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Esoteric Astrology - Introduction


Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
(Meanings/Interpretations )

Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

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The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

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Meanings/Interpretations of 
the Soul and Personality

artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli

As there are a number of fundamental metaphysical laws and structures to be examined before one can integrate the principles of Esoteric astrology into the natal chart, it might be pertinent to reflect on the meanings/interpretations of the Personality and the Soul 

In addition, several of the major steps and stages in the evolution of personal consciousness have to be recognised in order to apply these factors correctly. This requires three vital factors.

1. An understanding of exoteric astrology - Personality centered… considered from the perspective of the personality or the lower self.

2. The same scope of understanding , but studied from the level of the Soul {or Higher Self}, this is esoteric astrology.

3. The intuitive ability to recognise the level on which these energies are expressing themselves, and the nature of their relationship between the both aspects.. This is the Path.

The comprehension and integration of these first two factors require a strong mind, plus an ability and an eagerness to learn. The third factor is more complex, in that it necessitates a quality of personal development on the Soul level itself which is another example of how astrology serves the student as in striving for such a degree of Soul awareness, personal fulfilment and individual growth are achieved.

There is an ancient esoteric tradition which has accompanied such Soul centred aspirations through the is called Inner Teaching coming from what are called the Mystery Schools., which teach the Ancient Science otherwise known as the ~Ancient Wisdom Teachings~.

To reveal our own Personal Truth, we must prepare our personality to receive (acknowledge) the Presence of the Soul. Only then may we say "What I seek to present through my life I Identify, Experience and Take Responsibility for as the Truth for me". (as also shown in my opening paragraph in these pages)

 Without this Presence as the central point and synthesising essence of our life, our existence is totally Personality centred and consisting of a state of conjectures and opinion. This is accompanied by a series of partially fulfilled or frustrated desires, as well as alternating states of elation or depression depending on our physical appearance or the state of our material possessions. It is only through attunement and alignment with the Soul that a consistent approach to a life of endless inconsistencies is made possible

The Personality

The Personality consists of: 

1. The Physical body, 

2. The emotional body (also known as the astral or desire body), and

3.  The lower mental body (the rational mind), 

In a fully developed personality, three vehicles are synthesised into a harmoniously working unit. This means that there is an alignment of the mind and the feelings so that our outer actions are expressed in a balanced manner.

(The position of the planets in the natal horoscope will, of course indicate the ease or difficulty in bringing about this integration of the personality. The transcending force, the use of the will to ~weave~ the pattern of the horoscope into a cohesive whole - is a primary factor leading to the free use of that will and the co-creation of our character and destiny).

It is the goal of every spiritually active and aspiring person to create such an integration of lower self, for it is then only with the correct alignment of forces that consistent Soul contact can occur. The individualisation of the lesser ego is a major step in personal evolution. More and more are making the actual link between the lower and the Higher selves as the awakening to the Rainbow Bridge and the soul’s Presence become every-increasing realities.

Until a fairly advanced state of personal evolution is reached, in which there is a fusion between the lower and the Higher selves, everything about the personality is either inherited (biological karma), or created and assumed temporarily (factors of response to social conditioning.

The exception to this is the eternal and immortal Life Principle, which animates all existence. The ~forms~ of the personality - whether these are the actual forms of the physical body, the thought-forms of the mind, or the forms for the expression of personal desire - are mortal and temporary in nature. The Life force remains ever formless, yet it is constantly creating these ~temporary containers~ for Itself through the work and Function of the soul-personality relationship.

When we speak of the personality, or lower self, we refer to an entity composed of three vehicles of consciousness; the physical body, the emotional or astral body, and the lower mental body (the rational, logical mind). ~Vehicle~ implies the structure of matter which conveys the more subtle life energy or consciousness. Thus, we could compare a vehicle to a thought, and consciousness to the energy which that thought contains. The important thing to remember is that these vehicles and their planes of consciousness, are actual centres of force. These centres, are affected by, and correspond to the planets, signs and Rays which constitute other centres of force. The inter-connections between these energies are the core of esoteric astrology.

