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Esoteric Astrology - Introduction


Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
(Meanings/Interpretations )

Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

together with detailed interpretations of the Rays

The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays

The Rays and Corresponding Chakras




























































































Evolution of Consciousness  

artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli

The present time requirement expressed in Age of Aquarius is that each individual be responsible for the direction of his own spiritual growth and development.

Personal responsibility rather than personal/collective manifested in Age of Pisces where it was dominated by a number of orthodox theologies administered by patriachal authoritarianism. - where sexes have been treated as unequal in nature leading to suppression of the feminine.  This dualism had led to great division in most minds between the material and the spiritual.  It has also given rise to an erroneous and guilt ridden concept of "sin" based on the assumption that humanity and Divinity are separate in nature, as well as in manifestation.  The degree of pain and social oppression which has arisen from this has been incredible in its scope.

Male/female are two equal polarities in a constant dance of creativity. The purpose of this interchange is to establish more and more avenues for the expression of that "whole" within which these two polarities (and all their manifestations) have their breath and being.

The focus of this dance is synthesis resulting from a conscious fusion of the various parts of this whole.

The "whole" is transcendental in nature, ie manifested simultaneously on all levels of manifestation.  The "whole" is also immanent in Nature, present in its Oneness and undivided in its Wholeness no matter what form the manifestation. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Utilising astrology as a tool of intuitive perception into the essential nature and life purpose of a given individual, in esoteric astrology it is necessary to atttune oneself into the more important of the factors of Ancient Wisdom Teachings.  These are shown in the Alice Bailey Esoteric books…thus using Esoteric one can apply the insights gained from these Teachings to the astrological information gleaned from the natal horoscope.  This will not only allow for more accurate and profound treatment of the natal chart but will also facilitate the Astrologers own Life Path.  It is this scope of reference, plus a focus of service, an attunement to Truth and the Teachers, an orientation to the Soul, as well as the skills inherent in mastering certain techniques of delineation which all contribute to preparing the astrologer and student for participation in the Greater Life.

There are  the Laws and Principles of the New Age of Aquarius being also shared with the Ancient Wisdoms which are now being revealed in more and more books as the rate of awareness is increasing in individuals and groups….and we continue to learn and grow on our individual soul Journeys…at each stage increasing our own sense of "awareness of self" and the greater pattern which is emerging.

Detailing the Laws and Principles of the New Age below


Keynote of the New Age
Love and Intelligence
Working as a team
Responsible Group Service for humanity
"Self" forgetfulness
Namelessness and right speech


Positive energy transforming the world
Contagious inspiration to others
Open door for communication and co-operation
Co-hesive force for good
(Will to Good)


Strength of many serving a common aim
Mutual respect, love and co-operation
Wide range of effective relationships
Creative energy including more Light
Co-operation not competition


Unity transcending diversion
Integrated Group Thinking
Underlying common Essence
Balanced polarity for Joyous thinking
{The state of being One Soul}
Each of us is responsible for the Co-creation of our own Destiny.
Server NOT servant

A sense of belonging to the Whole is created and we are "home" once again. Inner Peace, Joy, Courage then accompany the traveller on the journey


Stairway to the Soul and to Inner Revelation
Light resulting in greater Light
Elevation to Higher Purpose
Evocation of Divine Energy

"Spiritual" refers to all states of awareness, all activities which have as the common denomination the possession of values higher than average. Ethical, aesthetic, heroic and altruistic - not only to "religious" experiences.

Integrate spiritual into material.
United in awareness that spiritual growth and evolution is the inspiring force and focus of their lives.
Acceptance through knowing
Discrimination through intuitive perception
Loving through Conscious Awareness.


The spark of God in every being.
The need of people and God for each other
Connection of all life, large and small
The very synthesis of Life

As Above, So Below. As Without so Within

The Personality linking with Soul to link with its Source, Monad the Spiritual self is the Law of Correspondence.

"Christ consciousness" is the revelation of the Soul’s reality which is not necessarily the same as following one of the various religions of Christianity.

The way of unfoldment leading to this state is more rightly called "the Path of Discipleship". Christianity is one of the many roads leading to the One Noble Path.

The Soul does not have a religion.

Divinity is Love in Action.

Consciousness is the Expression of that Love.

Which brings us back to the ~Evolution of Consciousness~.


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