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The Rays

Let us remember that ~ Ray~ is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world.

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The Rays in Esoteric Astrology - An Introduction


The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

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Ray One

Ray Two

Ray Three

Ray Four

Ray Five

Ray Six

Ray Seven


The Rays through the Signs An Introduction

The Rays through the Triad of Fire Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Earth Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Air Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs


The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays


My sincere thanks to the visionary artist David Camp for the wonderful pictures used on these Ray Interpretations. He not only gave me kind permission to use the ~Portals~ ones but also created several ones specially for this site. Please take time to visit his web site where there are many wonderful galleries of his work by clicking on the pictures.


The Rays and Corresponding Chakras

















The Rays through the Triad of Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Rays Focusing through Gemini

Second Ray of Love, Wisdom
Jupiter of generosity is the sacred planet.

Only the Second Ray focuses with ease through this mutable air sign. Of primary importance is the relationship of the sign of the Ray, and how this ~will~ energy will likely, through its sensitive universal impulse, manifest for promoting brotherhood on earth.  Gemini fosters power for duality; it is a sign bestowing versatility. Manipulating power, persuasiveness, and adaptability are virtues of Gemini and the supportive traits serving goodwill and understanding. Evolution is tightly woven with the ~light~ brightening the soul to the measure of the unfoldment gained by life’s experience. The wisdom of ~now~ is extracted from every thought, word and deed. Learning by doing, and learning by experiencing are the ways of Gemini.

Intuition and psychic strength, so fruitful with this compassionate ray are utilised for loving reason. Unity consciousness is the second chords intention. It is so natural for this ray to express through the resourceful Gemini, since brotherhood among all mankind demands an impersonal love, detached from separatism. We are, indeed, our brother’s keeper. Ray Two issuing through Gemini can bring millions of people together for a common cause. We begin to be group conscious now. Without the Earth dominant Second ray, masterhood cannot be achieved.

Gemini under the Second ray loves to spread himself over as many areas as possible for the common good of all man.

Rays Focusing through Libra

Third Ray of Active Intelligence
Saturn of mental stability is the sacred planet

The path of discipleship is motivated under the Third Ray of ideation. Balancing pairs of opposites, careful judgment, and the first step onto the path must include this sign`s horoscopic involvement. Impartiality and balanced decision are keywords linking this regenerative and transforming ~will~ energy with Libra, sign of balance. It is understandable that the Third Ray, a ray of finding solutions and making decisions, which urges man toward a good grasp of relationships, would be most productive and comfortable focusing through the cardinal air sign.

Libra is mentally aggressive,; it bestows power for directing, sharing, and fairly competing. Abstract or active intelligence is the ~will~ energy which manifests through the contemplative processes as fertile ideation, a continual mental flow generating spontaneity of thought. Both Libra and the Third Ray predispose to sensitive impressions, selectivity, tact, and diplomacy. Through Libra the will for causation is fruitfully activated as truth, and brought into the world as contemplative ideas to be nourished and directed into manifestation. Problem solving under the Third Ray is accomplished by programming the mind and releasing it to the fertile contemplative processes.

Libra under the Third Ray uses intellect to affect right relations. He is filled with ideas for others to utilise.

Rays focusing through Aquarius

Fifth Ray of concrete Knowledge/Science
Venus of Co-operation is the sacred planet

Discipleship comes with the knowledge seeking Fifth Ray. Venus is a sociable frequency as is the sheath, Aquarius. Sacred Venus confers detachment in the advanced soul, and is responsible for feelings and sexual expression. Bear in mind with any fixed sign the cross and Scorpio must be considered. The brow centre, mental plane and Soul development are key factors for comprehension as to why the Fifth Ray finds Aquarius most suitable for its divine beams to pass through. Under the Fifth Ray a mans walks a practical path to develop his spiritual will, hence the impulse for science, concrete knowledge, and the tension stimulating discoveries into Mother Nature’s secrets.

Astrologically, Aquarius is associated with electricity and all sentient beings of an intangible nature. To examine and utilise nature’s forces and gifts is the spiritual disposition.

In common between the sign and the ray are practical usage, science and persistence. Coming together to work in tandem are a fruitful Ray, logical and brimming with understanding, and a fixed sign, retentive and humanitarian. Both the Ray and sign predispose to discipleship.

Important here is the electrical interplay between people and groups, always abrasive even in harmonious relationships. People are givers or takers in the electrical sense {and on every plane} Much lies undiscovered along these lines. Comparison astrology is important to the new age scientist as aspects between people are the key to the interplay of energy between them, and how protective measure can be employed to protect the individual’s field.

Aquarius under the Fifth Ray is the practical scientist, the cosmic demonstrator of electrical knowledge. He is a teacher for humanitarian expansion.

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