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The Rays

Let us remember that ~ Ray~ is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world.

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The Rays in Esoteric Astrology - An Introduction

The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

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Ray One

Ray Two

Ray Three

Ray Four

Ray Five

Ray Six

Ray Seven


The Rays through the Signs An Introduction

The Rays through the Triad of Fire Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Earth Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Air Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs


The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays


My sincere thanks to the visionary artist David Camp for the wonderful pictures used on the Ray Interpretations. He not only gave me kind permission to use the ~Portals~ ones but also created several ones specially for this site. Please take time to visit his web site where there are many wonderful galleries of his work by clicking on the pictures.


The Rays and Corresponding Chakras




























































































































































































































The Seven Rays  - An Introduction  

Artwork by J L Bozzoli

The metaphysician believes his duty rests with humanity, rather than with the interests of self. True, a man must develop his talents as the preoccupation with self is really in the interest of evolution. In a large sense esoteric astrology is a branch of the science/art of astrology, difficult to prove, but holy. The esoteric branch of astrology assists a person to intuit the beauty in the Universe for himself; the exoteric branches pay attention to man’s inclination and behaviour as he is physically affected by our solar system. One branch balances the other…as in

"I am me, a Soul of humanity, part of space, imbued with and impinged upon by hosts of intelligences in this solar system, integrally part of a seven Sun circuit and focusing through all this are the Rays"

We are searching for Light and we know if we find some ray of it, parts of the Truth will be withheld from us. While a certain Truth could be explained to a Seeker, he would not truly comprehend it until he had in some way experienced it. We have no words to describe invisible realms.

As the spiritual man thinks less about the personal side of life and more in terms of being a link in the macrocosm, he is increasingly drawn to Universitality. He as an individual is tuning into nature’s system and its secrets.  Esoteric astrology allows you to leave the centre of your being to move out of the personal nucleus into the all-inclusive whole. In doing so you lose neither your individuality nor your identity, the Sun and the Ascendant remains with you regardless, along with the accompanying planetary powers.

Just as man is part of humanity, so is his etheric part of humanity’s etheric body. Throughout all there is unity, no such thing as separateness except in the minds of unknowing men.

A man should become aware of his several realms of consciousness. His habitised subconscious mind is instinctively obeying, reacting, and responding according to what it has been taught. Then there is his thinking or translating conscious mind, man’s link between his Higher and lower self.

Most important is the ~superconscious~ mind or Soul consciousness, which is mans connection with the one life pervading all and for Eternity.

All there is motion, its movement a matter of polarity, of likes and dislikes attracting and repelling, and all the motion is electrical.

Life itself is electricity, through it man lives in an ocean of desire until he renounces his lower side, thus releasing his Soul.

Not only is man bathed by and impinged upon by electrical interplay from above, but Earth, too, is a planet emanating magnetism. We are embraced by these uprising vibrations as well for there we reach out impersonally to play out our part. The radiating influences rising up from the Earth are very physical.

Through every minute of the day seven Rays of the universe come spiralling through, streaming down through various sources to set different backgrounds which the astrological aspects activate.

These Rays belong to the entire Universe, not just to the planet Earth. Rays are Universal forces. Astrology as we view it is Solar related. Rays and astrology must work in tandem. Rays first because they are Universal; astrology next because it is Solar related. Both Rays and astrology affect us in different ways. Nature is the aggregate of all there is, known and unknown. Rays are a part of it, such subtle celestial forces of which little is known.

As humanity increases its awareness, this avenue of study will be greatly widened. The individual is born under two highly important Rays, one setting the background for the personality {this one is Sun related} and one from the Soul to will from. This implies an Ascendant connect, since the Ascendant is the signature of the causal body. Man is born under all seven Rays spreading their effects on his seven bodies - one visible (the temple housing the Soul) and the six invisible bodies which interpenetrate the other. Since we are desirous of spiritual growth we are specifically interested in our Soul Ray and personality Ray. These two {in some instances they are the same} must be blended in this life to invite intuition.

 Rays are Will Energies

The seven Universal Rays reach our planet Earth, filtering through unknown sources until they reach Ursa Major (Great Bear) and continuing to stream through three fixed stars acting as power centers for earth. These fixed stars form an acute triangle situation between 29 Taurus and 13 Cancer:

Pleiades 29 Taurus (Moon/Mars influence) Polaris 28 Gemini {Saturn/Venus influence) Sirius 13 Cancer (Jupiter/Mars influence).

There is a semi-square (45 degrees) encompassing these three transmitting power centers. The triangle is important since it provides the energy to excite the will to evolve within all the kingdoms of God on Earth.

Bear in mind that these Rays have tremendous influence on civilisations, on world and national affairs.

