Mercury in Esoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Kagaya)

Planet of the Fourth Ray

Esoteric Ruler of Aries

Mercury occupies a most important position in our lives and in esoteric astrology. It is Mercury, representing the Mind which acts as the ~illuminating principle~ of human life. Mercury is a planet emanating the energies of the Fourth Ray and as such, it is intimately connected with that function of human intelligence which separates mankind from the animal kingdom. It is Mind which allows humanity to be a conscious conduit for the down pouring of energies from higher realms (notably from the source of intuition). This faculty of awareness is not available to the animal kingdom.

In this sense, Mercury is truly the ~messenger of the Gods~. Its association with the fourth level of manifestation - the Buddhic plane - brings it into contact with the intuitive nature, and thus with the birthing of new archetypes into the consciousness of humanity {Uranus}. This connection is expressed through esoteric astrology by Mercury’s rulership of Aries on the Soul level and Uranus’s rulership of Aries on the Hierarchical, or most collective originating level.

On the personality level, Mercury is associated with duality, as well as with all facets of communication between people. On the Soul level it is exclusively a planet of relatedness and a harbinger of harmony. As we see in the function of mercury through the individual signs this relatedness expresses itself in Aries as the bringing together of Spirit and matter; in Gemini as theinter-relatedness of Soul and body; in Virgo connecting Mother and Child; and in Scorpio, as the ~Word made flesh~.

Mercury also plays a vital role in two other areas of relatedness; it focuses the synthesis of the mind {cognition} to wisdom, and hence functions to aid in the distribution of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom; and it helps in the exchange of energies through the Rainbow Bridge/Antahkarana. It thus facilitates the interplay of the evolutionary and involutionary currents conditioning the relationship between the Soul and the personality.

Mercury through thr Signs

(Reference Alan Oken)

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