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Affirmation of Leo

(Artwork by Kagaya)


I was born under the sign of Leo.
I accept fully all its great power, potentials, and regal gifts.

I am the monarch of the universe,
I am the heart of the heart,
I am the heart of creative energy.
the principle of cosmic splendour is mine to radiate upon all
glory, riches, and power

I am the Fiery Dragon
of the passion and emotion that free
the content and potential
of the unconscious, the search for
the magic jewel.
I am the courageous lion
that fears no iron, bronze, or stone.
From the energy of my centred focused self
I become the leader.

I am the sun around which all else revolves.
I dazzle! I bring light into life,
I bring light into lives,
I raise the spirit from the dead,
from the very darkness itself.
through my bright light
I dissolve doubt,
banish fears, dispel gloom.

I am dynamic! I inspire! I will!
I am the very Fire of the Heart,
a burning centre of radiance and joy!
I have vast resources of energy,
of unlimited potential,
and I harness these forces
with my appropriate use of self-discipline.

I forge my destiny and inspire those around me
with strength and confidence that shines through all.
I have nobility of heart and soul.
I can see into the heart of the matter and make it whole.

I rule from my deep self, which is the divine right of the monarch
and the deep self of all others
to strengthen the life force.

I am vivacious and bold.
I make regeneration complete
by transforming my powerful love
into divine compassion.

I am the true leader because I am the servant of all
I am the heart in matter.
My power comes from my love of life,
a love startling in its brilliance,
tempered only by its compassion and goodwill.

My great ability to love unites the spirit, the mind and the body
by my actions and love.
I create my recognition by others.
I deserve, I have earned
and burned my way through the darkness
with laser precision and fierceness.
I revel in my joyful services to the world.

It is my destiny.

Now I choose to shape my future
in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

The artwork used on the Affirmation of the Signs  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    Please take time to visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture on the individual pages or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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