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The Seven Sacred Truths of the Body and Spirit

1. All is One
2. Honour One Another
3. Honour Oneself
4. Love is Divine Power
5. Surrender personal Will to Divine Will
6. Seek Only the Truth
7. Live in the Present Moment

Simple and powerful, these Truths help focus the mind, body and spirit back to a contact point with Divine Awareness. As long as one uses these Truths as references points, one can evaluate any loss of power and retrieve one’s spirit by consciously recognising which Truth one is not honouring.

Look through the lens of symbolic sight. Remind yourself that all physical and emotional obstacles are illusions. Always seek the energy meaning of a situation and follow it.

Evaluate your daily choices and the consequences of those choices for your own energy system. This will help you sense when you are losing energy to fear or negative thinking.

Use your Energy Wisely always keeping in Mind the Seven Sacred Truths

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  The prize of every manifestation is the richness of wisdom and joy that it gives you.
It is not what is accounted for in the physical that is important.
It is what occurs in the Soul that you take on forever.

The writings on the following chakra pages have been taken from ~Anatomy of the Spirit The Seven Stages of Power and Healing~ by Caroline Myss , PH.D. ( Published by Three Rivers Press. ISBN 0-609-80014-0 ) and are reproduced with kind permission. There are far more details in that book and I would urge readers (if you find these pages helpful) to purchase the book by visiting Caroline's web site by clicking the link on her name where there is also much more information to be gained {smile}

~We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind ~

Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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