Saturn (the Gatekeeper)
in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Esoteric Ruler of Capricorn

Planet of the Third Ray

Saturn is representative of the Law of Economy on all levels of the personality. It is not an agent of deprivation, as much as it is a testing ground to prove a person’s level of maturity and responsibility in dealing with what he has learned or achieved. We can say that the relationship with Saturn and the Sun has a great deal to do with physical vitality, and thus we see the application of the Law of Economy to the physical level. When we examine Saturn in relationship to the Moon, this Law extends itself into the emotional area of the personality life. The relationship of Saturn to Mercury conditions the extent of the lower mental aspect of the lower self.

Saturn, is the Lord of Karma. He stands at the Gates of Initiation ready to put all who approach to the test. (much as the symbol of St Peter acting as the Guardian at the Gates of Heaven in terms of the Christian philosophy).

From an astronomical point of perspective, Saturn is the furthest planet visible from the Earth with the naked eye. And its planetary rings are its most impressive feature. The rings are, of course, symbolic of the Laws of Karma. The position Saturn holds in space is indicative of the fact that a person cannot incorporate the energies of the furthest planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, into his individualised consciousness without first passing the various tests of personal responsibility so that he proves himself capable of handling the energies of a more evolved state. We can note this particular ~guardianship of consciousness~ in Saturn’s rulership over the throat chakra. In order to awaken the potentials of the two highest vital centres, located at the brow and the crown, an individual first has to stimulate personal awareness from the level of the throat.

Another term for Saturn is ~Dweller on the Threshold~. This is another of Saturn’s many titles, duties and responsibilities in the unfolding of the Path. As such, Saturn represents the crystalisation of the past, so that ~debts~ may be paid and one may undertake present opportunities for the future.

~Opportunity~ is one of the most descriptive words that can be applied to Saturn, as he offers those crises and life situations that bestow conscious freedom of choice. It is through our restrictions, and the pain which often accompanies thwarted desires or aspirations, that we come to a greater comprehension of the Laws of Manifestation. The structure and administration of these Laws are also under the rulership of Saturn.

Eventually, through the opportunities Saturn gives us, we have balanced a great deal of past karma and have reached a place where conscious choices becomes an actual possibility. At this point the choices we have to make for our evolutionary advancement become clear to our wakening eyes. We know that if we accept the work and service in front of us, we shall be tested. Yet our vision encourages us to shoulder some of the collective burden for advancing humanity and the expression of Love/Wisdom in the world. Saturn’s house position will reveal where our dharma/duty lies in this respect and where we may expect tests of restriction and self discipline to arise.

Once these tests are taken and passed - once the Path of Discipleship has been achieved - the very advanced individual passes onto the Cardinal Cross where, it is said, ~Saturn cannot follow men~ Once human consciousness has reached this initiate state, the Laws of human Karma have been learned and incorporated into oneself and the ~gate~ which Saturn guards and protects has swung open.

Saturn and the Earth are very closely related, due to their dual connection with the Third Ray. Saturn controls the creation of structural patterns for mental energy. It is the ~form~ side of the term ~thought forms~, that is, the crystallization of mental energy so that the Active Intelligence of Divinity may manifest in the outer world and on the Earth. It is on our planet therefore, that the karma of out solar system consolidates into physical form. So does the opportunity for the purification of karma and the eventual upliftment and ~greater sacredness~ of both humanity and the planet upon which we live. As the planet of the "Law of Cause and Effect", Saturn also bestows positive reward. He is definitely the ~Grim Reaper~, but he is also the benevolent Father. The rewards and punishments we receive are especially true relative to the way we handle the Earth’s resources and the energies of the lesser kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal. The synthesis of these three other kingdoms has once more to do with our administration of the Law of Right Human Relations.

Saturn, as ruler of Capricorn is directly related to the process of Initiation. But Saturn on the exoteric level is also the co-ruler of Aquarius. It will be through the correct application of the Laws and Principles of the New Age, so very much influenced by this planetary ~Gatekeeper~, that we shall be able to co-create and fulfil our individual karma relative to humanity’s collective life in the Aquarian Era.

The position of Saturn in the signs is particularly indicative of several major characteristics.

1. The sign will point to which Ray qualities may be inhibited on the personality level, so that such energies are brought into much more objective manifestation by the individual.

2. Such tests and crises will be reflected by the forms of such restrictions in the personal life, that Is, some will be affected financiallys, others romantically, others physically, etc.

3. The sign position also reveals what the Soul is seeking to perfect in the present incarnation, in order to foster its own growth and aid in the externalization of the Plan for humanity.

4. The combination of sign and house placement will point to the urge for the fulfillment of a specific type of karma, and the kinds of circumstances which will bring about the necessary testing in one’s life.

5. It must be clearly understood that these tests and trials are invoked through the Soul-centred individual’s conscious choice. This is part of living on the Fixed Cross and indicative of one who is assuming the responsibility for co-creating the structure of his spiritual life and material destiny. The right use of the mind, and the tests of polarisation of the emotions and the personal life to the mental plane and the impersonal life, will be definitely encountered along the Way.

Saturn through the Signs

(Reference Alan Oken)

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