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The writings on this page and the accompanying astrological 12 pages are taken from the writings of Corinne Heline
(August 13, 1882 - July 26,1975).






THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS of the Christmas Period
and their corresponding Astrological Attunements

The Sixth Day corresponding to


Dedication for December 31st and the solar month of September, August 24th-September 23rd, is to the Hierarchy of Virgo.
Leo's love leads to Virgo's service.

That divine Being whom we know as the World Mother is the prototype for the Madonnas of all great religions; she is the teacher of these high feminine Initiates at certain stages of their development.

During the time that Virgo's ray permeates our sphere this Hierarchy holds high above the planet the cosmic pattern of a cleansed and rejuvenated earth. At a certain point in human attainment purity becomes a tremendous soul power - a verity stressed by the Lord Christ when He said, "The pure in heart shall see God." The Disciple who correlates with the sign Virgo is James the just, brother of Jude and Simon. For many years he was revered as the head of the early Church in Jerusalem, and was well known for his purity of character and consecration to selfless service.

The intestinal tract is the physical center of man's body- temple correlating with Virgo. Let the aspirant visualize that tract as manifesting perfection in its every function.

From the Gospel of Matthew-Chapter 23, Verse 11-comes the biblical seed thought for December 31st and the solar month of Virgo:

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Those aspiring to spiritual unfoldment are urged to meditate upon the deep significance of this magnificent passage so long as the vibratory rhythms of the Virgo Hierarchy are permeating this planet.

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