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The Rays

Let us remember that ~ Ray~ is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. The seven primordial energies are beyond complete, exact depiction in words, or even in thoughts on the planes of this world.

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The Rays in Esoteric Astrology - An Introduction


The Astrological Significance of the
Seven Rays

For more details of the Rays click on the picture links below

Ray One

Ray Two

Ray Three

Ray Four

Ray Five

Ray Six

Ray Seven


The Rays through the Signs An Introduction

The Rays through the Triad of Fire Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Earth Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Air Signs 

The Rays through the Triad of Water Signs


The Ray Tables

   Showing how to calculate the Soul Ray, Personality Ray &  Sub Rays


My sincere thanks to the visionary artist David Camp for the wonderful pictures used on these Ray Interpretations. He not only gave me kind permission to use the ~Portals~ ones but also created several ones specially for this site. Please take time to visit his web site where there are many wonderful galleries of his work by clicking on the pictures.


The Rays and Corresponding Chakras

























Ray Two - Love/Wisdom    

 Artwork by David Camp

The Three Rays of Aspect

The Second Ray : The Ray of Love/Wisdom

Planets: Jupiter, Sun

Concept: Universal love and truth, philanthropy, brotherhood, the urge to inclusiveness, consciousness, the nurturing quality which supports all life, the expression of the soul

Soul level: The urge to bring about a sustaining, loving wholeness to any group or life situation; the ability through magnetic attraction, to bring about healing, the focus for the stimulation of consciousness, and hence for greater love/wisdom, the ability to see beyond differences into unifying principles.

The Second Ray is called the Master Builder, as it acts as the primary vehicle for the expression of the many forms of the primary creative urge. It occupies the second aspect of Divinity, the Soul, and is the mode for the expression of consciousness, the quality of Life, and is the energy behind what we can call ~universal love~.

With the Second Ray focusing through the chart one can move out from the thoughts of self to all all-inclusive consciousness - in love and loving life. Love expressed wisely brings the consciousness to its full breadth of expansion. One strives for unity, a will to synthesise and to blend for attracting purposes. This Ray is likened to a moulding essence that brings the un-manifest into creation. It is an entirely pliable energy, natural in that the Second Ray man does not need to try. This Ray is cohesive and one which, when fully absorbed in the consciousness of humanity, will allow the lion and the lamb to lie side by side. It is the energy of the true psychic. The Second Ray receiver can conceive mental seeds out of visions of the future, and in doing so, has the inherent power to attract them.

This attracting/moulding energy serves to unify the intercourse of relationships intended at creation and lasting into infinity. Here the evolutionary urge is cushioned with an underlying persistence through all of nature, manifesting through the glues of harmony and affinity. Without this Ray the seeds that were breathed out at the forming of creation would lie un-manifest. The Second Ray is the will to good. It is all embracing and included the love for the brotherhood of man. Love, good and God are interchangeable, but most men understand this only in the personal sense.

Under this Ray there is a striving to see, rewarding in eventual insight.  Leanings are artistic and creative. An apt symbol of this ray would be a Mathatma in mediation, pregnant in imagination enthralled with visions of tomorrow; he is the very attractor having had mental union with them. Here under the dominator of all the rays, the building of the spiritual body goes on. The worlds greatest minds taught under this focus. Both Buddha and Christ preached under the Second and we are told it was the attraction for the invisible hierarchy who watches over humanity. When one is born under this ray of Earth, what is loved becomes important, thus wisdom is exercised. Earth provides the greatest channel for the Second Ray, all the others are supportive on this account. When we consciously build the thread (antahkarana) between the personality and the Soul, we are forming it with the Second Ray supported by others.

Under the Second Ray focus the attracting ideal is one of Universal love. There is a sense of oneness which manifests in the individual level through co-operation and generosity. This man’s motive in life is that of being the cosmic servant who teaches and heals, ad who counsels his own. So intensely does he wish to relive the woes of the world. Loyalty and wisdom are part of his make-up. To him, life and love are synonymous. What he does, he does for the good of the whole, so tied to his brethren is he. Contemplating the symbology, we see a man on a cross suffering a crucifixion, then through selfless love he overcomes, thereafter enjoying the resurrection as did Jesus. The Second Ray man shares his lofty experience that others may learn, and what is beautiful is how he encourages others, loving them through all eternity.

Here is the Ray of God the Son under which the pen is mightier than the sword. One is here to will and to love, and it is what one decides to love that releases the attracting force. The responsibility is to serve.

Gemini, Virgo and Pisces form the transmitting triad. Its Sacred planet is Jupiter. Masters Kuthumi and Djwal Khul serve as its guiding lords. Buddha reigns supreme. Through the Second Ray we learn how wisdom is born of perfect love. The Kingdom of the Second Ray is the Hierarchy.


Impulse of initiative Exemplary
Promoting brotherhood For the good of the whole 
Feeling in co-operative endeavour Spiritually intuitive
Sensitive to others needs  Illumined
The ideal for others Relieving the woes of others
Generous Reforming
Spiritually sympathetic  Calming
Compassionate Love Power
Wise energy output Universal love 
Loving Aspiring to help
Love despite imperfection  Imbued with a sacrificial nature
Social Servant Predisposition for detail

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