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Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
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Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
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The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

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The Rainbow Bridge

artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli

Linking ~personality~ to ~Soul~

Just as we build our bodies from the food substances, in our material environment, we build the Rainbow Bridge from the substance of the mental plane or life. This construction becomes an increasingly more conscious process as the life of the Soul unfolds.

The net result of the development of the Atahkarana/Rainbow Bridge is the linking of the three vehicles of the personality with the three of the Soul.  In this respect we may say that the ~weaving of the threads~ of the Path (for the Rainbow Bridge is the Path} is occupying a great deal of our time and energy now.. To become established, this linking requires several kinds of disciplines and experiences.

The connections which are required are:

1. The link between the lower mind and the Higher Mind.

2. The link between the personal emotional body and the intuition.

3. The link between the personal will and the will of the Higher Self.

These necessary contacts will bring three very common areas of crises and transformation into our lives.

1. A change of diet and attitude toward the physical body, leading to a healthier physical vehicle.

2. The transformation of personal desires and the way in which we express our personal, emotional and sexual lives.

3. The training of the mind so that it is receptive to inclusive, philosophical perspectives, whilst breaking its attachment to limiting opinions and opening it to true intuitive perceptions. When these ~threads~ are finally constructed, they facilitate the flow of consciousness from the Higher to the lower self. This produces a heightened awareness of life that eventually serves to negate all sense of separateness from the essential ~Oneness~ and wholeness of Life’s fundamental nature. Once a person senses his or her unity with the Creative Source, several wondrous things occur:

1. There is an absence of the fear of loss, extending from the most petty materialistic concerns to man’s greatest apprehension - that of physical death.

2. There is created through the ~brain~ consciousness of a person, those impressions coming from higher realms. The latter leads to a definition of personal belonging extending into the Universe. Such contact with these ~lives supernal~ gives the continuous inner guidance and direction for which we so yearn.

3. An identification occurs between oneself and the Universal Source so that one realises in ever increasing and expansive ways that he is the co-creator of his life and destiny. This is a most important realisation to make, as it allows a person freedom to ~move~ and releases him from an attachment to the biological karma of absolute pre-destination. A sense of inner freedom is achieved when the personal will is aligned to the Will of the Collective Source. The Path of Soul alignment is the process through which such a co-creation of personal destiny may be achieved.

The Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge is that thread of consciousness which, through the Law of Attraction/the Law of Love in Action, revels the interconnectedness and unity of all life. This is why we seek to tread the path so that we may consciously recognise our unity with it. Such has been the Path of the mystic, the devoted student, and the Seeker throughout the Ages.  It is no different now, except through the forms that this Path takes in daily life in this century.

It is no wonder that, as we stand on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, an Age oriented to ~Right Human Relations - there is so much focus and stress upon the material, emotional, structural and sexual nature of human interchange.  It is the process of Soul union that is expanding both our personal and collective consciousness. We are experiencing this within ourselves through an increase in our sense of living detachment and our urge to be of service to humanity. It is especially noticeable when we sense that our desires are becoming aspirations, and when the nature of our inner life increases our access to a sense of peace and strength regardless of the nature of the external environment through which we function.

We build these threads of consciousness from our efforts in the exoteric, external world of the lower three aspects of our self. As we do so, we refine ourselves to a point a which we can magnetically attract the three corresponding aspects of our Higher Self to us.  In this respect we may see that many of our activities consist of working from the outside in. Once we realise that we have reversed this process, that we are identifying with our inner world and are working from the inside out, we may be said to be living as Souls, even if our efforts are those of fledglings at this Eternal game.

When all of the reversal has taken place, we may be sure that the anchoring of the Rainbow Bridge has occurred, and that we are indeed walking the Path.

~Before a man can tread the Path, he must become that Path himself~ Alice Bailey

To assist in the ~linking~ and integration of Soul to personality  some may find it useful to visit the Sacred Truths through the Chakra pages which discusses this in a more ~day to day~ language and translates in stages a method of understanding and moving forward on one`s Path {smile} The link can be reached by clicking the banner below or returning to the Esoteric contents page.

(I regret that this link is not yet ~live~ - Please checkl the esoteric contents page from time to time to see when it has been updated)

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