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The Blustery Winds Time

Animal Totem : Wolf

Astrological Sun sign : Pisces

This is a time of great anticipation as the Sun moves into the last segment in the yearly cycle which equates to the time of Pisces the 12th sign of the zodiac. Winter is over, but although the periods of darkness are shortening and the Sun is beginning to wax towards the warmer months, it is not yet spring. It can, perhaps, be described as an inbetween time, a period of anticipation and of promise, that that is the essence of the solar influence on those born at this time.

This third cycle of the North is one that brings rapid changes. It is a time of atmospheric turbulence when the winds are blustery, quickly changing their direction. It is a time when warmer temperatures bring the rains that take away the last remnants of the winter snow and ice and refresh the land in preparation for new life that is about to blossom forth.

The Birth and Animal totem of Blustery Winds Time is the Wolf. The wolf was a highly regarded animal among the ancient tribes of northern Europe. It was a totem animal among the ancient Celts and the period just before the arrival of Spring was regarded as the Wolf-month in some traditions.

Native Americans associated the wolf with mountains and high places and as a teacher and guide to sacred things. Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. We can call upon the power of Wolf to empower the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the Children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life.

The North Wind is the influencing wind with the Direction being North-north East.

The North is the power of purity and renewal and is associated with wisdom and knowledge, while the East is the power of awakening and of illumination., the unlocking of ones spiritual nature and clearly seeing the one's spiritual talents and opportunities. So the North- north east is movement from North to East, an ~inbetween area~ which might be likened to the period of a night's sleep when one is stirring into wakefulness but is not yet fully awake, when the physical body is re-charged, refreshed and renewed but the consciousness is closer to the spirit for the human entity is still absorbing the lessons which are sometimes reflected in dream experiences. This knowledge is received inwardly from the spirit during sleep and absorbed for use outwardly in the physical, emotional, and mental activities in the time of awakefulness ahead.

This ~in-between~ nature of the North north east is indicated by those people burn during the Blustery Winds Time by their sensitivity to mystical matters, their psychic potentials, and their refined intuitive sense.

Purification and renewal can be coupled together and understood in the sense of a drawing in of the energy and lessons of past experiences so that can be refined within, before there is a bursting forth once more into new life and new directions in the insatiable drive for knowledge and wisdom.

The totem of the North is the Buffalo, an animal so revered by the Native Americans because it gave totally of itself so that man might survive, providing not only meat for food, but material for clothing and the tipi home, and even for utensils and implements. The buffalo symbolised the great sustaining power of the North, and the revived spirit renewed after refreshment and nourishment to explore and experience again without limitation. The medicine of Buffalo is prayer, gratitude and praise for that which has been received. Buffalo medicine is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honoured as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation. To use Buffalo medicine is to give praise for the richness of life with all races, all creatures, all nations and all life and praying for the good of all things in harmony and accepting the Great Mystery as part of that harmony.

The influencing elements for this time are Water with Air. Air is the element of the mind and purification, which is stressed so strongly as an essential activity of the North is thus the activity of clearing the mind. The reason for this being that the will may be focussed for creative activity. The purification has nothing to do with ~sin~ or any religious sense of morality. It has to do with clearing the mind of the clutter of tension and anxieties, removing the debris of everyday concerns and frustrations, shifting the weight of tiredness that comes from all the effort of living. It is simply an act of preparing the way for creative mental activity.

Knowledge is also emphasised in the North, so what is being stressed here, is the discovery of the knowledge of using man's most valuable tool, which is the mind.

In the North-north East direction, Air is blended with elemental Water which has to do with the feelings and emotions, with sentiment and compassion. Just as physical water must contain gaseous air in order to remain fresh, and clouds need to be conveyed to a height where the air is cooled and condensed to fall as rain and nourish the Earth, so elemental Air and Water balance one another in the human experience. In the human experience the intellect (Air) requires the sensitivity of the feelings (Water) so that the thoughts and deeds are tempered with the right understanding.

In the time of Blustery Winds and Wolf it should also be remembered that Wolf's polarity totem is Brown Bear. It is essential to attain and maintain balance by keeping oneself grounded in practical realities. Brown Bear shows that there need be no conflict between spiritual aspirations and phsyical attainments. We can use the powers of the North and East (knowledge and spiritual nature) calling on the allies of Wolf to show us the Teacher Within, Brown Bear to keep us grounded and Buffalo to help us reconnect to the meaning of life and the value of peace. This time can bring serentiy amongst chaos if one prays in earnest for enlightenment and the power of calmness and gives praise for the gifts we already have. {smile}

When the Great Spirit kindles our inner light,
we suddenly discover our inner sight;
Then we see with new eyes the joy each day brings
and witness the miracle of everyday things.

May the Great Spirit bless you with a day of rich discovery.

Happy Birthday Pisces!

Walk in Beauty always

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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