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The Falling Leaves Time

Animal Totem : Crow

Astrological Sun sign : Libra

The Season of ~The Falling Leaves Time~ is the first cycle influenced by the spirit of the West and is the time of autumn when everything in nature slows and there is consolidation as the internal structures are strengthened in preparation for the season of sleep and renewal which lies ahead. The related sun sign is Libra.

It is the time when the trees shed their leaves and when animals move to their winter locations, or begin to store up body fat for their period of hibernation, and when birds migrate to warmer climes.

Introspection is a quality of this time and we are influenced to draw upon our inner resources and to look within rather than outside for the solutions we seek.

The Autumn Equinox around 22 September is another point of balance in the solar cycle when day and night are again equally matched to mark a ~change of gear~ in the natural cycle of things. But whereas Nature was poised to spring into action at the Spring Equinox, now it prepares for resting as the Sun’s power wanes and the contractive phase of the yearly cycle begins to predominate.

Anciently, this was a time of thanksgiving and contemplation – of gratitude for what has been gathered during the fruitful times and of contemplation as the Wheel of Life turns towards the seasons of external barrenness and one looks to the strength that comes through the nourishment from within that sustains us.

The Animal Totem for the Falling Leaves Time is Crow. Crow is considered a Teacher because of its intelligence and its ability to be comfortable whether in the sky or on the ground. They are the symbolic link between humanity and the environment and every appearance of Crow has a message for its observer. In ancient times Crow and Raven (the largest member of the crow family) were often associated with magik, which in simplistic terms is not supernatural or supernormal but the bringing of creative thought into physical reality.

The Influencing Wind is West Wind. The West Winds of autumn come with strengthened power, and in human terms are the winds of maturity for they have a more definite direction, like the middle years of human life compared with the blustery winds of trial and error that are experienced in your adulthood.

They are the winds that turn one away from engrossment in purely physical activity to contemplate no so much what has been achieved but what has been learnt from experience. The West Winds bring a clearer sense of direction and purpose – a clarity of mind for knowing where one is going and the comforting assurance that there is a supporting power behind you.

The influencing power of the West is concerned with consolidation and introspection. It helps in turning the mind from the material to the more spiritual aspects of life, and to making use of what has been gathered from the efforts of past activities. It is a power that strengthens the resolve to discover one’s own inner strengths and weaknesses and put them to the test. And it provides the courage to reach out and to explore hitherto unknown realms.

The West is associated with autumn and with dusk, both of which herald periods of renewal. It also reflects the quality of maturity, and represents the middle years of life.

The totem animal of the West is the black-furred grizzly, the strongest of the bears, which busies itself in the autumn in preparation for the hibernation of winter. The Native Americans regarded the grizzly as inward looking because it appeared to be thoughtful about its actions, and tribal stories related how the animal was not only able to look within its own heart but also within the hearts of others and thereby acquiring understanding.

So now ,in this time of introspection and looking within, we can call upon Crow to assist in bringing thought to form and also upon the Grizzly Bear the totem animal of the West reflecting the selflessness of idealism, the wisdom of introspection and the strength that comes from the spirit. Strong Allies indeed to work together at this time…. {smile}

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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