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The Long Days Time

Animal Totem : Woodpecker

Astrological Sun sign : Cancer

The Long Days Time is the first of the three cycles of the summer season and begins at the Summer Solstice when Nature starts to slow its pace and to grow toward the maturity of bearing fruit. The Long Days Time heralds the fulfilment of the promise of the Spring Season, which is the abundance that results from a firm rooting in the Earth.

The Summer Solstice which marks the beginning of the Long Days Time, is the very height of the year when the days are longest and the nights, the shortest. It is a time of delight in the great outdoors; a time when the rich green vegetation is lush and comforting beneath the feet, and when the air is filled with the intoxicating fragrance of flowers.

It can be compared with the time in life when youth reaches adulthood and the period of testing and maturing. People whose birthdays are in the Long Days Time have the potential for bearing much fruit and to grow into the maturity which comes from gaining wisdom through experience and responsibility.

The Long Days Time can also be compared with midday when the Sun reaches its zenith and gives its brightest light and maximum warmth. It is a time too, of hope and expectation for the long, hot days of summer that still lie ahead, and for the reward of all one’s efforts. So it was than in ancient times the Summer Solstice was the Festival of Expectation.

Nature is busy nurturing and protecting all that has been born as the Sun moves to its zenith to herald in the splendour of summer and the joy of alive-ness that the radiance of the Sun brings and which becomes evident everywhere.

The influencing Wind is the South Wind and the Direction is South-south-east. The influence of the South Wind is one that enables things to be comprehended close to and to be seen in their true light. The Long Days time is influenced by the directional power of the South whose ~maturing~ energies operate in a spirit of trust and innocence. Indeed, South is sometimes described as ~the place of Trust and Innocence~. According to NA all growing things ~trust~ that their early growth has brought enough substance from the Earth to enable them to develop and mature in accordance with the purpose contained within the seed and , of course, to perpetuate themselves. Some might define that as a ~divine~ trust that is inherent in growing things themselves.

Applied to the human condition, it means a childlike (but not childish) dependence on ones own inherent instincts, of that ~inner voice~ in finding and fulfilling the purpose of one’s life, and not to be sidetracked by the cynicism, illusory fears, false values and guilt complexes of ~adulthood~.

Innocence does not mean naivety. It means impartiality and objectivity as compared with subjective opinion. It is a state of non-attachment. It is a condition of mind of the higher nature which is not selfish and possessive and sees not the difference but the unity of the whole and harmony that is implicit in the duality of male and female and of all life.

Innocence is a state of mind that is required for purity of vision that is included by personal and selfish considerations. It is the awareness of the oneness that exists between the one who is seeing and with what is seen. Innocence means retaining the simplicity of childhood while enjoying the experience of living, and being ever-ready to learn from every fresh ~adventure~ in being alive so that life itself can continue to be one of excitement, enjoyment and fulfilment.

The power of the South was seen as providing the opportunity to rid oneself of the encumbrances that can obscure the source of those inherent instincts, the ~inner voice~ conscience, or whatever name we give to it – the True Self – so that it might be recognised.

The Influencing Element is Water. An elemental substance indicates how the cosmic forces or spiritual energies being absorbed into the human auric field are primarily expressed. Elemental Water, which since ancient times, has been likened to the emotions, finds expression in the feelings. Like physical water, elemental Water has the quality of fluidity and will flow in whatever direction it is chanelled in. Emotions, too, have a ~flowing~ quality, but if bottled up can be the cause of frustration and bitterness, and even the root cause of some physical illnesses. As water renews and refreshes, so elemental Water, too, has great transforming qualities. The polarity of Water is receptive.

The birth totem is Woodpecker..

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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