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Saturn through the Signs

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Third Ray

Saturn in Aries

From the soul-centred perspective this is an excellent place for Saturn yet not from the level of the personality where Saturn ~falls~ the farthest. We have to take the term ~fall~ from an occult point of view as the meaning is very collective in its orientation and refers to the fact that when the sons of Mind {humanity} ~fell~ into incarnation, the Lord of Karma ~fell~ right along with us. We all certainly know this is the case, and no mater how hard we try, it is impossible to escape the Law of Cause and Effect.

Mercury as esoteric ruler of Aries, blends its energies with Saturn, allowing the Third Ray energy full access to the Messenger’s entire range of communication. The Soul-centred purpose for this position is involved with the ability to properly discipline and structure the mind for the constant birthing of new ideas. If this does not occur, problems could arise from a lack of responsibility in the proper use of mental energy. Once the right use of will accompanies the right use of mind, Saturn in Aries is an excellent position.

Saturn in Taurus

There is a very strong connection between this most earthy sign and the Earth itself. From a practical perspective Saturn in Taurus can be extremely helpful in the structuring of those ideas that can precipitate material abundance into one’s life. Yet, if one is polarized in the desire nature (which is so much a part of personality centred Taurus energy), such manifestation of resources can be greatly inhibited. The soul-centred purpose has a great deal to do with harnessing material possessions and the treasures of the Earth for the service of the Soul and needs of humanity. Once the re-orientation of values is accomplished on the Fixed Cross, this position of Saturn is a very positive and powerful one. Look to Saturn in Vulcan’s sign to break through and destroy anything in the formative world that inhibits the movements of Active Intelligence from the place of the Soul.

Saturn in Gemini

The earlier part of the life can indicate certain difficulties in personal relationships, as Venus rules this Second Ray sign. In order to achieve right loving, one may have to go through many tests, disappointments, and restrictions. The individual may not be well understood or may choose partners with whom communication is very difficult. Yet this is a very potent position from the standpoint of the conscious and intelligent use of mind. The soul-centred purpose is for the individual to become an agent for the Law of Right Human Relations. The duality and crises in his own relationships are the training ground for a deeper understanding of the dynamics that exist between the personal and the transpersonal facets of his life. Once these lessons are learned, Venus’s rulership of Gemini and Saturn’s exaltation in Libra become the vehicles of great Joy.

Saturn in Cancer

The Lord of the ~Gate Out~ of incarnation finds himself in the sign of the ~Gate Into~ incarnation, and is thus in quite a restricted set of circumstances. The individual with his placement may find that as a soul, they are in conflict with the physical, emotional, and/or mental environment of the personality. They struggle against the restraints and restrictions that seem to limit their higher expression and deepest sensitivity. In order to bring about a transformation of their attachment to the earlier difficulties of their family life and surroundings (characteristics which often accompany this position) they have to undertake certain personal responsibilities. These require the offering up and detachment from their pains and emotional suffering. Thus pain is viewed objectively, and the associated suffering on the personal level is used as a vehicle for greater compassion and worldly understanding. What is required to bring about this transformation if the construction of a stronger mental body. The potent Third Ray contact which Saturn and Cancer hold is the key to success in this respect. ~Give up the personal pain and grow mentally~ is the message.

Saturn in Leo

On the personality level, a person with this position often has difficulty with the administration of personal power. The lesson here has to do with the alignment of the will in order that the mind may create the proper structures for the Will-to-Love. The boundless urge for power and the incredible frustrations of lost opportunities, so much a part of this combination when working through the Mutable Cross, work out quite differently from the perspective of the Fixed Cross. Here, the structures of personal power are directed toward the service of the group. From the point of view of the Ray energies, this transition is quite a natural one to make, as Leo and Aquarius are both on the Fifth Ray. Libra, ruled exoterically by Venus (also the Fifth Ray) and the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, helps to bring about proper judgment in the administration of the Will (Leo and Capricorn’s contact with the First Ray).

Saturn in Virgo

The Soul-centred purpose of this position is to build the correct structures in life (as always with Saturn, they are centred on the mental plane) for the unfolding of the Christ consciousness. The urge is to create those patterns of interchange that foster the process of synthesis, and thus serve a healing capacity. From the Soul level, this position gives an intuitive perception of what ~works~ in a given life situation. Its focus of practicality comes from knowing what will create an inclusive wholeness in life. Saturn joins with the Moon when it is placed in Virgo, and therefore the form nature becomes a very important tool in the exteriorization of those conceived patterns of Active Intelligence. Virgo (the Moon, the Fourth Ray) births these patterns into form where they may be put at the service of humanity (Second and Sixth Ray characteristics of Virgo).