Man is impinged on by these Rays because he is here as part of a group - the Kingdom of Humanity. Since the New Age has called our attention to its arrival we should strive to begin to think in wider realms; not just as earthlings orbiting round a Sun, but as minute parts of an entire Universe.

Space is more than an entity, more than the aggregate of Heaven. It is both the factory and storehouse of collective will. We have a duty to see far beyond what the telescope can see. Ceaselessly we are bathed in streams of foreign energies. As yet we do not feel their potency because we haven’t the evolved mechanism to respond to them.

Here we are beneath the stars on a moving Earth being showered by Rays, streaming forces spawned far beyond the celestial tumult of Solar winds. It is awesome, yet we must try. Let us begin to look further, beyond what we see, some have already taken the first steps and are beginning to discover new ways of enlightenment as the disciples and initiates of the present, the guiding lights for others.

Without the Rays we would not enjoy progressive expression. They are the custodians of the Universal plan. The Rays are closely allied to the declinations of our natal planets, the signature of the involuntary man. This involuntary part of us - the heart beating without our instructing it, the chemical process of the liver, regeneration of cells, and other various involuntary functions is the self healing (forming) part of our organism.

The manifestation of activity is initiated through the Composite Ray.

These Seven Rays carry forth Divine sparks of recognition. All of the Rays embody will energy. Through each Ray a specific will is uniquely and magically channeled in sympathy with the dictates of its particular celestial stream in accordance with the universal intention. Man strives, even in the primitive stage, for the development of will, the will to initiate and the will to good. Without spiritual commitment the will becomes wasted on desire. Will and spiritual commitment must be merged into one before will can be utilised in an organised manner, The Soul Ray plays a predominant role for the spiritually advanced, and for the average man the personality ray is more effective. For whatever reason, one Ray is dominant and the other Rays lend their wills to it in universal sympathy.

The First Three Rays are the Rays of Aspect

The 1st Ray - The Ray of Will/Power/Purpose
The 2nd Ray - The Ray of Love/Wisdom
The 3rd Ray - The Ray of Active Intelligence

followed by the Four Rays of Attribute (working in effect to broaden, distribute and define the three major Rays}

The 4th Ray - The Ray of Harmony through Conflict
The 5th Ray - The Ray of Concrete Science/Knowledge
The 6th Ray -  The Ray of Devotion/Idealism
The 7th Ray -  The Ray of Ceremonial Order

Astrological Sympathies of the Rays

1st - Pioneer impregnating the Rays into astrology
2nd - Teaching astrology under the Rays
3rd - Organising, synthesising, interpreting astrology under the Rays
4th - Esoteric astrology under the Rays
5th - Mathematics and the practical side of astrology under the Rays, medical astrology
6th - Devotee and active servant of the spiritual science of astrology under the Rays
7th - Foundations expressing new age astrology under Ray stimulus

A Ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world. They are too essential and encompassing to be wholly contained or isolated within our narrow band of the Greater Spectrum.

This is a list of some of the more common synonyms:

Ray One  -  Will, purpose, power, destruction
Ray Two  -  Love, wisdom, inclusiveness, coherence, magnetism
Ray Three  -  Active Intelligence, adaptability, creativity
Ray Four  -  Harmony through conflict, beauty, sensitivity, unity
Ray Five  -  Concrete knowledge, science, mind, analysis
Ray Six   -  Devotion, idealism, adherence, force
Ray Seven  -  Order, ceremony, organisation, group, magic

The Ray teaching gives us an energy picture of creation and of life at all levels of being. It provides a means of explaining the intricate interrelationships of all things, spiritual and material; and it proclaims their oneness and interconnectedness. As part of this energy picture of the cosmos, human beings are, of course, themselves composed of Ray energies. The various bodies or vehicles of incarnation of the individual human being - the personality, the mind, the Soul, etc. - are said to issue forth on one or other of the Rays.

The psychological application of the Ray hypothesis is of particular interest because it provides a practical energy framework for understanding the make-up of individuals and groups. The Rays of a person, when determined, studied and understood, will enable that individual, or his counsellors or therapists, to ~go to the source~. Knowledge of ones`s energy-essence and underlying vital composition can be invaluable in developing a balanced program for life.

The author of the information anent the Seven Rays is the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl. He has been our primary source of information on the Seven Rays for the past 70 years There have long been hints of this doctrine concealed within the teachings of all great philosophies and religions, but it has not been systematically presented. Astrology, since ancient times, has been divided into exoteric and esoteric branches. The Ray teaching, however, has remained esoteric and largely hidden from the world.

The reason for the new emergence of this ancient knowledge at this time seems quite simple. Humanity, the World Disciple, is apparently now ready, and stands on the threshold of a great awakening. New responsibilities, new opportunities and new light are being urged upon us by the Teachers of the race. Concurrent with this expansion is the need for a deeper, conscious penetration by the human race into the essential nature of reality. What was once occult mystery is now rapidly becoming practical science.

