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Astrology of the ~Path~  

The Four Stages of Initiation

Evolution of Consciousness

The Soul and Personality
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Integration of Soul with Personality

The Rainbow Bridge(linking Soul to personality)

The Rays in Esoteric Astrology

The Astrological Significance of the
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The Rays through the Signs

The Ray Tables

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The Rays and Corresponding Chakras


The Three Crosses in Esoteric Astrology


How the Signs can manifest through the Three Crosses






























































































































The Three Crosses in Esoteric Astrology

artwork by David Camp

In esoteric astrology the Three Crosses indicate the three basic levels of human development; as opposed to the manifestation of the triplicities (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed)  of the Signs.  It is important to keep in mind that each of these three stages is general in outline and is composed of many graduations of expression. We can also call these three broad stages, Unconscious Unity (Mutable Cross), Conscious Duality (Fixed Cross) and Conscious Unity (Cardinal Cross)

The Mutable Cross :
Unconscious unity (totally personality centred);,

The purpose for incarnating on the Mutable Cross is to awaken intelligence and knowledge through the multifarious life experiences we encounter during such lifetimes.
As it relates to the Seven Rays of manifestation, the Mutable Cross is connected to the Third Ray of Active Intelligence.

In the state of Unconscious Unity, one is completely identified with the personality and the worlds of the lower self.  In essence, one is tied completed to biological karma.  One thinks and speaks like one's tribe, antecedents  and family.  One's emotional reactions to the various situations of life are also very much in line with what has been established genetically and in terms of the accepted collective behavioural patterns of one's particular biological group.  This type of consciousness is still very much alive among the so-called civilised and developed nations of the world.  For many people it is a very safe state and comfortable way of being.  In fact, many conflicts arise when a person is evolving out of this state of consciousness and is beginning to quicken to the urge to individuate.

The state of unconscious unity reaches a point of danger on the collective level when it is reinforced by government policies or is established as a form of government.  This has been the case, for example,  with National Socialism in Germany, fundamental Islam as practised by the followers of Ayatollah Khomeni in Iran, or the more ultra-conformistic tendencies found in some forms of extreme communism.

On the personal level, another important characteristic of this state of unconscious unity is a person's inability to distinguish between energy and form.  The expression "what you see is what you get" is particularly descriptive in this respect.  An individual who identifies completely with the personality is incapable of perceiving abstractions.  He takes everything in his world personally.  In effect, the environment and all of its events are seen through a reflective lens of personal thoughts and desires.  Beyond certain socially conditioned and/or biologically inherited responses, there is very little, if any, connection with a sense of the human collective.

The Fixed Cross
Conscious duality (initial to advanced stages of conscious personality Soul relationship

The purpose for incarnating on the Fixed Cross is to reveal the true nature of Love, i.e. the consciousness of the Soul.
The Fixed Cross is most closely associated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom.

The state of conscious unity is the state in which most of us currently find ourselves.  We have become aware that we are spiritual essence incarnating in physical form.  We realise that spiritual aspiration is often apparently in conflict with material desires and biological habit patterns.  There is often a seesaw effect, in which we move back and forth between concentrating our life resources for the will of the lower self, only to endure a crisis and then begin the re-orientation toward the needs of the Higher Self.

Here, the good of the individual is constantly judged and balanced against, the good of the collective.  The two are seen as polarities, and as a result, there is often great conflict between our ideals and our previously established patterns of social interaction.   In effect, the state of unconscious unity is one which we can compare to being in the movie of our life, yet unaware that it is a movie.  Once the focus of individuation has begun i the early stages of conscious unity, we begin to move back and forth between starring in the film and being the critic, objectively watching the production unfold.  The fullness of the perception (and the responsibility) that we are the producer, director, writer and the star of the show has not dawned yet.  When it does so (and eventually it does!), an incredible life crisis ensues, which is resolved through a much greater spiritual awakening.

The various stages of conscious duality are really the preparatory steps on the Path of Discipleship, for we now have to make those conscious choices of life-style and life values that will result in the creation of those more refined vehicles of consciousness.

The Cardinal Cross
Conscious unity (total Soul centredness)..