Traditional astrology teaches that all the planets have effects on the personality and its three vehicles. We know that the actual shape and temperament of the physical body is characterised by the Sign of the Ascendant and the planets found within or in aspect to the first house. Yet the Earth and Moon, regardless of their placement in the natal chart, exert the most essential qualities on the nature of the physical body. The Earth is easily found in the natal chart. It is always exactly opposite the position of the Sun.. the physical matter of the Earth is our physical body. This is the primary reason we are affected by the forces exerted by the Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies on our planet. From the purely physical standpoint ~We are dust and to dust we shall return~. What animates our physical organism and all the other heavenly spheres is not dust, but Light, and it is to Light that we also return.

It is this relationship of dust to Light that constitutes the core of the Ancient Science and all metaphysical enquiry.

Thus the more attached we are to the personality, the more we are materially orientated, in and of the Earth. As the soul becomes an every-increasing Presence in our lives. We begin to become more Light oriented. The struggle to harmonise the two is an essential element of the Path of the Middle Way - the Way of the Disciple.

When the soul’s presence enters and is experienced through the physical body, a very noticeable change in our physical energies occurs. We appear to radiate. This radiance is felt and experienced by those sensitive enough to perceive it as warmth - a loving essence quite different from the heat of natural vitality which emanates from a gregarious and exuberant personality. Such a soul-realised person emanates a distinct physical energy which is not intrusive into the space of others. But nevertheless penetrates and most often uplifts them. One could say that such an individual has a healing quality about him, or her, as well as a quiet strength of purpose.

As the Soul’s presence becomes a greater reality, we become increasingly more inclusive in our attitude both to ourselves and to life.

When one has finally become an integrated Personality, the issues of sacrifice then becomes of paramount importance. At the point of integration, one has the test of either continuing, with renewed strength, many of the old patterns of the ego structure, or sacrificing the ego to the Soul, the life of the greater good, and the impersonal life. Such a sacrifice is very difficult to make, as the integrated ego will fight for its little existence.

The Soul

The Soul is our individual link to the essential substance of the Creative Force. The various deaths and transformations which each of us has to undergo along the Path of Return are not all physical in nature. The focus of reorientation of the lower self requires the death of non-regenerative, emotional habit patterns, as well as the breakdown of outworn through forms. As painful as it may sometimes be, we have the opportunity to glean the lessons of our actions by remaining in the physical body during this process of transmutation. We can also rejoice in the releases from our blockages and our victories in overcoming them. This awareness is a great gift and an equally great responsibility as consciousness grows and unfolds, so does the nature of the work we have before us. Our task is then seen to be one of making a way in the physical reality for the externalisation of the Souls energies, and thus for the defined and refined expression of our Life’s Purpose.

This Soul is neither a theological speculation nor a philosophical reference point. Those individuals who demand intellectual existence are obviously not in touch with their own Higher Self - they can never be while the intellect is used as the primary vehicle of approach to life. As we have just observed, the intellect has to be placed under the conscious direction of the Higher Self.

The Soul is a vital organism serving a number of distinct functions. It is very important to remember that we are Souls with physical bodies, rather than physical bodies with Souls. The physical body will have but one life, whilst the scope of the Souls existence is much more permanent.

Just as there are three bodies for the expression of the Personality,

1. Physical Body

2. Emotional (astral or desire)) body

3. Rational mind (lower) body

there also three ~vehicles~ which comprise the structure of the Soul.

1. The Higher Mind

2. Intuition

3. Spiritual Will

These two Triads connect and correspond through the Antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge), and as a result, expand and develop consciousness. You may also assign certain planets to each of these three levels of Soul expression, although the Soul’s vehicles are not certainly by limited by such assignations.

The Higher Mind is located in the Upper Levels of the Mental Plane. This is the abstract mind, as opposed to the concrete mind of logic and reason. We can also call these two divisions of the mind the ~formed~ and the ~formless~. The Mercury-ruled formed mind of logic and reason is in a direct connection to the Jupiter-ruled formless mind of abstraction. It is through the abstract mind that the Soul functions to universalise a person’s world view, yet it is very important that the lower mind of concrete knowledge be trained and structured. It is lower aspect of mind which allows for the discrimination of mental impulses and their correct application through our daily life. Jupiter influenced mental faculties seek expansion and universitality, and as one might expect, lead one to search for a wider experience of life through philosophical and spiritual teachings. When the lower and Higher Minds are properly aligned, a person can relate in a logical and concrete way, his inner visions and insights into the Laws and Principles which underlie the grater metaphysical truths.

