The Earth in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli)

Esoteric ruler of Sagittarius

Planet of the Third Ray

The earth in the natal chart is always 180 degrees from the natal position of the Sun. Thus, if the sun is at 1 degree Scorpio, the Earth will be found at 1 degree of Taurus.

Very little attention has been paid to the astrological implication of the Earth in the natal horoscope. Yet in the words of Alice Bailey author of Esoteric Astrology…

"There is one aspect of energy for which the modern astrologer makes very little allowance, and yet it is of paramount importance. This is the energy which emanates from or radiates from the Earth itself…astrologers have always emphasised the incoming influences and energies as they beat upon and play through our little planet, but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces which are the contribution of our Earth…to the larger whole"

As the Earth is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, and the latter points the way to the Mountain top of Initiation with his bow and arrow, the Earth in the natal chart represents the physical location of a person’s Path. The house position in the natal chart will reveal this location. The meaning of that house position by traditional definitions, will show where the Pathwalker must ~tread the ways of men~ The one who is walking upon the Fixed Cross, the Earth’s position indicates where service to humanity takes place. The esoteric meaning of the house will point to the inner journey that is taken simultaneously.

This balance between the inner and outer journeys - between the envisioned goal and the actual field of service that we have to create in our physical reality. We must be able to function with equal ability through both the inner, mental life and the outer, physical one. This is inherent in the fourth ray quality of Sagittarius (and Mercury) and is part of the basic constitution of the Fourth kingdom. The polarisation and the eventual synthesis of the animal nature and the Presence of the Soul, the battle and the fusion, takes place on the Earth.

The position of our planet in the natal chart thus reveals two things; the area of One’s life where Active Intelligence anchors into the form of our daily existence; and the place where the work of the present incarnation has to be expressed, via our physical presence and influence on others.

As the Sun in the esoteric chart indicates the ~creative equipment~ a person brings into the present lifetime, the Earth, 180 degrees opposite, reveals where that equipment ~lands~ for its proper use. This indicates the nature of an individual’s personal life experience as a Soul contributing to the whole of Humankind. As Saturn is the other planet of the Third Ray, its influence is always present, wherever the Earth may be. The Lord of Karma accompanies the Earth’s placement and motivates the outworking of one’s personal responsibility to the planet. We could therefore infer that Saturn represents one’s karma, while the Earth represents one’s dharma - that is, what one has to accomplish, and the way one goes about accomplishing it.

The goal of life on Earth is to become an Initiate, and unfold that aspect of the Christ Consciousness which dwells within each of us. The form of that expression differs from person to person, relative to the nature of individual dharma and karma, but the ~essential~ Love/Wisdom of that unfolding consciousness is the same for us all. This is our unifying link. Sagittarius and Capricorn, sign of the Initiate, are linked through the Third Ray association of the Earth and Saturn, and provide us with yet another insight into the importance of the experience gained through life on this planet. The two signs also point to the relationship of the Path to the Goal.

  Interestingly I looked at my chart for the relationship of Saturn to Earth and found that they are in conjunction (Saturn 2 degrees 38’R and Earth 4 degrees 39’) in Virgo in 2nd house {smile}

In terms of the acquisition of spiritual values {2nd house) we look to the house placement of the esoteric ruler of Virgo (The Moon) which is in my 6th house in the sign of Capricorn (Initiation) {smile}…you can check your own charts and see what you have there {smile}

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