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The Ascendant Sign in Esoteric Astrology


(Artwork by Kagaya)


This is a line of light beams, revealing that which opposes or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and of form. It is the conscious light of that relationship.

The primary function of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) is to produce a constant flux, a never-ending sense of movement, in order to provide a wide field of expression for the life of the Soul.

It is in the gathering of life experiences, based on the movement of relatedness and relationship that is the Soul purpose of a Gemini ascendant. Gemini relates, that is its job. The Soul also relates. It is primarily concerned with connectedness. In its most essential capacity, the Soul is the Way through which Spirit connects to Matter and Matter to Spirit. The Soul stands in the middle; the Soul is the Middle Way .

As the sign most significant of relatedness, Gemini functions as a vehicle for the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. It has as its Soul ruler, the planet Venus which is considered by esoteric astrologers to be the most highly evolved planet in the solar system. Like the Soul, Venus embodies the “urge to merge”. Venus seeks to unite and blend and by so doing, birth into life a greater refinement than existed beforehand. On the Soul level, the person with Gemini rising is not an expression of duality but an agent of harmony. Venus is the planetary Lord of the Fifth Ray, the Ray of the Concrete Mind. It is through Gemini (and its exoteric relationship to Mercury), that Venus may express her focus of union and communion.

If Gemini is on your ascendant, look to the position of Venus in your natal chart to see how you may more impersonally bring love into other people’s lives and thus fulfill your Soul purpose. This will be achieved through some form of service that involves bringing together and harmonizing individuals and groups of people. In this way, you may be an effective agent of communication, sharing with others Venus’s Law, the Law of Right Human Relationships.

(Reference Alan Oken)

The artwork used on these Ascendant by sign pages and Affirmation of the Signs  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    Please take time to visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture on the individual pages or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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