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The Houses in Esoteric & Exoteric Astrology


The Attunements of
The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope



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The Attunements of

The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope

(Artwork by David Camp)

The following is a listing of the major house factors showing a ~middle way~ between esoteric and exoteric perspectives in order to further assist our understanding of the houses together with attunements to assist in our manifesting the Higher Aspect of the Issues that each House brings.

The First House 

The Ascendant

Symbolic Meaning

Personality - how you interface with the world, your appearance, impression you make, your projected image.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my First House. I face the east.  I sense that which is about to rise from the deeper self and see that which is just emerging, just rising. 

I am orientated. I project my unique image of what is rising, clearly and beautifully, so that others see who I am and relate positively to me.

The Second House

Symbolic Meaning

Your resources and values, as well as your attitudes toward them.  These include personal possessions and income.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Second House.

I face the east and sense that which has emerged from the deep self but is still below the horizon.

I recognise my talents and resources, and develop them effectively and creatively.  I manage my possessions and finances constructively and realistically using them to bring me fulfillment.

The Third House

Symbolic Meaning

Your connections with your immediate environment, including neighbors and relatives (other than parents and spouse). Concrete learning experiences, your usual ways of communicating and moving around your familiar surroundings.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Third House. I am lying face down on the Earth.  I sense the first emergence of what I am learning from the deep self.

I learn well, think clearly and communicate my insights effectively.  My relationships to the familiar people and places in my environment are satisfying and fulfilling.

The Fourth House

The IC - (Imum Coeli) - Bottom of the Sky - Mid Earth

Symbolic Meaning

Your foundations, where you belong, the ground that supports you, people who nourish you, the subconscious, roots of your personality, the past, security, home.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Fourth House. I am lying face down. I sense the security and peace of Earth;s centre. Peace and security live in my inner self. 

Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I feel at home. With my roots in the deep wellspring that nourishes me, my life grows and flowers.

The Fifth House

Symbolic Meaning

Your creative, procreative, re-creative expressions. What you enjoy, your sense of play, your sense of the beautiful.  Whatever you create, including the child in you and your own children.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Fifth House. I am facing west and sensing the creative play flowing from my inner heart.  I appreciate beauty and create beauty, purely, from the centre of my heart. The child in me plays while the adult creates.

I live spontaneously, sometimes taking chances that my inner guidance knows will be won.

The Sixth House

Symbolic Meaning

Your connections to life support systems that enable you to fulfill your purposes.  The impact of your experiences. Your work patterns; how your vehicles of expression, including your body, function.  In what ways you are a disciple and in what ways others are your disciples.  How you are healed and how you heal.  Services that you perform for others and their services for you.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Sixth House.  I am facing west and sensing that which has just set below the horizon, the connecting point of the outer ~Heavens~ consciousness, and my inner Earth self.

I function clearly and effectively in any circumstances, learning from others and serving them, as I also teach and receive services from them.  My life support systems, my activities, and my vehicles of expression, including my body, function smoothly and well.

The Seventh House

The Descendant

Symbolic Meaning

How you experience point to point ~I-You~ relationships. the kinds of energies you project on others and receive from others.  Patterns of counter balancing and balancing opposite energies.  Energies that seem separate from yourself but that define yourself.  your experience of partnerships that serve a larger purpose.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Seventh House. I am facing west and seeing what which my outer consciousness is transmitting to my inner consciousness.  

I am fulfilled by the dynamic dance of energies flowing between myself and another, between the parts of myself that I identify with and the parts that seem separate.  We balance and create.

The Eight House

Symbolic Meaning

Transformation.  Inner or outer circumstances and people who bring about the ending of old patterns and the beginning of new ones. Death and rebirth, renewals, new levels of consciousness. The resources of your relationships, including income from them and mutual possessions.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Eighth House. I am facing west and seeing that which balances my experiences of individuals with my experience of higher consciousness.  I accept the endings in my life as they clear the way for fulfilling new beginnings.

My consciousness and life are renewed, creatively transformed.  My relationships - between parts of myself and myself and others - generate resources and power for productive accomplishment.

The Ninth House

Symbolic Meaning

Your connections to broader horizons, universal pattern, understanding truth, consciousness expansion.  Education, teachers, and travels that bring you higher awareness, which you help to transmit to others.


I express the power, potential and gifts of my Ninth House. I am looking up.  My inner consciousness joins with that which is just emerging overhead, from the culmination point of outer, higher consciousness illuminating the world below me. The broader horizons I see expand my personal consciousness and bring me understanding of truths that illuminate my own life and that I can impart to others.

The Tenth House

The MC ~medium coeli~ Mid Heaven ~Middle of the Sky~

Symbolic Meaning

Your connection with society, your public activities, achievements, honour.  Your vocation, performance.  Your experiences of "Sky Self" wisdom, the authority figures in your life and your own role as authority.


I express the power, potentials and gifts of my Tenth House. I am looking up.  I sense the pattern of my Inner Earth Self below me as it reflects, and is reflected by, the Upper sky self. Inner Earth self and Outer sky self unite in the flowering of my life.  

I achieve my goals and perform my public roles creatively and effectively raising my performance level for greater fulfillment.  I connect with the right use of authority, whether coming to me from others, or from myself to others.

The Eleventh House

Symbolic Meaning

Common cause with others. Your relationships to those whom you share interests, ideals, aspirations, and creative visions.


I express the power, potentials, and gifts of my Eleventh House.  I am facing east, and seeing that which is the midpoint between my personal ~I~ consciousness and my transcendent consciousness.  The child in me plays with others while I create with others.

I perform from my heart, beautifully, my part in the human orchestra, and the music we make together is from the centre where our hearts are united.

The Twelfth House

Symbolic meaning

Where patterns from your inner Earth consciousness manifest themselves in the outer Sky consciousness.


I express the power, potentials, and gifts of my Twelfth House.  I a facing east, and seeing that which has just risen above the horizon into light, from my inner Earth self.  I accept whatever is emerging and see how the energies of my inner Earth self integrate into those of the outer Sky self, creatively as part of the whole.

My hidden energies manifest themselves in beautiful, fulfilling constructive ways, in resonance with universal energies.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

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