The personality has become the total instrument for the Soul and life has become decidedly and lovingly impersonal. Mounting the Cardinal Cross is called in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, taking the "Path of Sacrifice."
The Cardinal Cross is under the direction of the First Ray of Will/Power.

Conscious Unity is a state of being to which we are all aspiring.  A few of us have already achieved this focus of consciousness.  It stands as the goal of all our efforts at becoming.  Conscious unity is another term for Soul infusion.  At this point in individual evolution, we know and live in the awareness of the Soul's reality.  A synthesis has taken place between the lower self and the Higher.  The three vehicles of consciousness of the personality are totally under the control and direction of the Soul.  The outer life is constantly being molded to suit the Will and Purpose of the Higher Self.  This Purpose is revealed in our daily life and the experience of our individuality is totally connected to the sense of our universality.

This principle concerning the relationship between the individualised sense of self and the universal wholeness of life begins to unfold during the later stages of conscious duality.  At that point in our growth and development, we perceive the collective as often challenging to our lower ego structure, and it is!  The struggles that ensure help us harmonise the fear of the loss of self experienced by the personality through the revealing vision of the Love of the Soul's reality.  Thus, in the early stages of conscious unity, we perceive in no uncertain terms, that the more individualised we become, the more universal.  In effect we perceive that the individualising Self is the Self of the universe.  The fears and apprehension of the lower ego then begin to melt away as the inclusive wholeness of the Higher Self reveals Its true nature.

Now, the two most profound questions a person can ask may be answered: "Who Am I? Why am I here?".  And what is so very wonderful is that no one else has to answer these questions for us.  The answers are self revelatory, and thus come from our individualised Truth.  Totally believable, totally factual!

The state of conscious unity brings a great deal of responsibility into our lives, in addition to great joy.  It reveals to the conscious co-worker (for by now that is what we have become), that aspect of the Planetary Purpose, that facet of the One Work for humanity that is now our task to perform.  At long last our mission in life has been revealed and the sense of alienation and separation has now ceased.  In it's place is a distinct sense of purpose, an overwhelming sense of love, and a profound connection with an Inner Group of Teachers and an outer group of like-minded brothers and sisters who serve as our companions along the Path. We should emphasise that what is described above actually occurs as we evolve our consciousness along the Way.  It is the result of all the long efforts, sacrifices, tests and trials.  And still, it is but the beginning.............

It is very important to clarify our perspective. It is not the sign which qualifies your level of consciousness — it is your level of consciousness that gives conscious direction to your sign. Please note this very carefully.

A person is not necessarily on the Mutable Cross for example, if his or her Sun or rising sign is so placed. A person may be incarnating on the Fixed Cross of consciousness and using a mutable sign as a vehicle of expression of their field of aspiration. In other words, "I may have very definitely anchored my sense of orientation to the Plan and have thus established my consciousness (my expression of Love/Wisdom) on the Fixed Cross. But in the current incarnation, nothing but a Gemini ascendant will do in order to give me the flexibility I require to relate that consciousness to as many different people under as many different kinds of life circumstances as possible". It is vital to keep in mind that in esoteric astrology, we are using the signs as fields of "effective energies". The Soul determines which of these energy fields will have the greatest and best effect for our contribution to life.

A person may find that he came into this lifetime on the Mutable Cross, and through certain circumstances (usually the failure of desire and the increase of aspiration) he is now hard at work on the Fixed Cross. Once the expression of the life urge is motivated by pure spiritual Attraction and intent, and having passed the necessary tests and trials inherent on the Fixed Cross, one may then proceed to mount the Cardinal Cross. It is here that a person (finally) gets his planetary purpose in terms of service to the collective humanity. It is at this point that the personality has become the total vehicle for the Soul, and the orientation of the life has transformed itself from a personal to an impersonal one, walking on the Path of Sacrifice. Here there is no separation between the desires and aspirations of the personality and the Will-To-Good of the Soul. Life is motivated by pure Spiritual Attraction and intent. The tests and trials of the Fixed Cross of transmutation have been passed and one is ready to get "an advanced job" in terms of planetary service.

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Source of reference :Alan Oken  ~Soul Centred Astrology~

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