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The Ascendant in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by J L Bozzoli)

The Ascendant or Rising Sign 

is the Soul’s Purpose

The Ascendant is signature of the dense physical garb or physical description of the individual, but what is more important it is the vehicle holding the ~immortal soul~. By the sign held there you glean the overall goal which should be strived for this lifetime. Each time you reincarnate your chances for spiritual growth and perfection are enhanced even though the terms {natal configuration} may be severe. "The Sun of Possibility" is the way Alice Bailey described the Ascendant. It is from the Ascendant that the spiritual struggle is entered into. From the Ascendant you know the road through life you must take. Worldly advancement comes through the exoteric ruler, and spiritual advancement is by way of the Ascending sign’s esoteric ruler.

We look to the Ascendant as describing the Soul’s purpose, its liberation, and the life ruler of the chart as depicting where and how that purpose will activate. Should there be planets in the first house they should be looked upon as servants for the evolution of the soul, and particularly influential to this life’s purpose. These first house tenants draw to the individual those pertinent threading energies which will stimulate needed personal experiences. The experiences relate back, of course, to the houses ruled.

The sign on the Ascendant characteristically portrays the way you take yourself through life, the way you pull yourself together when life is dark, because it is your spiritual reservoir. It is also the indicator of the limits to which you will separate yourself from the whole of humanity before you turn within and accept your linkage and union with the rest of us. For esoteric truth, consider the Ascendant’s sign as the ~force of the soul~ when delineating a chart. In passing, the houses around the wheel are indicative of karmic conditions, thus holding the personality away from its ultimate goal, fusion with the soul {sign orientation}. The all important rising sign encapsulates the potential of this incarnation.

Aries Ascendant  -  World Leader

A mental cardinal sign with solstice point in Virgo, the esoteric ruler is Mercury of ideation. As a beacon standing on his own initiative, he is challenged by his very own birth. The call to adventure is service oriented. He is continually generating activity. His linkage is for transforming, and for service.
Affirmation of Aries

Taurus Ascendant - World Beautifier

A vital fixed earth sign with solstice point in Leo, the esoteric ruler is Vulcan of beautifying with what is available. First he removes the negativity from his being and sets out to develop his spiritual side. His soul’s purpose is tightly woven to his ability to get along with others. Education and balancing are aspects of his linkage.
Affirmation of Taurus

Gemini Ascendant  - World Mediator

A neutral mutable air sign with solstice point in Cancer, the esoteric ruler is Venus of revelation. He reaches deeper than the surface for intuitive answers. Selflessness is channeled into service involving the regeneration of mankind. He is a communicative link offering versatile talents. Conserving and transforming measures are reasons behind this linkage.
Affirmation of Gemini

Cancer Ascendant  -  World Nourisher

A mental cardinal water sign with solstice point in Gemini, the esoteric ruler is Neptune of metaphysical sensitivity. He is a mother to his world, a nourisher for the highs and lows of men. Soul development is a vital concern. He learns that adaptability works for his emotional good - an impressionable link. Humanitarian reforms and utilisation are the ways of his linkage.
Affirmation of Cancer

Leo Ascendant  - World Commander

A vital fixed fire sign with solstice point in Taurus, the esoteric ruler is the life giving Sun. He is first to develop himself, a born star for warming the hearts of others, then he becomes a father to men. He develops the talents to serve the creative desires of others. His linkage is for humanitarian crusades, and supplying the mainstream of life with its needs.
Affirmation of Leo

Virgo Ascendant  -World  Servant

A neutral mutable earth sign with solstice point in Aries, the esoteric ruler is the Moon of astral influence. He is a servant of humanity. Once he has the courage to leave subservient thinking behind and become his own instigator by choice, he boldly pioneers to greater service. His linkage is for generating and humanitarian affairs.
Affirmation of Virgo

Libra Ascendant  - World Peacemaker

A mental cardinal air sign with solstice point in Pisces, the esoteric ruler is Uranus of enlightenment. Basically he is a nourisher of relationships who needs occult training. Once this motivation is followed he realises the enormous impact of the intangible world, and sets out to incorporate it. Culture, world affairs, and social welfare are the aspects of his linkage.
Affirmation of Libra

Scorpio Ascendant  - World Disciplinarian

A vital fixed water sign with solstice point in Aquarius, the esoteric ruler is Mars of generative force. He is actively generating for causation and fearless in his undertakings. Once his willingness to know takes hold, the eagle is released and he becomes a rescuer of what/who might otherwise be doomed. Communicating and initiating or pioneering hold the key to his linkage.
Affirmation of Scorpio

Sagittarius - World Caretaker

A neutral mutable fire sign with solstice point in Capricorn, the esoteric ruler is Mother Earth of practical blessings. By actively pursuing understanding, meeting his own responsibilities, he can then supply it for the unfoldment of others. He is a visionary for a practical future, a lamp post sturdy enough for others to lean upon. Fertilising to involve others, and conserving describe the works of his linkage.
Affirmation of Sagittarius

Capricorn Ascendant  - World Supplier

A mental cardinal earth sign with solstice point in Sagittarius, the esoteric ruler is Saturn. Understanding leads to the outer chambers of initiation. Through the tests of time a versatility of experience is synthesised, and then he becomes an inciter to others and responsible through his wisdom. His linkage is transforming with creative and communicative measures.
Affirmation of Capricorn

Aquarius Ascendant  - World Reformer

A vital fixed air sign with solstice point in Scorpio, the esoteric ruler is Jupiter of understanding. Having transformed himself he becomes the prodder for others to change, thus he is a director of spiritual destiny. Early he is used; advanced, his sensitivity helps him to actively participate with spiritual intelligence. His is a servicing and fertilising linkage.
Affirmation of Aquarius

Pisces Ascendant  - World Saviour

A neutral mutable water sign with solstice point in Libra, the esoteric ruler is Pluto of transformation. The psychic side of life is dominant. Hidden talents surface to tear aside previous fears and confusion, leading him to undreamed of accomplishments. He is learning to be the ~other~ oriented with linkage for social and creative reasons.
Affirmation of Pisces

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