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The writings on this page and the accompanying astrological 12 pages are taken from the writings of Corinne Heline
(August 13, 1882 - July 26,1975).






THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS of the Christmas Period
and their corresponding Astrological Attunements

The Eigth Day corresponding to


For January 2nd and the solar month of November, October 24th-November 23rd, dedication is to the Hierarchy of Scorpio. The cosmic pattern which this Hierarchy is working to establish on earth is attainment through transmutation of matter into spirit. By this process the sublimated essences of mind and body become merged with the forces of spirit.

John the Beloved is the Disciple who correlates with Scorpio. Transmutation was the keynote of his life. He progressed so far in the divine science of transmuting matter into spirit that he never knew death.

The physical center correlating with Scorpio is the generative system. In an earnest aspirant this becomes the center of transmutation. As previously mentioned, there is a close relationship between Judas (personality) and John (spirit). Judas must die that John may reign supreme.

There is also a strong connection between the heart (Leo) and the generative system (Scorpio). So long as personality dominates, the former is under the control of the latter. When personality has been exalted into spiritualized individuality it is the heart that rules. In the body of Christed man human passion has been transmuted into divine love.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.-Matt. 5:8

This is the biblical seed thought for meditation on January 2nd and during the solar month of November. It is urged that the aspirant concentrate upon its deep significance on the second day of each New Year and while the vibratory rhythms of Scorpio flood the earth.

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