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The writings on this page and the accompanying astrological 12 pages are taken from the writings of Corinne Heline
(August 13, 1882 - July 26,1975).





THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS of the Christmas Period
and their corresponding Astrological Attunements

The Second Day corresponding to


Dedication for December 27th and through the solar month of May, April 21st to May 22nd, is to the Hierarchy of Taurus. This is the Hierarchy presiding over the realm of cosmic archetypes and the pattern it holds above the earth is that of perfected forms. Love and harmony are the forces that it continually pours out upon our planet.

The Disciple correlating with Taurus is Andrew, whose dis- tinguishing characteristic is humility. This is one of the most important attributes to be cultivated by every aspirant. When developed to a certain high degree it becomes a tremendous soul power.

The throat is the body center ruled by Taurus. In New Age bodies the throat will be a luminous center from which the divine Creative Word is sent forth.

Dedication for December 27th and the solar month of May consists in making oneself a more perfect channel for the reception and dissemination of love and harmony in all the varied experiences of life, be they joyful or sorrowful, exalting or de- pressing. The biblical seed thought for meditation on the second of the Twelve Holy Days and its correlated month is:

He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. -I John 4: 16

Aspirants are urged to meditate upon the deep significance of the above passage during the entire period that the vibratory rhythms of Taurus are permeating the earth sphere.

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