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The Houses in Esoteric & Exoteric Astrology


The Attunements of
The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope


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The Houses in Esoteric & Exoteric Astrology

(Artwork by Jean Luc Bozzoli)

The houses of the horoscope have to be considered as places of crystalisation or limitation, whether this is from the perspective of the Soul or the personality.  It is through the fields of activity signified by the houses that the energies of both the lower and the Higher selves meet, blend and express themselves in the present incarnation.

The application of the meanings of the houses in esoteric astrology have to be integrated into the delineation of the chart.  The exoteric significance of each house will remain accurate, for the most part of as the majority of individuals still lead a very active personality life.

The First House



The physical body and its form
The Soul Body (Causal Lotus)
The physical appearance
The aura
Activities of the personality
Emergence of Soul Purpose
Characteristics of the ego
Qualities of the Ray type
Brain and head
Head centers/chakras
Urge for personal space or dominance of the environment
Expression of manifested will
The ego in action
Activities of the Soul

The importance of the Ascendant in esoteric astrology cannot be emphasised enough.  The understanding of the Ray energies of the sign of this cusp, plus the question ~What is my Soul`s purpose in this incarnation?`  These positions should be viewed and balanced with the nature of the sign and its ruler from the exoteric point of view.

The Second House


Finances, personal resources
Storehouse of life energy or prana; spiritual resources and values
Use of material resources
Use of life energies
Attitude about money
The control of forms; the shaping of matter as the expression of spiritual values
Losses resulting from wrong material values
The withdrawal of the life energy from its forms so that energy is left free to reformulate
Gains resulting from right use of matter
The acquisition of spiritual values

In terms of the acquisition of spiritual values, look to the house placement of the esoteric ruler of the cusp and this tells you where the process will be found.

The Third House

The rational mind; mental processes
Manas; mind substance/energy
Communication; the spoken and written word
Mental telepathy; mental transference of energy
Search for knowledge
The unfoldment of the knowledge necessary to complete the journey on the Mutable Cross
The process of relating with others
The way of developing the Rainbow Bridge and the relating of the Higher and lower selves
Short journeys
Steps along the path
Brothers and sisters
Soul brothers and sisters or companions along the way; members of one`s Group, but not the Group collective

The Fourth House

Biological inheritance
Biological karma, inherited from family and genes
Mother and immediate family
The Mother (relationship to the Mother Principle) the Group soul from Whom come our Soul brothers and sisters
Psychological foundation
The foundation of the Soul, its anchoring in the present incarnation; the foundation for the building of self consciousness
Karmic conclusions to life circumstances
The ashram of the Master; the spiritual home of the Disciple

The Fifth House

Exoteric Esoteric
Personal will
Expression of Spiritual Will
Active, creative self-expression
Actualisation of the Higher Self
Romance. love affairs
Love manifesting as the Will to merge with the Plan, through one`s creative expression
Creativity stimulated by the Soul`s Love
Hobbies, favourite activities
Expression of the Will to serve
Games and sports
Activities which stimulate the Will

The natural rulership of the Sun (Second Ray) and Leo (1st and Fifth Rays) over this house lead to the blending of Love and Will. as well as to the activities of the Concrete Mind.

The Sixth House

Exoteric Esoteric
Synthesis of the lower vehicles; integration of the Soul qualities
Students, patients, those who are served
Pets and small animals
Service to the Animal Kingdom
Service to humanity through healing and nurturing
Techniques and skills
The required knowledge to build the Antahkarana

The Seventh House

Exoteric Esoteric
Open enemies
The Dweller on the Threshold
Soul mate and/or special co-workers
The Path of Union between the Soul and the personality

The Eighth House

Exoteric Esoteric
Transformation and regeneration
The Path of Discipleship
The vehicle of rebirth into the consciousness of the soul
Transmutation of values
Transmutation of personal desires into the wishes and requirements of the Group
Other people`s resources
Transformation of personal and material resources into group and spiritual resources
Transformation of dense expression of energy into more subtle ones
Desires of the personality
Liberation into world service and the victory of the Soul

