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The Planets in Esoteric Astrology
An Introduction

Sacred and non-Sacred Planets


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The Sun in the Signs

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The Moon in the Signs


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Mercury through the Signs

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Jupiter through the Signs


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Jupiter through the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Second Ray

Jupiter in Aries

This is a very potent position from the esoteric level, as it blends the influences of Mercury, Jupiter and the element of fire. The net result of this combination is the ability to instil and inspire a wider awareness of Love/Wisdom in people’s lives. Jupiter in Aries gives a consistent sense of inner, personal revelation of the underlying concepts behind objective manifestation. There is a great urge to teach and share, to stimulate perception, and to link up extraneous and divergent thoughts, while revealing their unified Source.

The main theme here is that Aries is on the First and Seventh Ray line while Jupiter acts to emanate the energies of Ray Two. This allows Love/Wisdom to flow from the Idea in the Mind of God directly out into the world. The individual is particularly interested in sharing his or her line of teaching with others, as Aries is ruled esoterically by Mercury and is strongly connected to the Fourth Kingdom of Humanity.

Jupiter in Taurus

On the personality centred level, this placement gives an inordinate need for expanded material possessions, ease, and luxury. Yet on the soul centred level, it reveals the presence of Love/Wisdom within all the forms of nature. Thus an individual who is firmly anchored on the Fixed Cross would tend to teach the spiritual aspects of material abundance to others, and, if other features in the chart support it (such as a strong and positive connection to Venus, Pluto and/or Saturn) would easily be able to manifest whatever material resources may be required in life. Vulcan’s influence has a great deal to do with breaking down the concept that the material and the spiritual are two different spheres, and brings the understanding that they represent different vibrational densities of the One Life.

Jupiter in Gemini

From the personality level, Jupiter’s influence is lessened in the sign of the twins: wider philosophical issues are usually reduced to personal opinions by one wit this placement in the natal horoscope. In addition there tends to be a diffusion of intellectual interests, and the individual often confuses this mental superficiality with the opinion that he has arrived at some profound universal understanding of life. From the esoteric level with this planet of the Second Ray manifesting through a sign of the Second Ray, functioning from the Higher Self tends to facilitate the harmonising and blending of mental energy for the purpose of clarifying the expression of Love in life.

Jupiter in Cancer

In this sign, the desire for incarnation, first projected through Aries, finds its anchor in form. This is accomplished for the physical vehicle through the ~Mother of All Forms~ the Moon. Yet the process of the linkage and fusion of the soul and its physical manifestations are greatly facilitated through the energies of Jupiter and the esoteric ruler of Cancer, Neptune. A Soul-centred individual with Jupiter in Cancer will have a highly developed spiritual awareness, that is, the presence of the Second Ray, and the energy of Neptune will be strong. The individual would be well aware of the dynamic relationship existing between the Higher and lower selves. The presence of the Mother would be strongly activated in the daily life, and one would therefore be very quick to nurture the correct forms for the purposes of the Higher Self in the most mundane of life situations.

Jupiter in Leo

The Second Ray is very strongly emphasised in this position, as the Sun’s influence is naturally quite potent. In the life of the Soul centred individual, this would be through the Heart of the Sun, thus stressing the influence of Ray Two through its expression in the Human Kingdom. This placement serves to fuse the will and the mind for the intelligent and creative expression of Love/Wisdom, and indicates a person who will be most active in his particular life endeavors. Kindness, courage, intuitive perception into the ~heart of the matter~, plus the urge to expand the awareness of the Spiritual Presence in the environment, are all characteristics of Jupiter when found in the Lion’s sign. This position also brings a strong sense of joy into the life - Joy which is often reflected in the lower self, as Jupiter in Leo gives abundant reality to the physical body.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter is intimately linked with the Second Ray, which is also the second aspect of Divinity, and thus related to the Soul or the Christ Principle. When in Virgo, the Christ descends into matter and lies hidden in the womb of the Mother. Thus on the level of the personality, an individual with this placement would tend to be very materialistic in nature and view their self-expansion purely in material terms. Yet the Soul-centred person with Jupiter in Virgo (ruled by the Moon) is incredibly sensitive to the living Soul Presence within every form of manifestation. The service such a person would tend to perform in life would be to ~quicken~ the identification of the Christ Consciousness in the world of forms. Certainly, the Second and Sixth Ray qualities of Virgo would be a most suitable expression for Jupiter, especially where some devotional activity would be undertaken to reveal the hidden spiritual potential in any act of true service.

