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The Rays

Let us remember that ~ Ray~ is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world.

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The Rays in Esoteric Astrology - An Introduction


The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

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Ray One

Ray Two

Ray Three

Ray Four

Ray Five

Ray Six

Ray Seven


The Rays through the Signs An Introduction

The Rays through the Triad of Fire Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Earth Signs 

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The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs


The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays

The Rays and Corresponding Chakras



































































The Rays and Corresponding Chakras


artwork by J L Bozzoli

All of the chakras have Ray correspondences, as well as planetary ones.  The relationship of the sacred and non sacred planets to the chakras, and their implications about the soul and personality, and the physical body should be carefully considered.

The following table lists the Rays and their corresponding chakras/ planets

Ray Chakra Gland Organ Planet
1 Crown Pineal Brain Vulcan       Pluto
2 Heart Thymus Heart Jupiter         Sun
3 Throat Thyroid Vocal Chords, lungs Saturn        Earth
4 Root Adrenals Spinal column Mercury   Moon
5 Brow Pituitary Eyes, ears,  nose Venus
6 Solar Plexus Pancreas Stomach, liver, gall bladder Mars   Neptune
7 Sacral Gonads,  ovaries Reproductive systems Uranus

The crown chakra is the  most important from the perspective of the Soul, as it is in its point of ~entry and exit~.  When the crown chakra is fully open and operative an individual is said to be awakened to the Soul;s reality, and those processes resulting in a Soul-infused personality have been accomplished. Thus the ~thread of consciousness~ - the pathway of the Soul into the personality - is focused in the region of the pineal gland.  It is through the Ray line of Will/Power (Rays One-Three-Seven) that the Soul is able to regulate physical plane activities through the nervous system and the brain.

The ~thread of life~ is anchored in the heart, as it is there that the Sun rules in terms of the Second Ray ~Life~ of the Divinity of our solar system.  The life force in the individual is distributed in the physical organism through the circulation of the blood.  From the perspective of the Rays, this corresponds to the Ray line of Love/Wisdom (Rays Two-Four-Six).

As the expansion and development of consciousness takes place and the link between the Higher land lower selves occurs, the unfolding of one;s personal evolutionary direction manifests.  An individual then finds that there is a definite re-orientation to his or her life direction.  This occurs simultaneously with the increased activation of the various chakric centres.

The life of a person on the Mutable Cross (one who is totally personality centred) is only expressing itself through the lower three chakras.  Thus the life is spent focused on:

1. Survival in the material world - root chakra (instinctive intelligence)

2. Survival of the species through the expression of personal desire - sacral chakra (instinctive sexuality)

3. Survival through the power of the expression of personal emotions - solar plexus chakra (instinctive territorial dominance)

Very often, as one transforms the nature and direction of consciousness, certain changes do occur in the physical body.  This means that a person mounting another Cross may find himself inexplicably ill for certain periods of time.  Just as the mental and emotional bodies have to be purified as alignment to the Soul progresses, so frequently, does the physical body.  Ordinary, allopathic medicine may not be able to find the cause of these symptoms.  Yet through an esoteric medical diagnosis, the planetary and chakric correspondences may be ascertained.  These subtle imbalances may be corrected more efficiently by the use of either Oriental or herbal medicine, practiced by a highly trained healer.

As consciousness expands and a shift is made to the Fixed Cross, and then eventually to the Cardinal Cross, there is a corresponding shift of the expression of the life energies to the higher centres.  Thus an individual who is soul-centering would find the following changes taking place in his life.

1.  Instead of vacillating between an intermittent emphasis on the mental, the emotional, and the physical life, an integration of these three facets of the personality would be taking place. this would result in a synthesised, strongly focused lower self.

2. The values, needs, and desires of this lower self would begin to give way to the sensing of higher, more inclusive, and less personality focused values, needs and desires.

3.  The awakening to the world of true spiritual realities and perceptions would be accompanied by the urge for wider and more selfless service, and the need to be joined in a group dynamic by others of like mind.  This is the arena and world view of the Soul-centred individual.

The process described above has its correlation in terms of the re-orientation of the energies of the lower centres and their absorption by those centres located above the diaphragm.  There is a pattern to this re-orientation.

1. The centre of the personal will, located in the root chakra, becomes magnetised and is ~drawn under~ the influence of the centre of spiritual will located in the crown centre.

2. The energies of the sacral centre likewise come under the control of the throat centre. the Third Eye (brow centre) begins to open and the combination of the energies of the throat and the brow gives rise to a tremendous creative potential.

3.  As the heart centre awakens, it draws the energy of the solar plexus to it.  This eliminates the tremendous confusion that many people have about their ways of loving.  If the solar plexus is functioning and the heart is closed, one is likely to interpret personal emotional needs and lust as love.  When the heart centre has opened and the energies of the solar plexus have become integrated within it, then one becomes the vehicle for the cohesive, healing and uplifting joy which is at Love;s core. This Love may also be expressed while making love.

When the four centres are opened and one has become soul-centred, the focus of existence moves from survival to life:

1.  Life as expressed through Love - heart chakra (true Consciousness)

2.  Life as expressed through Creative Activity - throat chakra (true Intelligence)

3.  Life as expressed through Perception of Reality - brow chakra (true spiritual Awakening)

4. Life as expressed through Identification - crown chakra (true Spiritual Will)

In recent years, many methods for the stimulation and opening of the centres have appears.  Much has been said about the ~opening of the third Eye~ and the generation of psychic powers which such development allegedly brings about. Many classes, especially for those people training to be psychics or channels have stressed the need to ~sit for development~, and as a result, to stimulate the seven vital centres. 

The evolution of a soul-centred individual is not witnessed by attachment to glamour ridden phenomenology.  The externalisation of the Higher Self requires, more than anything else, an inner attitude of service and a clear method of training;  the opening of the higher centres may then safely take place, along with the accompanying perception of spiritual reality, and as the result of a great deal of dedicated work.

The following is from Alice Bailey which also confirms that there is no ~quick fix~ {smile}

"I teach no mode of awakening the centres, because right impulse, steady reaction to higher impulsions, and the practical reognition of the sources of inspiration, will automatically and safely swing the centres into needed and appropriate activity.  this is the sound method of development.  it is slower, but leads to no premature development, and produces a rounded unfoldment; it enables the aspirant to become truly the Observer and to know with surety what he is doing: it brings the centres, one by one, to a point of spiritual responsiveness, and then establishes the ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature"
Alice A Bailey ~ Glamour - A World Problem~
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