Vulcan in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the 1st Ray

Esoteric Ruler of Taurus

When a person is leaving the Mutable Cross and is about to mount the Fixed, the effects of Vulcan are very noticeable. Vulcan rules that process which ~breaks the chains~ to form.. As the ~Blacksmith of the Gods~ Vulcan forges new tools for the expression of consciousness. Past patterns of behaviour are dissolved in favour of a growing awareness, which leads ultimately to detachment from the desires and compulsion of form.

We can summarise the effects of this particularly small but esoterically powerful planet by liking its effects to the earth element and the First Ray of Will Power. It is the stimulating effect of Vulcan which creates the need to penetrate thorough our material existence in order to detach ourselves from identification with the form life. The Soul centred individual can then utilise matter in order to shape those tools necessary for the externalisation of the Soul force. For example when there is a war matter is all too often used against humankind, and the power of this planet is inverted through the improper use of will. On a higher level of manifestation Vulcan’s establishes the link between humanity and the Plan. This is due to Vulcan’s First Ray energy, manifesting through it’s Fourth Ray ruler Taurus, and the relationship that the latter has to the Fourth Kingdom of Nature.

Although Vulcan has an effect of the mass consciousness, through its function as a tool to unfetter humanity from its attachment to material forms, its purpose in terms of the evolutionary process is more specific, which is the primary use as a vehicle of transfer from the Mutable to the Fixed Cross. When on the Mutable Cross, the totally personality centred individual is not aware of the unconscious influence of Vulcan working to create detachment through the loss of visible objects and relationships. But when the evolving person is consciously beginning to put together the relationships existing between essence and form the perception of Vulcan’s effects changes accordingly. At this point one is actively cultivating the first stages of conscious detachment of the form life, therefore in this respect Vulcan now serves as the agent which assists us in this transition of values.

Once Vulcan has done its work and the individual is firmly anchored on the Fixed Cross of Discipleship, we can then say that for all intents and purposes, Vulcan becomes a ~dead planet~. Its primary function in the reorientation of consciousness has been completed and one would then tend to move more into the domain and influence of Uranus as also discussed under the Moon section.

The Soul centred individual can now utilise the energies of the crisis producing presence of Vulcan in order to effect this necessary transformation, and would be carried out within the greater context undertaken by such a Soul centred person.

The effects of Vulcan are only experienced by those who have mounted the Fixed Cross or who are very close to doing so. The conscious application of Vulcan’s energy can only said to be utilised by one firmly anchored on the Path, and who is spiritually active in the service of humanity. It can also been seen that, due to Vulcan’s proximity to the Sun and/or Mercury, the unfolding evolutionary process of a Son or Daughter of Mind is very much associated with the positive destructive force of this tiny planet. Once Vulcan has done its work, the energies of Uranus (in the creation of new archetypes for the expression of the Loving Will/Power of Creation) will supersede in the life.

One should note that the position of Vulcan in the natal chart is always conjunct the Sun and very often conjunct Mercury as well. It is within 8 degrees 20 minutes of the position of the Sun. One should also be aware that Vulcan is not always in the same sign as the Sun.

 (For example in my own chart my Sun is at 4 degrees 39 in Pisces yet my Vulcan is at 26 degrees 42’ in Aquarius (forming a trine to Uranus at 26 degrees 32’ Gemini trine the South Node at 27 degrees Libra}. He is also conjunct my Venus at 21 degrees Aquarius (rather apt since they were husband and wife in mythological terms {chuckle}) yet he is not conjunct my Mercury at 8 degrees 11’ Aquarius..{smile} )

Solarfire astrology software provides Vulcan calculations for the natal chart  yet if you want a site on the web then Astrodienst at is the best free chart providing service on the web. If you go there and follow the links then select Extended chart Selection, Scroll down to Additional Objects and under that is a box to enter “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”. Enter h55 (the code for Vulcan) and the position will then show on the chart.

The following link will show Vulcan in the Signs pointing out the nature of Vulcan when operating at the point of transition from the Mutable to the Fixed Cross and its effects when operating through the life of the Soul centred individual who has securely mounted the Fixed Cross.

Vulcan Through the Signs

(Reference Alan Oken)

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