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The writings on this page and the accompanying astrological 12 pages are taken from the writings of Corinne Heline
(August 13, 1882 - July 26,1975).




THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS of the Christmas Period
and their corresponding Astrological Attunements

The Seventh Day corresponding to


Dedication for January 1st and the solar month of October, September 23rd-October 24th, is to the Hierarchy of Libra. The cosmic pattern held by this Hierarchy is the world beautiful. Its imprint is to be seen in every landscape; every tree, shrub and plant; every form in the various kingdoms of nature. Beauty and harmony are Libra's signatures. Hence, whatsoever comes under the influence of this celestial sign will express these divine attributes. When humanity receives more fully its influence, poverty, disease, discord and pain will be abolished.

The Disciple correlating with Libra is Jude. This Disciple was a minister of the beautiful. Many and far-reaching in results were the works he performed as its devotee.

The human body center correlating with Libra is to be found in the adrenal glands. These glands, when functioning properly, create absolute physical and psychological balance through each organ and its processes.

Meditation for the first of January and the solar month of October is on the biblical seed thought of John 8: 32:

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Great are the inner meanings of this passage. An aspirant should meditate upon them on January 1st and every day that the vibratory rhythms of Libra are focused upon the earth.

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