placement of Jupiter will indicate where there is the greatest tendency toward fusion, and the possibility for the greatest achievement regarding this facet of the Higher Self. Thus Jupiter in the ninth house reveals a developed ability to fuse and blend various doctrines, religions etc in order to teach others about the universality and inclusivity of beliefs and creeds, Jupiter in the second house can fuse resources, both of the material and spiritual kind, in order to demonstration the boundless abundance available to humanity once we deposit our consciousness in the ~Soul’s bank~.

3. Its position in the natal chart also points to that area where the individual can evoke the most love and wisdom out of the environment and hence, where a great deal of his spiritual contribution to and from life may be found.

Jupiter through the Signs

(Reference Alan Oken)

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