Modern physics has concluded that all is energy, that within every form lies an essential network and pattern of energy. The Seven Ray teaching, in scientific terms, is an hypothesis that asserts the following: All energy within form is fundamentally septenate in character. The energy, as well as the forms derived from it, can be described through seven discrete and archetypal streams.

The seven streams of energy, it is said, are the very vibrations within matter, space and form which define and infuse all objects, all beings and all events in manifestation. They combine and interweave to create all the complex systems we know as reality, from the grandest interstellar spectacle to the smallest mundane occurrence of daily life. As concepts they will be found to be familiar, simple and direct of apprehension. They strike a chord in our consciousness and are, quite literally, closer to us than breath.

In order to understand the "seven streams of force", we are constrained to use verbal and numerical descriptions. But bear in mind that any words we may use are mainly attempts to translate a quality into a form. And, in translations of any kind, something of the original is always lost.
The following summaries of the rays based on research in the teachings of the Tibetan, may help to explain the range and focus of each of the seven qualities:

Ray One : Will/Purpose

Signs: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Planets: Vulcan, Pluto

This energy is the beginning and the final synthesis - the source of all energies. It is the essence of power and energy itself. The First Ray is the force of purpose, direction, centralisation and one-ness, of which the will is the keynote. It is characterised by the qualities of intensity, dynamism, quickness, and dominance. It often results in detachment, isolation and crystallization. And out of its force and directness is conceived the power of creative destruction.

Ray Two : Love/Wisdom

Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

Planets: Jupiter, Sun

Consciousness is born of the second energy, in the union of duality, spirit and matter. This is the source and blending of light and love, magnetism and relationship, inclusiveness and coherence. It is the ray of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition, as well as clarity and attention to detail. This energy is a qualifying, teaching and healing force. It often results in attachment and attraction, and, curiously, establishes our awareness of fear, the antithesis of love and relationship. The Second Ray is the energy of the entire solar system and hence is also a ray of profound synthesis.

Ray Three :Active Intelligence

Signs: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Planets: Earth, Saturn

Activity and intelligence work out from this source, a result of purpose and wisdom. It is the energy of full and great manipulations, creativity and adaptability. Needs are recognised through this force, plans are formulated, material is selected and business is undertaken. The Third Ray is clear, inherent mental and intellectual ideation in pursuit of truth, with the objective of manifesting in matter and substance. It is the power which evokes form.

Ray Four : Harmony through Conflict

Signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Planets: Mercury, Moon

This energy stands symbolically in the centre of the seven and is the magnetic relation of opposites, the point of harmony, bridging and mediation amidst conflict, pain and struggle - in a sense, the fruition the duality rooted in the Second Ray. It stimulates creativity, art and beauty and is characterised by sensitivity to colour and sound. Discrimination, quickness and a searching for perfection reside here. The intuitive, relational force is strong in this ray, which evokes life, love and understanding.

Ray Five : Concrete Knowledge/Science

Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Planet: Venus

This is the energy of concretion into substance, of knowledge and science, and of stimulation in the three worlds. It leads to the searching, analysis and development of ideas, which in the end produces light and wisdom. It is the energy of differentiation and investigation which can lead to separativeness, cleavage and crystallization. But the thoroughness and discrimination with which the fifth force works in the mind and the intellect leads the way ultimately to understanding and to the revelation of truth.

Ray Six :Devotion/Idealism

Signs:  Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces   

Planets: Mars, Neptune

The seeds of all devotion and desire pour forth through this energy. It  generates adherence, intensity and persistence. The determination resident in this Ray is a fiery essence, sometimes full of force, fury and even fanatical display and militant violence. Abstraction and aspiration characterise the sixth force, in the sense of an idealistic nature, loyally oriented toward the causal levels of being. The Sixth Ray is the power to recognise what is right and righteous, the upward tendency and the capacity to see the light.

Ray Seven : Ceremonial Order

Signs: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn   

Planet: Uranus

This last of the seven is the most tangibly expressive on the outer planes. It is the quality of relationship between spirit and matter and is thus magical. It is rhythm which builds, integrates, circulates and manifests. It is the bringer and producer of newness in form. The relational power of this Ray motivates law and order, rule and ritual, organisation and group consciousness. It is practical understanding and vital energy externalised, which embodies both centre and the periphery. consciousness.

~The seven brothers are all the children of the same Father, but the elder three partake of the Father`s nature.  The younger four resemble the Mother.  The three elder sons go forth into the Universe of stars, and there they present the Father.  The younger four go forth into the Universe of stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved~
Alice Bailey


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