The Ninth House

Exoteric Esoteric
Long journeys
The Path
Religion and philosophy
The repository of the Truths contained in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings
Differing orthodoxies
Unification of all belief systems; synthesis of all religions/philosophies
Higher education
Mental permanent atom;
Higher Mind
Legal activities
The knowledge of Cosmic Law
The Akashic Records

The Tenth House

Exoteric Esoteric
The father
Divine Will revealed as the culmination of spiritual purpose
Authority figures
The Masters. Hierarchy; your particular teachers
Honor and status
Opportunity for spiritual advancement and responsibility
Social responsibility
Enforcing the Plan of the Masters
Career and profession
Externalized field of service

The tenth house is definitely the one which concerns our goals, be they material or spiritual.  A goal for the Soul does not have to be in material form.  Some people have very specific tasks to accomplish in the present incarnation.  These can be seen in both the esoteric and exoteric charts, yet the goal for the soul can also be the establishment of a form of the creation of a channel for the exteriorization of an energy or Ray.  This is achieved through one`s activities while in the physical body, and is no less an accomplishment than in some more tangible factor, from the standpoint of world acclamation.  The goal for each of us is the Path, and the Path represents the unfolding Love/Wisdom consciousness of the Soul.

The Eleventh House

Exoteric Esoteric
Member of your Group
Hopes and wishes
Spiritual visions and aspirations
Organisations and clubs
Your Group; the New Group of World Servers
Political activities
Service to humanity through communication

The second house from any other is the container of its resources.  The eleventh house is the second from the tenth.  From the esoteric perspective, the tenth is the house of the Masters.  Its resources (the eleventh house) are strongly connected to the New Group of world Servers, and to the expression of the Law of Group Endeavour and the Principle of Unanimity. This is the most ~honoured~ of the houses.

The Twelfth House

Exoteric Esoteric
Hidden enemies
Unredeemed past karma; the dark forces of ignorance
Self undoing
Inversion of the soul force
Prisons and institutions
Bondage to the personality
Secret activities
Selfless service to humanity
Hidden resources
Access to the collective experience of one`s past lives
Crucifixion of the personality
Resurrection in service to the World Savior (the Soul)

Most of us are working out our present lives either through an anchoring of consciousness on the Fixed Cross or in one or another of the stages of preparation to mount it.  The blending and integration of these two facets of house meanings is the most important method of approach to the esoteric inferences of the house positions. Therefore when one has examined a chart from the exoteric (personality centre) perspective - observe the chart as follows:

1.  Notice the sign on the cusp of each house and apply the Ray characteristics of that sign to the activities of the house esoterically considered.

2.  Find the esoteric ruler of that house and notice its position by house and sign.  The Ray quality of this ruler will play a significant part in the interpretation of the effects of the energies involved with the house placement.

3.  Juxtapose the exoteric ruler of the house in question with its esoteric counterpart.  Note if there are any aspects between the two and the type of aspect. ie harmonious, inharmonious of variable.  this will reveal much about the nature of the interfacing between the Soul and personality, relative to the activities of that house.

4.  The Ray characteristics of the exoteric ruling planets of a house will pertain to the life of the lesser self.  The Ray characteristics of the esoteric planetary ruler will pertain to the life of the Higher Self.

Reference ~Alan Oken - Soul Centred Astrology~

~It is impossible to attain our Divinity or to reach perfection without passing through the Soul and beoming a Soul.  When we come in contact with our Soul, fuse with its Light and grow as a Soul, then the mysteries will be revealed to our opening eyes, and the past, present and future will be ours.  We shall become free Souls, free from time and matter, and we will enjoy the presence of the ever-existent Light.  -The Hidden glory of the Inner man~

The Attunements of
The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope

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