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Esoteric Astrology - Introduction


Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
(Meanings/Interpretations )

Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

together with detailed interpretations of the Rays

The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays

The Rays and Corresponding Chakras































































Integration of Soul with Personality 

 Personal Truths

artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli

To reveal our own personal truth, we must prepare our personality to receive the presence of the soul. Only then may we say: "What I seek to present through my life I identify, experience, and take responsibility for as the Truth for me". Without this Presence as the central focus and synthesising essence of our life, our existence can tend towards an intellectual morass of conjectures and opinions, often accompanied by a series of partially fulfilled or frustrated desires, as well as an alternating current of elation or depression, depending on our physical appearance or the state of our material possessions. It is only through attunement and alignment with the Soul that a consistent approach to a life of endless inconsistencies is made possible.

It is the goal of every spiritually active and aspiring person to create such an integrated lower self, for it is only with the correct alignment of such forces that Soul contact can occur. The individualisation of the lessor ego is a major step in personal evolution - a step which many are currently taking. Many more are making the actual link between the lower and the Higher selves as the awakening to the Rainbow Bridge and the Soul`s presence become ever increasing realities.

Evolution requires the soul to learn unconditional love. Each soul incarnates as many times as necessary into some level of energy. In order to obtain the learning and wisdom necessary he/she plans out lifetimes to concentrate on specific spiritual qualities such as patience, humility, integrity, wisdom, power, hope, clarity, compassion, truth, gentleness, patience, thoughtfulness, kindness, harmony, respect, faith, peace, love, balance, forgiveness, understanding, dedication, devotion, purity, divine will, freedom, trust and love. As a being becomes wiser and more loving, his own vibration becomes lighter and finer, allowing him or her to perceive higher and finer levels of existence {higher dimensions}.

Each person has his/her own unique energy vibration which we are recognising when we feel someone is instantly familiar or feels comfortable. Whilst each being always holds this special energy their overall vibrational field alters depending on the current level of evolution he or she is at. Their vibrational band determines the world he or she sees. All dimensions exist in the ~now~, but we can only see things that lie within the vibrational band of Light that we resonate with - that matches us. Wisdom and love raise ones vibrations, taking it from dense, slower moving frequencies to faster finer frequencies.

Everyone on Earth is special and unique. Each has his own role to play in the overall scheme of things. If each follows what he feels right to say or do, then he/she will be carrying out their part in that plan.  If instead, you permit yourself to do that which you ~should do~, often through guilt, you are liable to be stepping outside your agreements.It is time to ~Let Go and let God~. This is truly taking responsibility. To achieve this requires patience. We need to bring a stillness into our life and be willing to wait patiently, allowing each moment to unfold according to Divine order. This would mean not taking things into our own hands, but trusting in each moment that we will feel what is best highest order.

As you make this connection as a spiritual being, follow your heart and feeling of rightness, without hesitation. However, because this is right for you, it does not mean that it is right for others. Each has his own task to do. If you do what feels right in the heart, from a place of love and not from fear or guilt, then you can trust that you are in the Divine flow.  From that place you can intuitively sense the next move.

In the current third dimensional reality on Earth, one learns compassion, understanding and love through experiencing every conceivable situation in life ranging from poverty and struggle to wealth and power. This involves learning to rise above the limitations set by ourselves, thereby gaining strength and wisdom. Finally, as you cease to judge and realise that in truth, every form of life is a brother - you can move to a place of peace and unconditional love.

Much of humanity now feels that they have learned sufficiently in this realm and would choose to release the various patterns belonging to limiting learning and move on up to higher levels of learning.  Learning goes on through higher dimensions, but it is through greater harmony and less solid types of experience. whilst peace and joy can be found in the third (Earth) dimension, they are a matter of course on the higher dimensions.

Everyone is now making a choice. As the planetary vibrations continue to increase, all old and rigid structures and systems across the Earth either change their basis of operations to one of love, or they crumble and cease to be.  All buried thought and emotion is being released individually - nationally, internationally and planetarily. Remaining karma is being balanced out across the face of the Earth and everyone who chooses love is light-ening up as their vibrations move into higher frequencies.

It is time to step free of fears and the myriad of belief patterns that keep us boxed in a world of structure and control; time to move forward in trust and faith knowing there are worlds beyond what we can see with our eyes....

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