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The Ascendant Sign in Esoteric Astrology


(Artwork by Kagaya)


This is the light which clears the way to the mountaintop, and produces transfiguration, thus revealing the rising sun.

When Capricorn rises it brings with it the importance of its ruling planet, Saturn—Lord of Karma. Saturn is both the traditional as well as the esoteric ruler of this sign. Together, this sign/planet combination teaches a person how to break free of attachment to materiality, so that one is left free to be the conscious co-creator of material forms in accordance to the will of the Soul. This is not an easy task to be sure, but it is one of the main Soul purposes of a person with Capricorn rising!

Saturn is not only connected to the deepest karmic dynamics in our life, he is also what we call, “The Dweller on the Threshold”. The “Dweller” is the crystallization of our karma that inhibits a person to grow beyond present limitations. Saturn (our personal “Dweller") is the sum total of those habit patterns that do not permit correct circulation of our vital energy. It is this sense of confinement that is so typical to one with Capricorn on the ascendant. We confront the boundaries of Saturn whenever we wish to start a new cycle of creative self-expression. We cannot move on to a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral until such a confrontation is encountered and successfully accomplished.

Saturn ceases being the ruler of the personality structure and releases its hold upon Capricorn rising when the individual has oriented herself to the nature and structure of the Soul. This is done through the Third Ray nature of this planet and sign. The Third is the Ray of Active Intelligence and is closely aligned with another important planet to us, the Earth. Thus the purpose, the real work and responsibility of Capricorn rising has a great deal to do with making correct choices of a practical, earthy nature.

To accomplish this properly so that other people may benefit (Soul-centeredness requires group awareness), requires a great deal of objective, mental effort. It also requires that one’s attitude shifts so that a person becomes unfettered by the urge for personal gain and self-aggrandizement. It should also be pointed out that the Third is the Ray of money and thus many of the life lessons connected to people with Capricorn rising have to do with the right use of financial resources.

(Reference Alan Oken)

The artwork used on these Ascendant by sign pages and Affirmation of the Signs  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    Please take time to visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture on the individual pages or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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