The intuitional aspect of the Soul is extremely important, as it is this faculty of contemporary humanity that is being, and will continue to be, emphasised in the Aquarian Age. The previous focus for the evolution of human consciousness was the development of intellect. This focus is rapidly changing, as the need to categorise, process, and assimilate a rapidly increasing amount of data is required by modern life.

The intellect must and will eventually be absorbed and synthesised into the intuitive faculty of our being. This will permit the sense of the collective, group life to steadily grow in importance in the consciousness of the Aquarian Age. Such an awareness will give rise to a distinct understanding of the relationship which exists between the individual and the various groups to which he or she may belong. The scope of such relationships will determine the important social and personal movements of the times to come.

Once this faculty of intuition is more developed, one will then be able to sustain a vision of the wholeness of life, and perform an individual task relative to the well-being of that whole at the same time.

The development of true Intuition is a comprehensive faculty of perception. Once the linkage to true Intuition is accomplished, a person has the ability to perceive that quality of energy which vitalises any form of expression. This is the type of attunement, for example, which allows a person to perceive the consciousness of an author through his words. This is much more comprehensive than appreciating the writers style and understanding his words. Intuition is that faculty of inner vision which permits one to place him or herself at the point of another person’s consciousness. It is via the Jupiter oriented Higher Mind that a particular world view and philosophical comprehension is added to this attunement. The Mercury influenced lower mind will then allow the person access to the right words and phrases to communicate his or her message.

In this respect, it is the cultivation and integration of intuition which allows a person to see life as energy and to be able to understand the relationship between energy and form. Another facet of intuitive perception is the ability to see the beginning, the end, and the probable pathways that the life force may take between the alpha and omega of any life circumstances.

When intuition on the level of the Soul is properly fused to the emotional vehicle of the Personality, a wonderful alchemy takes place. An individual becomes aware of the needs of others, is supportive of those needs, and, relative to his individual talents and abilities, may choose to serve such needs. At this stage, a person has developed a loving detachment to most situations in life. He or she is then able to become a vehicle for healing and unification, without becoming involved in the complexities of a personal, emotional, relationship. He feels, but is not attached or made compulsive by feelings. This frees him to love and be loved in a very real sense.

This particular linkage is vital to ones individual Path of Unfoldment as it aligns the heart {the centre of love} with the brow (the third Eye or centre of intuition). It is also, in terms of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, the alignment of the Christ with the Buddha on an individual basis, and is thus a most potent focus for the exteriorization of ones life purpose. From yet another perspective, the joining of the heart with the centre of intuition allows for perception into the collective purpose of humanity, as well as ones particular contribution within that much larger framework.

The third and highest aspect of the Soul’s triad can be called the vehicle for the expression of the Spiritual Will. In esoteric terminology, this is called ~Atma~, and it is here that the Will of good individualises and vivifies the Soul. At this point , the Soul is conscious of itself and its source, just as we become aware of the presence of the Soul at the juncture of Higher and lower minds. It is through awareness of the individualised Spiritual Will that one is attuned to the omniscience of life as a conscious, Intelligent Entity.

This realisation is the final purpose of this process of linkage. As a result the purpose for ones life becomes truly anchored and may be externalised through the physical plane. Thus, the highest and lowest vehicles of the Soul and Personality are fused and made one.

~Matter is spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest~ ….HP Blavatksy

~As Above, so below~

Taken as a whole, the Soul is the Middle Way, for it ~stands~ between Spirit and Matter. The soul acts as the intermediary between essence and material manifestation, provides the necessary channels through which consciousness may exteriorize and come to know itself. The grace of this knowing is that in the process, each of others comes to identify as Divinity in manifestation. We learn through the frequently painful processes of transformation and reorientation, as well as our many births and rebirths, that the quality of our consciousness is ~Love~ itself.