Saturn in Libra

The true strength of this position can be seen in its fullness if we examine all the Ray relationships inherent to it. We then find that through Saturn and Capricorn we have the energies of the First, Third, and Seventh Rays, whilst Venus, exoteric ruler of Libra brings in the Firth Ray, and Uranus, esoteric ruler of the Scales, further emphasises the Seventh. The latter is the Ray for the externalization of the Laws of Manifestation (symbolised by Saturn in Libra) into the world of form. Thus, a Soul-centre individual with this position will function to administer right judgment in the economic use of energy, whether this be in terms of money, sex, or human justice. In effect, Saturn in Libra bestows the ~Mind of Solomon~ with an impartiality and attunement to what is right and fair in any given life situation. On the personality level, the individual will always be seeking out the answers to life’s apparent imbalances, especially in the interchanges in relationships.

Saturn in Scorpio

This is not the easiest position to handle, as it combines the influences of Saturn and Mars, and thus the Third and the Sixth Rays. Mental energy often clashes with the emotionally polarized focus of Mars. It is through the Fourth Ray of Scorpio that harmony will have to be established out of this very basic conflict. On the personality level, this position may give some very distinct difficulties in dealing with one’s sexual nature. The latter can either be used as a device for controlling others, or can be a great source of personal frustration because of restraints in its expression. Once one has mounted the Fixed Cross, Saturn in Scorpio helps in the transformation of personal desires. It works to break down the compulsive nature of non-regenerative emotional habit patterns, so that more refined mental structures may be built for the externalization of the Soul.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Both the planets of the Third Ray - Saturn (mental structure and patterns) and the Earth (the practical application of such patterns), blend their energies in this position. While the Archer gives access to the Purpose for walking the Path, the two planets involved in this combination reveal those pragmatic steps along the Way. On the personality level, Saturn in Sagittarius may produce a person who is so attached to his personal philosophy that he is restricted in developing a wider and more inclusive comprehension of the world, its creeds and religions. From the Soul level, the individual can take from all the ~noble pathways~ and develop those methods for sharing and teaching the Wisdom which transcends (and includes) all differences.

Saturn in Capricorn

As Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn both on the exoteric and esoteric levels, this position is especially powerful. It allows the individual the opportunity to build the ~spiritual Mountain~ which is the goal for human evolution of the Earth. When accompanies by love and wisdom, the Saturn-in-Capricorn person can serve to create those structures and steps that may lead them and others to this Mountain tip. Saturn in Capricorn is thus a ladder up from the material to the spiritual (the Seventh to the First Rays and planes of consciousness) as well as down from the heavens to the Earth, as the inner Will-to-Be unfolds and anchors itself and the outer Plant. The Third Ray is at its most potent and active when expressing itself through Saturn in Capricorn, endowing the soul-centred person with astute mental abilities and a very strong dynamic magnetism. One of the biggest pitfalls along the Way for the personality centred individual with this placement is the tendency to take the Law into their own hands. This is often expressed by the lesser self thinking that it is the Law and thus abusing power.

Saturn in Aquarius

From the esoteric level this is one of the most benevolent positions for the Gatekeeper. It combines the influence of Jupiter (exoteric ruler of Aquarius) and the Second Ray, plus Venus, ruler of the Fifth Ray, upon which we find the Water Bearer. Venus is also brought into play through Uranus’s rulership over Libra esoterically, and Aquarius exoterically. We thus find a Soul-centred individual who can be hard at work creating those social structures and networks that will anchor the new archetypal ideas of the Age into human consciousness. This position gives an inherent ability to blend those ideas from the past that have proven their usefulness with those unfolding concepts for the future. This differs markedly from Saturn in Aquarius on the personality level. Here, a person is totally circumscribed by his own ideologies and concepts which, for the most part, have been socially conditioned and inherited from the past. It is to these ideas that one tenaciously adheres, no matter what their more collective value in the wide field or human need or experience.

Saturn in Pisces

On the personality level, Saturn in Pisces is indicative of the creation of walls and barriers without logical reference to actual circumstances. It is a combination that, unless otherwise mitigated in the natal chart, is fraught with fears and foreboding. One feels continuously on the verge of being trapped or restricted, and yet doesn’t necessarily know by what or whom. Unless one displays a certain mental brilliance (in which case this position is excellent for the laboratory, scientist, engineer, etc) Saturn in Pisces on the personality level usually brings a great deal of confusion into the life. But on the Soul level, another perspective presents itself. Pluto joins with Saturn in a most powerful combination to pierce the veils of glamour and illusion which block and restrict the passage of Active Intelligence into the world. Thus the individual with this placement is able to uncover many of the hidden, subconscious problems and fears that plague humanity and, once uncovered, destroy, transmute and restructure them.

(Reference Alan Oken)

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