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Affirmation of Libra

(Artwork by Kagaya)

I was born under the sign of Libra
I accept fully all its power, potential, and gifts. 

I hold the Celestial Balance
in my hands.
I am the Cosmic Judge.
I am the artist and the lover,
Peacemaker of the Heavens. I accept my healing charms and powers
that I use
for the benefit of myself
so that I may serve others
in whatever capacity is appropriate.

I am the source of the ~We~ consciousness of the universe.
I bring people together in harmony and peace.
I am the peacemaker of the world.
I am the harmoniser of hearts,
I repair the lost dreams of the dreamer.

My powerful charm magnetises and hypnotises,
mesmerises, diverse elements into marriage, harmony, and balance.

I enchant and lull, changing hatred into love,
confusion into order,
disparity into parity,
selfishness into giving and sharing,
chaos into calm,
intolerance into tolerance,
impatience into patience,
disharmony into harmony.

I am the artist of the fine art of human relationships
because I know
it’s only through love
and only through cohesiveness
that true union is attained.

I sing that we are the world;
when all is said and done, we ~are~ One!
I am the calm that conquers high winds and storms
and I am the Centre of the Cyclone.
I am the Eye of the Storm where there is natural peace and tranquility
because I am the Purifier of Consciousness itself.

I am the Cohesive Force of Life.
I hold the world together
with peace of heart and serenity.
I bind together without limiting;
my love is intimate and safe,
detached and compassionate,
deeply respecting everyone’s individuality
and my own.

The hubs, the spokes and the rim
are all needed to make the wheel
to roll as one on the road of life.
I am the eternal Hub, the Centre of Balance.

I reach out, I associate.
My ability to understand with warmth,
be compassionate yet dignified,
honest and tactful
enriches myself
and every life I touch,
makes relationships sound,
constructive and inspiring.

I keep the world spinning as one;
I balance the scales of personal being
by concentration of sustained effort, by gentle and appropriate self-discipline,
balance and moderation,
and my keen sense of aesthetic proportion.

I am the Plug, the Contact.
I am the Weaver of the Net in Networking.
I introduce to the zodiac the collective
structuring of relationships.
I honour and formulate the conventions, rules and rituals
which produce peace of mind and harmony of surroundings.

Time is valuable to me.
Beneath my charm and equilibrium,
my diplomacy and integrity,
I have an iron will to forge my future.
I am the great Purifier of Consciousness.

It is my destiny.

Now I chose
to shape my future
in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

The artwork used on the Affirmation of the Signs  is by the wonderful artist Kagaya and is of course copyrighted  to him.    Please take time to visit the Kagaya gallery by clicking either on the large picture on the individual pages or on the link below and the site will open in a separate window..

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