The Lower self is an entity which can be re-formed and refined so that it may eventually correspond vibrationally with the Soul’s rhythm and life purpose. This balance and attunement is an essential process. It is at the core of the path of one’s spiritual life and the resultant externalisation of that path into ones practical life.

Therefore the lower self should be seen and trained as a vehicle for the soul’s expression.

The personality itself is a tool for ones inner creative source. The better the tool, the more productive can be the hand which wields it. True creative intelligence does not originate within the structure of the lesser ego. Rational intelligence certainly exists and grows in its scope through ones participation in life. The true, creative intelligence comes from the Soul and is used to shape the ego as its instrument in the three worlds,  Physical, Emotional and Rational, of its outer expression.

The world of the personality is vital. The material world is essential to our total unfolding. It is far easier to exist when we have the financial means to provide comfort for our children and ourselves. We may then pursue our spiritual awareness, free of the stress of poverty. Material poverty is an unnatural state, and it not a requirement for spiritual growth. It, like celibacy, is an option but not a requirement. What is required is the proper attitude towards the personal, material, emotional, and mental life. 

It is the negative emotional attachment to the material plane, out of fear of loss, that creates our circumstances which inhibit our spiritual lives from flowering. A great deal of this fear is rooted in our biological karma and social conditioning. 

Once the personality is infused with the purpose of the Soul for the present incarnation, then ones true life work may be understood, and preparations undertaken to realise it. The quality of ones life reaches a far more perfected and joyful state only when the Inner purpose for that life is clearly envisioned. This awareness, and it s accompanying strength and courage, come directly through Soul contact. Wealth and power are then ~safe~ commodities because they are grounded in higher values and clarity of vision. Such abundance may then be properly disseminated to others. This sharing of concentrated abundance is a major factor in the spiritual and social structures in the New Age of Aquarius.

This is the Age of the dissemination of energy in all of its forms. It is for this reason that the concept and practice of networking, and the centralisation and socialisation of many economic and political system is on the increase. Abundance on all levels, on all planes of consciousness, is the natural order. Obsessive attachment either to abundance or its lack is unnatural and creates chaos.

A developed and usable personality requires an attitude of loving detachment. The development of the ability to witness ourselves (not to be confused with judging ourselves) is a very important step in actualising our Soul’s potential for its externalisation in the outer world.

This self witnessing will help us not only to individualise our egos, but to unite the ego of the lower self with the Soul. This process creates Soul-infused personalities who are capable of being consciously co-creative in the outworking of both the personal and the collective life of which we are a part. Once the Soul infusion takes place a person begins to see life in a much different manner from one who is totally focused on the glamours of the lower self.

These glamours, illusions, and mirages lead to a disease which is at the core of both our materialistic confusion and many of our physical illnesses. It is called ~Me-My-Mine-itis~ and it is cured once we begin to live our lives from the heart and see with all ~three~ of our eyes.

As soul infusion takes place, one begins to perceive the world in increasingly more collective terms, without losing sight of its individual component parts. One is thus able to see oneself, others, and all manners of interconnectedness clearly and simultaneously. In effect, Soul infusion allows for a vision of human networking, as well an understanding of one’s particular place within this huge collective.. The quality of this comprehension is an expression of the Law of Attraction in action, which ~is~ the manifestation of the Love aspect of Divinity.

These words are an attempt to give some indication of the frame of reference and actuality of perspective of a growing number of individuals at the present time. And the numbers are increasing. The process is called the ~Path of Synthesis~ or the ~Path of Discipleship~. Initiates and Initiation have not disappeared - only their forms of expression have changed. Esoteric (Soul centered) astrology is emerging today because humanity is evolving rapidly enough to need and utilise such a system. The synthesis of the mental and intuitive facilities increases the ability to objectify our subjective reality. This development in evolution is currently giving rise to a world-wide heightening of spiritual awareness.

The net result of this movement of consciousness is the building of a link between the Soul and the personality, both on the individual and on a collective level - the Rainbow Bridge.

(and that subject is for another page ....{smile} I hope you enjoyed..)

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