Jupiter in Libra

This is a most important position at the present time, as it indicates a combination of the energies of Uranus and Jupiter. Since these are the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Aquarius respectively, a Soul centred individual born with this placement gears himself to a life which represents the Law of Right Human Relations. The Seventh Ray qualities of Libra and Uranus are the perfect expression for the contemporary externalizations of the Second Ray. Thus, from the Soul-centred level, a person with this position in the natal chart would be directed toward linking those ideas that tend to foster human well-being. This would be done very specifically in the realm of communications and the creation of those ideological bonds between individuals and groups of people which facilitate the networking of ideas.

Jupiter in Scorpio

The Second-Fourth-Sixth Ray line is very prominent with Jupiter in this sign. This position gives a courageous and determined nature, one which will do battle in order to create the necessary transformations in human consciousness. Idealism is quite strong, as the energies of Mars blend with Jupiter. The individual is usually quite religion oriented, but when operating on the Soul level, is able to see the validity of all Paths to the One Goal. The important issue is not so much the choice of a particular Way (although on the personality level, Jupiter in Scorpio can give a very rigid and fanatical adherence to one’s particular beliefs}, but the nature of the Path itself. Thus, Jupiter in Scorpio is a teacher of the Way of Transformation and would, on the Fixed Cross, go through many re-orientations of personal belief systems. A Soul centred Jupiter-in Scorpio person is highly motivated to assist other people in their struggles to transform their own inner values and concepts in order that they too may walk the Wider Road.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

One of the primary goals of Jupiter in this sign is for the fusion of the lower and the Higher Mind. It is an extremely positive position, indicating a person who is earning and solidifying the necessary equipment to be a Disciple of the Path. Through Sagittarius, the individual learns how to direct through power in order to achieve the goal of an expanded consciousness of Love/Wisdom. This achievement helps to create the one-pointed disciple who is a living representative of the Ancient wisdom Teachings in any of its many forms. The practical and mental exteriorization of Wisdom is emphasised with Jupiter in Sagittarius, as the latter is ruled by the Earth. An individual with this placement encourages spiritual aspiration in others.

Jupiter in Capricorn

As a highly focused expression of the Second Ray, Jupiter’s energy is dualistic. It is very magnetic in its fusing power, and extremely expressive in its ability to expand the presence of Love/Wisdom as a result of the resolution of duality. On the personality level Jupiter in Capricorn represents the crystallisation of the material desires of the lower self. On the Soul level, it is this crystallised, material nature which falls away, leaving the soul centred individual as a victor over the lower self. The Tibetan says ~Love is fallen and blinded when desire is rampant; desire vanishes when love triumphs~. The function of Jupiter in Capricorn on the Soul level is to create those structures in thought and on the physical plane (Third and Seventh Rays) for the expansion of the Will-to-Love. The individual may demonstrate the Love/Wisdom of the Christ consciousness through the fusion and blending of material resources.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Esoteric Ruler

A person with this position epitomises the ability to fuse heart and mind for the purpose of service to humanity. The individual with this placement has the potential to be a very active vehicle for the expression of Love/Wisdom. This is accomplished through a positive mental expression, placing what is discovered and initiated at the disposal of humanity, Jupiter joins with Uranus in this sign and bestows many of the same urges, aspirations and talents as it does in Libra. All of the above deals with the creation of avenues of communication for the distribution of those ideas and projects that serve to create a greater sense of unity and purpose. This is a highly idealistic placement, but one which finds a practical outlet through the function of Aquarius on the Fifth Ray of the Concrete Mind.

Jupiter in Pisces

If Jupiter in Sagittarius provides the equipment to harness the Wisdom of the Second Ray, Jupiter in Pisces emphasises the Love. In the life of the Soul-centred individual, the fusion of love and mind is completed in the sign of the Fish, producing the compassionate consciousness of the presence of the World Saviour. The call to service is very strong, and the strength of Will/Power found in Pluto is available to break down any barriers to Love. It is through Jupiter in Pisces that the universal application of Love for the salvation of humanity is demonstrated. Those who find this combination in their natal charts would always tend to make themselves available for the Work of Grace in the lives of others.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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