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Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
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Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
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The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

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The Four Stages of Initiation

artwork by David Camp

Initiation is associated with Capricorn

Through the collected wisdom of the esoteric teachings the consensus is that Capricorn is the sign associated with mounting the Cardinal cross, the sign of spiritual initiation. Astrology holds that when a man responds to experiences offered by Capricorn, he is faced, at different intervals on the great wheel of life, with the values held at that particular point in his evolutionary station.

As we experience them, initiations are tantamount to a bolt of cosmic energy that creates an impact leading to tension, then to crisis, then to renunciation. Certain wisdom is gained from experience, and some truth is revealed. The initiate who makes a wise choice, correct for evolutionary reasons, ascends the evolutionary ladder. Each initiation has its correspondences on a lower scale; that is, the initiation can be associated to and identified with current experiences. We must strive to remain aware of our actions and their implications. Mental control is a must for spiritual growth. Everything that happens to us has meaning in terms of the forthcoming initiation (whichever one that may be for you). Initiation means an intensification of consciousness due to a crisis which activates as some type of square or opposition. You should not be totally surprised; the events are forewarning you astrologically. Look to your squares to see what leads up to it. The induction of force is clearly shown by the applying planet.

Any initiation is a shock, and through the tension of the after-shock of the event (always linked to your solar placement, its sign, house, and aspects) your level of consciousness is uplifted. You eliminate some of your mental make-up (outworn thinking), walking then onto a brightly lighted path, unexpected since it was previously out of your reach or closed to you because you were not ready for, or were unaware of, the potential. These initiations man goes through are not the result of effort so much as planetary circumstances, natural evolving processes. All nine initiations - and there may be more beyond our comprehension - are under Libra in principle; relationship is a key factor. Remember too, free choice is important to exercise in everyday as well as in each initiation.

The following is an understanding of the first four initiations, although there are nine as taught in Alice Bailey’s ~The Rays and Initiations~. Bear in mind that not only does man go through the initiatory process, but the other kingdoms do as well. Civilisations, countries, and groups also undergo initiation.

First Initiation

At the first initiation there is a spiritual shifting from the Scorpio -ruled emphasis to Taurus-ruled activities. The energies lessen in the sacral centre and forcefully issue through the throat centre. The man realises sex is for new incoming souls and he reconditions himself to now utilise the very same sexual energy in creative productivity for humanitarian reasons. Upon receiving the first initiation, the individual becomes newly interested in humanitarian causes, intangible realms. He begins to fill his life with beauty. Actually this is an awakening process; he becomes sensitised to spirituality; that is he recognises the vices in the world, its greed and its selfishness. The budding poet comes to mind. Both the first and second initiations are considered ~minor~. The spiritually eager man crosses over the threshold upon the astral plane. Now he has placed his sexuality in its correct perspective. The emphasis that was on sex is regulated within the polarities balanced (Libra) for spiritual evolution. The animal man has shifted to the mental.

Second Initiation

The second initiation releases the initiate from his own lunar nature. It leads to conquering the emotional makeup and control of the astral body. Naturally there is a heavy connotation of the water element here. Now is important, since the individual must learn to accept that what is to be is happening this moment. Old emotional patterns are purified; he must come to grips with the ~eithers/ors~ in life. Right choice is vitally essential. Astrologically we see this initiation as a Moon in Cancer opposing Lilith in Capricorn; the point of crisis comes when he must choose between his emotional and material-loving natures. With right choice behind him and confusion set aside he is soon recognised as a humanitarian servant, thus attracting assistance for his advancement. Every disappointment he encounters acts as a prod towards growth. The emphasis is on controlling the desire body.

Third Initiation

The third initiation is the first ~major~ one and it is felt here on the material plane. Through this series of crises the initiate becomes a member of the Hierarchy, a transmitter for planetary reasons. All that is seeded within him will blossom sequentially through all of the following initiations. He is a pure and active cell operating for good. Periodically his potency is increased; thereafter he is used for the Hierachy’s intentions more and more frequently. The mind is his tool, his divine treasure for the truth that can set him free. The constructive tension underlying this initiation is sensed as a persistent need for freedom. Once he experiences his release from authoritative dependency - a traumatic event - he recognises he is being used and is increasingly aware that he is a transmitter. Energy is sent to him, through him for others. Being a member of the Hierarchy, he is necessarily a pure frequency. He is unconscious of most of the outer galactical energy that pours through him. He carves out or finds a path of service, from which he can direct his work, and employs his mental body for this work. Occult knowledge cushions his confidence, as he is scientific minded. No longer is he tied to the Mutable cross, harnessed to astral plane activities, or chained by indecision. The important centre is said to be a sacred point between the brows. He recognises the final crisis when all the effort put forth with the worthiest of intentions is totally torn down, divested of good, even ridiculed by those blinded in darkness. He turns away from the material ways. Through the divorce he is freed.

Fourth Initiation

After the fourth initiation, one renounces materiality for the spiritual life. He is now a master interpreter; he sees the symbology at the current stage of cultural advancement. By virtue of his illumination he is fully cognisant of the composite experience lived through in past lives. The personality, having fused with the Soul, kisses its monadic source. Astrologically it is leaving a Fixed cross with the shifting emphasis onto the Cardinal. Now the link between him and the monad is unbroken; he gives up his Soul, functioning thereafter on the plane of intuition. He now intuits rather than feels. With its thread of consciousness his causal body is given up. Instinct replaced knowledge in the transference. He is now supernatural; his higher mind (ego) no longer controls him, nor will he be required to reincarnate into another life of suffering experiences. Only the ashes of the past remain. Detachment is the great lesson to be learned. The esoteric belief is the horoscope is especially planned, overseen by higher Souls, when this fourth initiation is to be entered upon. Suffice it to say Jesus took the fourth; the Christ took the seventh. Most men have a long way to go.


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