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The Ascendant Sign in Esoteric Astrology


(Artwork by Kagaya)


This is the diffused light of substance itself, the “dark light” of matter…It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the Soul light.

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings tell us that Cancer is “the Gate in”. It is the place where the Soul takes its first physical incarnation for a particular cycle of evolutionary unfoldment. This is one reason why Cancers are always so concerned with their home, and are constantly seeking a secure place in which to roost. The purpose of an incarnation taken with Cancer rising has a great deal to do with the anchoring of foundations, a firm base upon which future incarnations may be built. Eventually the experiences of these incarnations synthesize and culminate when we reach “the Gate out” through Cancer’s polarity sign, Capricorn.

When highly developed, Cancer not only has created this firm sense of spiritual foundation (anchored through impersonal love), but also provides the opportunity for giving out a special type of nourishment, one which helps and supports others to come to the realization of their own Soul’s purpose.

Rays Three and Seven work through Cancer. Ray Three is called “the Mother Ray” as it is the Ray of Active Intelligence. It is from mind that all manifestation emerges and Cancer is without doubt the “Mother Sign”. On the level of the Soul, this birthing, nurturing, and mothering is not done through the emotions of the personality. The source of personality centered emotions is rooted in the solar plexus and is thus prejudiced by personal concerns of loss or gain, victory or defeat.These very personal conditions and the survival fears so connected with them are all under the influence of the Moon and the individual’s “biological karma”. It is not the Moon who rules Cancer on the Soul level, it is Neptune .

Cancer’s other Ray energy is Seven. The Seventh Ray is concerned with the interconnectedness existing in all forms of nature. The universally loving vibrations of Neptune endow the soul-centered Cancer with the ability to nurture and protect all of the world’s forms: mineral, vegetable, animal, and human. Neptune bathes the Soul purpose of a person with Cancer rising in the universal waters of transpersonal love. This then becomes the power of love, the Soul, as healer. Look to the position of Neptune in your chart to see where this potential for healing is in your chart.

(Reference Alan Oken)

The artwork used on these Ascendant by sign pages and Affirmation of the Signs  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    Please take time to visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture on the individual pages or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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