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Esoteric and Spiritual Astrology
Copyrights and Acknowledgements

Greetings and Welcome {smile}
I am in the process of revamping the site and will be adding some new pages so hope you can bear with me during any ~hiccups~ which may occur during this time.

I will be adding to the following Acknowledgement list shown below as I am finally going through (and revamping) the site as I had intended a couple of years ago.  I have listed some of the books I have referenced and will also be adding extra web site links that may be of additional interest. All the links I have put below for the individual web sites will open in a separate window for ease of access. I hope you may find them to be illuminating and that they may assist you further on your own journeys

~mermaid~April 2012

Copyright disclaimer

These pages  have been developed over a period of approximately 15  years since I have been on the world web.  It is my personal web space and initially I created the pages to assist me with my own learning (both in esoteric astrology and web page creating) and at the time thought it would be of interest and perhaps help others on their own paths.  I find that writing things helps me to keep them in my mind and being a Piscean and at the time being so uplifted by the joys of learning html and creating these pages the thought that I might be infringing copyright never entered my head!

I have never laid claim to writing all of the pages myself (though there are plenty that are ~mermaid originals~)  simply said that it is shared information.  This is my personal web site - it is not commercial and I do not seek to elicit anything from it other than my own pleasure in creating it, learning from it and perhaps helping others who are also seeking to learn.   I did not realise that this site was rated so highly on the Google web search engine  as I have never submitted my pages to any search engine.  I am not sure now whether to be honoured or horrified! {smile}

I realise that authors have taken much time in creating their books and in every instance where I have used information it is from a book that I have purchased so that they have received at least a royalty payment from me. I would ask any writers whose work I have shared and either wish it removed (or an acknowledgement inserted) to please contact me regarding the relevant page(s).  Rather than just take out the whole site, and thus deprive those who seek information of that opportunity,  I will leave it online yet with this page added so that all may know the intent of the pages is to simply share knowledge.

  May I take this opportunity of thanking you the Reader for taking the time to read this page. if you are an author and  feel your copyright has been ~infringed~ then please accept my sincere apologies. As mentioned above, I would ask you to contact me if you wish an acknowledgement placed here or anything to be removed from the site.

Books of Reference

The writings on the planets, some of the Ray pages and other articles have been taken from Alan Oken's wonderful book ~Soul Centred Astrology~ ISBN No: 0-89594-811-7 and are used with his kind permission. I would urge you to purchase this book (and others by him) as there is such a wealth of further information to be gained there. You can also visit Mr Oken's website by clicking the following link.www.alanoken.com

The writings on Chiron have been taken from ~ Chiron - The Healing Journey - ISBN0-14-019209-3 ~ by Melanie Reinhart  and are used with her kind permission .  For more detailed information I strongly recommend you to read this excellent book. You may also visit her website at Melanie Reinhart.com.

The writings on the Asteroids are referenced from Demetra George;s Asteroid Goddesses ISBN 0-935127-15-1
You may visit her website at Demetra George.com.

I have also referenced many of Alice Bailey's works. You can visit the Lucis Trust website which will give full details of all of her books. This can be found at Lucis Trust.org/books

Another Author who I have referenced is Mae R Wilson-Ludham for the Ray Tables. Among her books are Interpret your Rays through the Planets, ISBN 0-86690-1, Interpret your Rays using Astrology ISBN 0-86690-003-9, and Ten lessons in Seven Universal Rays ISBN 0-86690-275-9

The writings on the Chakra pages have been taken from ~Anatomy of the Spirit The Seven Stages of Power and Healing~ by Caroline Myss , PH.D. ( Published by Three Rivers Press. ISBN 0-609-80014-0 ) and are reproduced with kind permission. There are far more details in that book and I would urge readers (if you find the pages helpful) to purchase the book by visiting Caroline's web site at http://myss.com where there is also much more information to be gained {smile}

Graphics Acknowledgements

Many of the incredible visionary graphics on these Esoteric pages are by the wonderful artist Jean Luc Bozzoli and of course are copyrighted to him. I am so grateful to be allowed permission to use them here on these pages. Please take time to visit his web site to enjoy more of his work

Another wonderful artist is David Camp who kindly allowed me to use his graphics on the Rays pages and who actually re-designed some of them for me when they were needed in a specific colour. Please take time to visit his site at: Spiritual Dream Art by David Camp

I currently in the process of revamping the Affirmations of the Signs page and will be using the amazing Zodiac graphics by the wonderful artist Kagaya for these pages. You can visit his site by clicking the banner below

I have also used other graphics over the years though regretfully do not have the artists names. As I have said above if you are the creator of the graphics and wish them to be either acknowledged or removed then please contact me.

Web Sites of Interest

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