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The writings on this page and the accompanying astrological 12 pages are taken from the writings of Corinne Heline
(August 13, 1882 - July 26,1975).






THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS of the Christmas Period
and their corresponding Astrological Attunements

The Tenth Day corresponding to


Dedication for January 4th and the solar month of January, December 22nd-January 20th, is to the Hierarchy of Capricorn. These are the archangelic Beings of whom Christ is the head, from them comes the wondrous power whereby mortal man can be lifted into His likeness. It is also the sign of world Avatars.

The cosmic pattern held by the Hierarchy of Capricorn en- visions the magnificent scope of life when the Christ spirit manifests in all mankind. Then it is that our planet will respond to its own musical keynote, first sounded by Angels and Archangels on that long ago Holy Night when they sang "On earth peace, good will toward men."

The Disciple correlating with Capricorn is Simon, brother of James and Jude. Although Simon was close to his Lord by family ties, he was most reluctant about accepting the divinity of the Master. But when he was finally awakened by the Christ his dedication was complete. His one desire was to serve the Lord, and neither life nor death had any meaning for him apart from this ideal.

The dual body center correlating with the sign Capricorn is located in the knees. In Christed man these points will become glorious whirling vortices of light.

Galatians 4:19 gives the biblical seed thought for meditation on January 4th and during the solar month of January:

Let the Christ be formed in you.

Aspirants should meditate upon the above passage until its inner purport falls into harmony with the vibratory rhythms to which the Hierarchy of Capricorn is attuning the earth.

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