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The Rays

Let us remember that ~ Ray~ is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world.

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The Rays in Esoteric Astrology - An Introduction


The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

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Ray One

Ray Two

Ray Three

Ray Four

Ray Five

Ray Six

Ray Seven


The Rays through the Signs An Introduction

The Rays through the Triad of Fire Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Earth Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Air Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs


The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays


My sincere thanks to the visionary artist David Camp for the wonderful pictures used on these Ray Interpretations. He not only gave me kind permission to use the ~Portals~ ones but also created several ones specially for this site. Please take time to visit his web site where there are many wonderful galleries of his work by clicking on the pictures.


The Rays and Corresponding Chakras

















The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces  

Rays Focusing through Cancer

Third Ray of Active Intelligence
Saturn of deep contemplative power is the sacred planet

Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order
Vulcan of detached strength is the sacred planet

Ray Three gives the power of healing by thought and word, while Ray Seven uses natural and orderly methods. The fertile contemplative gifts supporting the deepening of intellect of the Third Ray and the receptive nature of Cancer have basic similarities for providing understanding. Cancer is the natural womb sign holding within it the mystery of the way of life. With the Seventh Ray the emphasis is on sex, procreation, the physical possibilities, and the laying of foundations for new age intentions. Sexual education, producing magic, and a fruitful imagination are vital Seventh Ray intentions.

The ideas of the Third Ray, and complete life of the Seventh, physical and other worldly, find the cardinal water sign adding to, and supportive of, their divine expressions. Of the two rays the Seventh of pageantry, perfection and order is the urge promoting initiation. The active intelligence Third Ray urges the passionate pursuit of truth. This is the astrologer/philosopher ray. Through imagination (Cancer’s is so vivid) all things are possible.

Cancer under the Third Ray is a productive decision maker with clever ideas put to commercial use. 

Cancer under the Seventh Ray is competitive, patriotic and a ritual lover. Mediumistic tendencies can be skillfully controlled.

Rays Focusing through Scorpio

Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict

Mercury of sensing impressions is the sacred planet

Ray Four is the resting ray between the inner and out projecting rays, the spiritual urge for mental balance, and predisposition for truth and beauty. It is the Third Ray which motivates this passion for truth but the Fourth Ray which urges for beautiful ways to dramatise the truth.

Fourth Ray ~will~ energy is cultural, artistic, thus avoiding specialisation {originality demands freedom for its conception}. Scorpio is the sign for spiritual testing closely associated with disciples on their way toward initiation. Exoterically it is co-ruled by Pluto, esoterically it is Mars ruled.

Mystically and metaphysically is where this ray and sign are linked. Motivation and willingness to be more are the common ground. Beginnings which are Mars ruled and Fourth Ray crises fields, maintaining harmony and developing intuition are evolutionary concerns. Fixed water Scorpio forces truthful expression out of the tension of conflict. New construction arises out of the old, ugly or decayed.

Through transforming Scorpio the beautiful side of life is seen. The balancing of position and attachments are tightly woven. In fine it is the cultural ideal focusing through the desire sheath. Through this sign the needs of future civilisations come to light.

Scorpio under the Fourth Ray is a lover of what is culturally rich, and determined to affect causation for that end.

Rays focusing through Pisces

Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
Jupiter of Understanding is the sacred planet

Sixth ray of Devotion-Idealism
Neptune of Inspiration is the sacred planet

The Second Ray energy filters in for the common good of all life on earth. The Sixth Ray energy is utilised for the objective good of a particular purpose such as parenthood, religion and the pursuing of effective service. There has to be a willingness for great sacrifice, and it is this very characteristic which so easily attracts the two opposite Rays of love-wisdom and devotion-idealism. Universal brotherhood, and the co-operation needed to weave the unity required for that Second Ray ideal issues easily through receptive and sympathetic Pisces.

In the drive for this unity, the Sixth Ray energy is the full bloom opposite in that it manifests as a spiritual disposition for playing a single minded role of devotion. It is energy utilised for a one-pointed objective. In common with the Second Love Ray is Pisces sensitivity to others’ needs, the calm and willingness or help, to serve selflessly, regardless of race, colour or creed. Sacrificial love to the extent of self martyrdom, and humanitarian interests are the Sixth Ray of devotion, and the Piscean sign bonds.

In searching for the reasons that make a particular sign a natural receiver for Rays, we look for the common traits between them that act as a blending energy for causation. As the dominant Ray on Earth, the love-wisdom energy instils an inclusiveness in men’s hearts, a co-operative and selfless willingness to be ~my brother’s keeper~. Pisces agrees with that. Misunderstanding, intolerance, and glamour loving can be set aside through the evangelical Sixth Ray focusing through the universal minded Pisces.

Pisces under the Second Ray is a goodwill ambassador, a sage.

Pisces under the Sixth Ray is the devoted rescuer.

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