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Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
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The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
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The Rays through the Signs

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Astrology of the ~Path~

artwork by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Blind enthusiasm can act as an emotional storm, blocking wisdom.  it is not haste, but patience, which takes you further along the path.  wisely you will put your life in order, nourish your mental apparatus, and allow your perfecting to unfold naturally.  See the logic in the expression of the deity.  In the beginning is the synthesising Ray One and the concentration for power (perfection); at the end is Ray Seven for expressing earned perfection.

In the pursuit of spirituality, ultimately, you are alone, as it is you who must find the way to self mastery.  It is you, the Seeker, who must construct or weave (through self discipline) ~the path~ (ideal) using your linkage to the measure of current evolution.  

Firstly, keep your ray sequence uppermost in mind.  Secondly, determine the sign triads through which your monad, soul and personality rays find their line of least resistance.  Thirdly, the eighth cusp and planets therein are crucial factors in your being guided onto the path. 

Astrologically the path is eighth house ruled because it is the framework for managing hard to solve problems and breaking habits, thus the arena for character purging and for bringing your seven centres into activity.  As the mystics` field and the sector of cellular regeneration, the eighth house holds the mysteries of the transformation needed in this incarnation, or transition, and how you move from the earth stage to the death state, and on and on.

How do you find ~the way~?  It is a personality centred matter found deep within you.  spend time in silence; be truthful with yourself; be discriminating; be motivated and free of selfishness.  Stand courageously as you come against the tides of counter-opinion.  Face difficulties, never turn aside from them.  Every planetary cycle creates a stage setting to bring the best of you forward.  No-one promised life would be easy, especially when you are self committed to the path.  life is a celebration and it is continually becoming different.  You must adapt, changing to meet that difference.  By right thinking, you keep your etheric body cleared for the Soul's reasons.  You are energy, and energies are to be handled with heart and mind.  Know your horoscope, see it in your mind's eye as the background pattern.  Intuit by ray impulse for ways to pioneer, to create to be causal, and to give effective service, for those are the ways towards discipleship.

Using spiritual astrology one hears and reads so much about initiation, which is simply a point in evolution after a long and difficult period of gaining knowledge, insight, wisdom and intuition, when your consciousness is raised to a particular level.  From then on, you are motivated through, or dwell on, that higher plane of consciousness.

First of all, what is going on is an interior process.  Initiations take many many lifetimes, and this is particularly true regarding the first and second ones, called minor initiations. all initiations, many unknown beyond the glorious fifth - named the Ascension - are in fact hard earned freedom, independence from self-imprisoning ideas and lack of understanding due to unabsorbed knowledge (knowledge is always there for the pursuit of it), simply the freedom to think, act, project, create and be causal at the previously earned point of elevated consciousness.  The individual ~sees~ his path.

Approaching the first initiation, the individual becomes Christ conscious, therefore feelings are heightened towards group mindedness and brotherhood.  There begin to be seeded ideas in the visions of what is good for all men.  learning is stimulated, often on the astral plane.  Separatism is recognised as a block of spiritual growth, so the physical physical nature and the physical appetites come under control, such as hunger and the sexual nature. 
~Control the physical appetites~

Gradualisation is the theme throughout the growth of civilisation, so we must realise how even initiations necessarily overlap.  That is, there are no cut offs or points of demarcation but rather an unfolding toward something, because we are dealing with the abstract.

As the individual moves toward the mental realm, away from being so physically orientated, his interests turn to the intangible sides of nature - the esoteric realms.  The second initiation is concerned with control of the astral body and the desire nature.  emotional composure is the goal.  Before he was drawn to his group through interest, now he becomes devoted to his group for the goal which can be accomplished through unity.  the pulsation of the soul is thrillingly felt, though subtly at first. 
~Control the emotional nature~

The first and second initiations, termed minor, are overseen by the Christ, also known in theosophy as Matreiya, the Second Ray Master.  After these two spiritual journeys, which unclog the thinking about where illusion (mental obstacle) and glamour (astral obstacle) are evicted, the Soul Ray's motivation takes complete charge.  There are many lifetimes between the first and second initiations.

Moving toward the third initiation and recognising his potential for manipulating mental matter, for becoming the white magician or the true spiritual scientist, the individual gains flashes of his monad ray or spark of divinity and is one with all.  He understands impersonalisation, the necessity for detachment, and feels an overwhelming love for mankind.  Never pulled by his lower nature to feel sorry, he rather acts, projects, and manipulates the ethers to create the causes of change which are needed.  Greater responsibility comes to him naturally as he is guided by his monadic ray to be in touch with the heavenly (masters) and celestial (angelic) hierarchies. According to his soul ray, he is a healer.  
~Control the mental nature~
At the fourth initiation, interests move out of our solar system and into galaxy evolution, for he is a perfect manipulator of matter, regardless of the plane - a master himself yet still low in the ranks of the Hierarchy.  
~Control the spiritual nature~

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