The Seven Sacred Truths

through the 7 Chakras


A Meditation/Evaluation


In this daily meditation practice you will evaluate the health of your body, mind and spirit. Working with this meditation will let you feel the health of your spirit and body. With it you can work to increase your awareness of the balance of power within your energy system.

Through this self evaluation you will develop the skill of reading energy and sensing intuitive guidance. Developing this skill requires daily practice. This simple act of awareness, coupled with a conscious commitment to learn from your experiences, will weaken your fears and strengthen your spirit.

To commence the clearing of the chakras and to help draw your energy consciously into each of your chakras, begin with the first and work your way up.

As you focus your attention on each chakra, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I losing energy? If so, what fear is drawing power from this part of my body. Take a deep breath and consciously disconnect your energy from that fear.

Invoke the protective energies of the spiritual guardian of that particular chakra.

Enter consciously into the energy of that chakra and sense the quality of energy activity increasing that that part of your body.

Proceed through the chakras, focusing in the following ways.

The 1st Chakra : The Spine

 ~All is One - 

Focus on the energy and feel yourself connected to all of life. Then focus on the symbolic meaning and bless the life you have agreed to live, and the family, both personal and extended that makes up your life.

The 2nd Chakra : The Lower Abdomen

~Honour One Another~

Focus on the energy and sense the energy you have released from this area of your body into acts of creation. If your energy is contaminated - filled with negativity and fear - re-examine your intention. See each person in your life as having a Divine purpose. Wherever you cannot see that Divinity clearly, ask for the energy to see through the illusions that are controlling you.

The 3rd Chakra : The Solar Plexus

~Honour Oneself~

Focus on the energy of integrity and endurance. Evaluate your code of behaviour and whether you have compromised your honour in any way. If so, meditate on the significance of honour and ask for assistance to maintaining your personal standards. Then bring into your mind the energy to the commitment to yourself to honour your own dignity.

The 4th Chakra : The Heart

~Love is Divine Power~

Focus on the energy of love and compassion. Evaluate how well you extend love to others as well as yourself, including the loving energy contained within acts of forgiveness. Then focus on the care you give for yourself and how well you honour this.

The 5th Chakra : The Throat

~Surrender personal will to Divine Will~

Focus on the energy of mercy and judgement and evaluate the quality of the thoughts you are holding about other people, as well as yourself. Evaluate the words you have shared with others. And if you have expressed harmful words, send positive energies to those people. If you have expressed false words, consciously acknowledge that you have acted to deceive others, and examine the fear that exists within you, from which deceitful actions emerge. Ask the Light to enter that fear and give you the courage not to act in that negative pattern again.

The 6th Chakra : The Third Eye

~Seek Only The Truth~

Focus on the energy of Divine wisdom and understanding and continue to evaluate your daily life. Request wisdom and insight for the situations in which you feel confused or frightened. Remind yourself of the promise of this energy that each of us has a special gift to give to this life and that each of us is inevitably led to that path. It is impossible to miss our life’s purpose.

The 7th Chakra : The Crown

~Live in the Present Moment~

Focus on the energy of your contact with the Divine, consciously completely and releasing your unfinished business. Allow the energy of ~God~ to enter into your mind, body and spirit, and breathe that energy into your being.

In addition, remind yourself on a regular basis of the archetype of the Promised Land. This archetype is not meant to inspire us to seek out a ~one time~ physical solution to all our problems. It is meant to draw us into ourselves to discover the power behind our eyes. We can transcend every dilemma through the power of our spirits: that is a Divine promise.

Above all else, as you learn the language of your spirit, establish a code of honour for yourself that reflects the spiritual content of your biology. We are meant to move forward towards self discovery and spiritual maturity, to be ready and able to live a life that matters to us and those around us.

I leave you now with an ancient Sanskrit blessing and thank you again for visiting {smile} 


I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honour the place in you which is of
Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me,
We are One~

With Love, Light and Blessings

Always and in All Ways 


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The writings on the chakra pages have been taken from ~Anatomy of the Spirit – The Seven Stages of Power and Healing~ by Caroline Myss, PH.D. ( published by Three Rivers Press. ISBN 0-609-80014-0 ) and are reproduced with kind permission. There are far more details in that book and I would urge readers (if you find these pages helpful) to purchase the book by visiting Caroline’s web site ( click the link on her name) where there is also much more information to be gained {smile}