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Venus through the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Fifth Ray

Venus in Aries

The Sun is so strong in this sign that the immanence of the Spiritual Presence creates a real sense of immediacy in Venus’s ~urge to merge~. Thus reason gives way to automatic fusion, as relationships become quickened by direct perception of Light. One could say that the energy of Venus speeds up in Aries, and thus loses some of the grace of its more natural rhythm. The creation of a balanced relationship becomes less important that the immediate fusing of opposites. This occurs through a direct use of the Will. The power of this combination is such that one often has a tendency to lose sight of the differences between people, in the effort to effectuate a more direct bonding of human energies for some greater goal.

Venus in Taurus

At the esoteric level, this potent placement of Venus reveals the urge of desire for increased knowledge. This understanding may then be transmuted into wisdom for the benefit of all. In the personality-centred chart, Venus in Taurus gives the need (and the ability) to attract form - money, possessions, etc. The esoteric perspective is naturally quite different. Here the individual is seeking out an understanding or attunement with ~the idea which embodies a particular form~. Venus in Taurus in thus quite perceptive of the quality of energy represented by a specific physical manifestation, whether this is a person or a particular object.

Venus in Gemini

Esoteric ruler

In the life of a fully Soul centred being, Venus in this position gives one the understanding of the spiritual purpose behind any relationship. On the personality level, Venus in Gemini frequently indicates two diametrically opposed relationships simultaneously occurring in a person’s life. He is often caught in a difficulty duality. "How can I have both?" which one do I choose?" The Higher Mind will always choose both, and then blend them into a harmonious third, capable of increased creative activity and love. This is the secret of synthesis, and synthesis is the Soul’s process of growth.

Venus in Cancer

This placement blends the activities of three Rays; the Third and Seventh (Cancer) and the Fifth Venus, and is thus a very mental position, quite dissimilar from the sentimental and emotional qualities of this combination when expressed through the personality. On the Soul-centred level, one perceives the reasons for the sustaining nourishment of the various forms of love in one’s life, and is able to make the necessary connections that allow such giving and sharing to continue. It is through such activities that Venus joins with Cancer’s esoteric ruler Neptune, bringing forth a greater consciousness for the universal application and source of love.

Venus in Leo

On the personality level, the intense self consciousness of Leo creates a very prejudicial kind of relationship, as favourites are constantly being played in the choice on ones companions. Yet on the soul level, all people are the children and love objects of the Spirit/Father and Venus in Leo is able to increase opportunities for the dynamics of that Creative spirit in action. The Fifth Ray energies of both Venus and Leo strengthen the nature of that Ray quality in one’s life so that themind may unveil the hidden, spiritual potential in every aspect of human relations.

Venus in Virgo

On the level of the lower self. Venus in Virgo is in its fall, due to the critical nature which often accompanies this position. But this placement, when considered esoterically, expresses the deepest commitment Love may unfold. The Son of Mind, the indwelling Christ Principle inherent in Virgo, descends into matter. It is thus that pure Love/Wisdom incarnates into the earth element and the Loving Spirit descends into Mother/matter. This ~fall~ is for the purpose of ~raising up~ humanity and is one of the sacrifices Love makes for mankind. A life is chosen for a soul-centred person with Venus in this position so that he can perform those healing tasks which allow the Light of Love to re-emerge from its protected but heretofore obscure dwelling place.

Venus in Libra

The primary function of Venus in this position is to awaken in the consciousness of the Soul centred individual a point of balance by which material, personal desire is able to fuse with intelligent spiritual love. The results of this union invoke the energies of Libra’s other ruler, Uranus, and thus allow one to be a vehicle for the dissemination of the higher nature of love into the practical world. Two astrological relationships prepare and augment this higher purpose. Venus’s rulership over Taurus (physical desire) and Saturn’s exaltation in Libra (the rule of spiritual Law in the expression of Love).

Venus in Scorpio

As the love nature expresses through Scorpio, it prepares itself for that great fusion with Spirit in the sign of Capricorn. Intelligence and the mental faculties must ~die~ in order to birth the pure, intuitive cognizance of the Initiate. The mind battles to retain its strength and dominance, but must eventually yield to the greater power of the Spiritual Presence. On the personality level, a person with this position often manipulates their relationships so that the dominance of the lower self may prevail, often through the magnetism of sexuality. A person on the Soul level is aware of the struggles of the mind to maintain its equilibrium between the desire nature and the Spiritual Presence (that is, the lesson learned from Libra), yet it has no choice but to yield to Spiritual Will. This is a true test (as are all experiences in Scorpio} of loving sacrifice - a sacrifice which a person with Venus in this position has to make themselves, and one which they help to facilitate in others.

Venus in Sagittarius

This position joins Venus and the Earth, Sagittarius’s esoteric ruler. A special relationship between these two planets - one which symbolises the overshadowing of the lower self (Earth) by the Higher (Venus). Those individuals who have Venus in this sign may find that they are especially gifted in the application of abstract, technical, or metaphysical information to the practical needs of the Earth and humanity. From the personality level, this position is often more ideal than real, about one’s personal relationships. On the Soul-centred level the Fifth Ray of Venus and Sagittarius joins with the Third Ray influence of the Earth to produce a lively intelligence that easily communicates its messages of unity to the world.

Venus in Capricorn

A very potent and deeply significant position. This is very much a combination of the First, Third and Seventh Rays, and reveals a direct mental line for the externalisation of Love from "place where the Will of God is known" to the outer world. The soul-centred individual with this placement is always at work creating structures and interconnections between people, nations, and world resources, so that the sustaining and cohesive qualities of loving intelligence may manifest for the collective benefit of all. This is the sign in which Mind is irradiated by Divinity - a process which is very much a part of initiatic fusion. Personality centred people with Venus in Capricorn in their horoscopes wish to know people at the apex of the social ladder. On the soul-centred level, a person with Venus in Capricorn is aware of his or her relationship with the One on the Mountaintop.

Venus in Aquarius

As Venus joins with Jupiter in this position it is a placement which embodies a tremendous blessing and a most powerful potential for the distribution of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom in human relations. The mind is inspired to work towards the creation of those technical advances which serve to provide a pathway for Jupiter’s Love to enter the life stream of humanity. As a rule, one is especially developed in the ability to view people in all categories. This permits an immediate attunement to the inter-connectedness of diverse peoples and groups. On the personality level, Venus in Aquarius may indicate a diffused quality in the way one relates to friends and associates. On the soul-centred level, however, a person radiates Love in all directions whilst maintaining an anchored centre as a stable focus for networking.

Venus in Pisces

With this position, Love must conquer all opposition and differences. Pluto, esoteric ruler of Pisces, serves to dissolve the cord which binds and separates the two Fish, so that they may join and fuse. In this respect the struggle of duality between the lower and the Higher Selves is finally brought to a harmonious conclusion, liberating the loving consciousness of the Soul so that it may penetrate deeply into the hearts of all people everywhere. Those individuals with Venus in this sign learn how to blend the discrimination of reason with the urge to love all people universally. This allows them to be ~Teachers of Love~ through the communication faculties inherent in Venus and its ruling sign, Gemini.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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